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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 20: things we said, things we ment to say and things we end up doing,

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The story so far

Chapter 20: things we said, things we ment to say and things we end up doing,

written by anonymous author

added on: 15 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela in her room , just sitting on her bed
angelavo: i cant not believe this that i liek actully asked brian to go to that dance thing like he actully likes me, like i dont think so. i mean i feel like such an idiot for like even consider asking him...

the next day at school brians at his locker when sharon walks up to him

sharon: hey brian
brian: what, oh hi
sharon: look so , what were on right? for that charity help phone line?
brian: look i have plans
sharon: shutup up brian ur always saying that!! u let me down at christmas ur not letting me down this time!
brian: well dod it with whoever u did it with last time
sharon: krackow look ur helping me with this help line thing! okay
brian: no look iam not
sharon: but i sighned us up at the begging of the year,
brian: so unsigh me , find someone else... u did before
sharon: brian!
brian starts to walk away...
sharon: fine than krackow!

angela sees brian in the hall she runs up to him
angela: hey brian
brian: hey
brian: so look
angela: wait... i mean iam sorry about yesturday
brian: no its okay i mean...
angela: no , i didnt like really mean to ask u... i mean like uknow like actully want to like go with u *go* with u, so...
brian: oh... (disaponted)
angela: so.. thats all i wanted to say

bell rings....
brian: well i gtg,
angela: yeah

in language class , angelas sitting there
sharon looks over at her ,

angela: so wats up
sharon: nothing...
angela: what did something like happen
sharon: no its al long story
angela: so what is there a problem!?
sharon: yes, i mean i have this helpline charity set up 4 the same night asd the dance and i have no one to do it with cuz the person i was suppose to do it with dropped out, and no one else wants to cuz its on the same night as the dance!
angela: well iam not going to the dance
sharon: u arnt?
angela: no... i mena those things are stupid
sharon: so ull help me than ??? with the charity????
sharon: please angela????
angela: i dunno
sharon: please it would mean everthing to me??
angela: well i dont have anything planned i mena i might , drop by
sharon: smiles thank u!!!!

brians walking down the halll when he bumps into rayanne

rayanne: watch it!
brian: srry
rayanne: god
brian: look can i ask u somthing what did i ever do to u?
rayanne: please like is so known
brian: what?
brian: what did i like do to u to make u hate me so much
rayanne: nothing, nothing personly , i guess i just like yelling at u
brian: u sick
rayanne: yeah so u going to that dance ?
brian: what no
rayanne: not with angela?
brian: what?
rayanne: well isnt she who u want to go with???
brian: shutup no
rayanne: u should ask u know, like before someone else like comes along!
brian: can u like shutup i dont... uknow atall
rayanne: right krackow
rayanne: studing people, and how they act around opisite people is like my job!
brian: rite...
rayanne: whatever
brian: i have to get to class...

brian walks away

and sees angela tries to avoide her

angela: hey
brian: what... hey
brian: so... look umm about that dance thing ... i mean
angela: brian...
brian: like stilll wanna go, i mean not togther just to see if, iam mean what its like
angelavo: i souldnt belive it, brian krackow just asked me to go to the dance... like it wasnt humanly possible or something,
brian: so chase, yes or no?
angela: yes, i mean ya
brian: okay...
angela stands there smiling,

angels at her house laying on her bed,
angelavo: brian asked me to go to the dance like, its like this feeling, u cant describe, and even though , i mean its like when something is so obvious that, u like know it but, u just need something to happen or someone to tell u before it becomes so clear!
angelas telophone rings
angela: hello
sharon: hey angela?
angela: yeah , hi sharon
sharon: look so about that charity were on rite?
angelavo: omg
angela: for when??
sharon: saturday angela the same night as that dance thing or whatever
angela: i cannot believe this
sharon: what?
angela: no, nothing i mean yeah were on
sharon: good cuz like all i need i'd for u to bail on ...
angela: well no, i mean
sharon: good well gtg
angela: wait sharon....
sharon: *click*

angelavo: i cannot believe this , i made plans with sharon and brian on the same night ! and i cant go to one and not the other, even though i want to, i mean i guess i would rather go with brian more cuz, i guess just to see what it would be like, or whatever

the next day at school brians at his locker,

rayanne walks up to him

rayanne: so hey bri'
brian: what do u want
rayanne: so who u going to the dance with
brian: shutup,
rayanne:look brian...
brian: who said i was even like going to the dance
rayanne: nobody... i like noticed
brian:... look iam going to be late 4 class
rayanne:... whatever
rickie walks up
rickie : what was all that about?
rayanne: u do not wanna know
in history class
teacher: so get a partner and do page 16 for the last 5mins of class

angela goes and sits beside brian

angela: hey
brian: hi
angela: so about the dance
brian: yeah
angela: so look danielle is havething this girl guide thing at our house and so if u came to pick me up... i mean
brian: oh so u want to meet me there??
angela: uhh,
brian: angela?
angela: yes i mean yeah,
the bell rings

at angelas house shes upstairs desiding to get ready 4 the dance to not, and go with sharon

angelavo: why couldnt i just say to brian i couldnt go and to sharon i want intressted! my life is so complecated and so low i like sicken myself

the clock stricks eight o'clock on saturday night clips show brian waiting at the dance alone and sharon at the charity line desk with... nobody and angela at home sitting on her bed....

angela picks up the phone to calls sharons although shes not there her mom answers
angela: hey this is angela
camielle: oh hi angela...
camielle: i though u were meeting sharon i was... but iam like not feeling uknow well or whatever...
screen fadeds to outside brians just sitting there on his porch,

angelas walks outside

angela: hey
angela: well dont say hi or anything
brian: won't
angela: look brian iam so sorry i mena i didnt, i mean sharon begged me to do this charity thing... and likei mean i didnt do it, but its like that brian ...
brian: whatever
angela: i mean i runed ur nite and sharons nite
angela: but i wanted to uknow really go with... be with U
brian: yeah...
angela: yes brian,
brian: oh,
angela: so look iam uknow sorry 4 like... everything
brian: yeah , making plans is so stupid
i mean everybody should just like , uknow whatever happens ... happens
angela: (smiles)
kisses him on the cheek

brian angela both look into each others eyes the screen fades out credits play

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