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Chapter 20: change.... of heart

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The story so far

Chapter 20: change.... of heart

written by anonymous author

added on: 13 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

brian is walking down the hall and runs into sharon she tries to advoide her but its too late..
brian looks at her
brian: what ... is it cheriski
sharon:well dont say hi or anything
brian gives her a dirty look
sharon: so wat were on for that help line thing rite??
brian: well i was thinking and i sorta wanted to u know go to the dance ...
sharon: brian i sighned u UP u are not bailing on me ahain OKAY!
brian: so wat find someone else ... i mean u did u take last time,,,
sharon: krakow shutup! it doesnt matter, ur not going to the dance ur helping me !
sharon... help other people
sharon: look brian if u like help me for like an hour , mabey we can sneek away and liek go to the dance,,,
brian: what, thats the stupids thing i have ever heard...
sharon: so what brian who asked u
brian: what?
sharon: to the dance
brian: nobody...
sharon than why do u wanna go so bad?
brian: shutup
they start walking down the hall
sharon : look brian!! please i really need u like really need u to help me! with this like ok?
brian: fine , look i dunno mabey ill think about it! so i have to go like get to class
sharon: fine .. good so see u at 8

angela is at her locker rayanne runs up
rayanne: hey angela
angela: oh hi
rayanne: so wats up
angela: so are u going to that dance
rayanne: dance.. oh yeah no
angela: rite
rayanne: ya y u going
angela: uhh.. well like i bet no one else is so...
rayanne: no people are going ... i mean what u going with jordan
angela: WHAT no... not jordan not anyone
rayanne: yeah rite,,, so u asked him than
angela: who
rayanne: uknow....
angela: shutup
rayanne: figures
angela: what does
rayanne : that u would wanna go with brian
angela: its not like that
rayenne: rite
rayanne: i mean its so obvious he likes u
angela: i know but thats not the point
rayanne: or mabey it is i mean ... hes liked u 4....ever
angela: no he ... hasnt
rayanne: YEAH...rite
rayanne walks away... angela just stands there smileing in a daze

back at angelas house angelas laying on here bed...
angelavo: so its like this ,, iam not going to the dance with anyone, iam alone ... because my parents are out and danielles at gymnastics, and theres nothing to do but lay here, and think, think about what rayanne graff said today about brian liking me like acyullt likeing me , like before the letter, its like... when somthing is so obvious, like so obvious u like know but u just need someone to like tell or point it out 4 u , and than it seems so clear.

at the helpline centre sharon and brian are sitting at a desk while sharon answers the phone to EVERY call,

sharon: yes thank u , have a good nite
hangs up the phone
sharon: uhh, god some people are so hopless
brian : tell me about it...
sharon : so ...
the phone rings...
sharon: u wanna get that,
brian: no
sharon: hello
sharon says as she answers it....
brian sits there bored and mad

back at angelas house... the phone rings
rayanne: hey angela
angela: hey
rayanne: so wats up angelaika
angela: nothing...
rayanne: so u going with uknow who... to the unkow what?
angela if u mean the dance and brian no and no
rayanne: so wat the guy with no life keeps his name, and wont even take u to the dance
angela: rayanne
rayanne: what
angela: its not like that hes with sharon
rayanne: what
angeala: this thing he said hed do like this helpline
rayanne: oh really i did that with her one time why didnt she ask me~
angela: i don t think she had a choice , cuz they sighned up like mounths ago
rayanne: whatever , we should go
rayanne: yeah we should
angela: okay...
rayanne: so i meet u there
angela: well i dunno if iam like in the mood
rayanne: come on!
angela: okay, i mean i might show up

back at the helpline centre

brian: so wat iam i like suppose to sit here all nite
sharons on the phone
sharon: holdon one sec...
sharon put the phone on hold
sharon: look brian... iam like on the phone
brian: so... can i like go u seem to like have this like undercontrol
sharon: u havent even like got one call
brian: yeah...why did u even like ask me to coem, why did u even sighn me up??/
sharon: i dunno cuz,, mabey when i sighned myself up... i had like no friends.. and i mena like angels was so not my friends she was with rayenne graff and other people i like didnt even know yet , and so i like thought of u,
brian: oh...
sharon: i mean if i could change that now , uknow i would cuz obviously iam like the last person on earth u wanna see
brian: its not like that,,,
sharon: mabey it is brian, i mean u should go to the dance with whoever it is u wanted to go with
brian: iam not gonna leave u here alone
sharon: just go...
brian: why...
sharon: cuz i mean u should or whatever i wont sighn u up 4 anything anymore, iam uknow so..rry
brian: no, iam sorry... i just didnt know it was like that
sharon: yeah, well it like that
sharon starts to cry a bit
sharon: well i better get back to this call... (laughs alittle)
brian: sharon..
sharon: look can u get it i i have to ... excuse me a sec
brian sits there just looking at sharon as she walks away, he sits there sad, teary eyed
sharon comes back
sharon: look brian u can go okay it doesnt matter , i dont mind that... much

back at angelas house

angelavo: iam not gunnoa go , its like no rite to go to a dance alone, but i should stay home.

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