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Chapter 14: kissing time away

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Chapter 14: kissing time away

written by anonymous author

added on: 02 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela out side her house walking home from school she sees brian like coming home too.
angelavo: i thought about brian constanly , it was amazing how much i wanted him.
angela: hey brian
brian: hey angela
angela walks over to brian and stands beside him,
angela: so i was thinking we could like study together tonite like i dont know at 7:30 or whatever
brian: yeah i mean sure
angela smiles
angela: good
brian:so at my house
angela: rite like a date
brian: yeah,
angela smiles and so does brian
brian:l8ter angela
angelavo:i couldnt belive it was like so amazing~! my life finally made sence
angela goes back to her house
danielle is watching tv and her dad is making dinner
angela: hey dad
graham: hi honey
angela:so i was wondering if tonite i like have this thing i have like to study 4,
graham: right honey
angela: with brian...
graham: oh, so it somthing ur working on with brian or u just want to study with brian?
angela: dad...
graham: so it is a school nite
angela: he lives next door dad i be there for a half an hour
graham: half an hour! strickly ur mother doesnt want u out late expecilly on school nites,
angela: like she'd actully send out a search warrent if i wasn't home from the neighbors at 8pm,(sarcasticly)
angela: yes okay so can I
graham: yes okay
angela: thanks
angela walks away into the living room where danielle is still watching tv.
angelavo: i remember when i actully had time to watch tv when other things in life didnt actully get in the way, but now i cant even sit for a 30 minute cartoon.
angela goes up stairs to get ready,
angela goes down stairs and goes to leave for brians to study,
outside brians house angela walks up and knocks on the down,
brian: hey
angela smiles
angelavo: it was so amazing to see him its like it had been forever,
brian: so u wanna come up 2 like, my room
angela : yeah
up in brians room,
there books are open but neither are actully studing angela is looking at brian ...constanly
brian: so i already like uknow, know this stuff
angela: yeah i dont uknow feel like studing either.
brian: yeah(he smiles)
angela: so what do u wanna ... than
brian : yeah i dont ..know
angela goes over to brian and sits beside him there both leaning on his bed
angela stares in his eyes,
brian: we should u know study or whatever
angela starts to kiss him brian kisses angela, they makeout for a really long time,
angela : yeah we like should
they go back to kissing
angela : omg
brian what
angela: i like have to go u know cuz i like told my dad i would be home by eight or somthing,
brian : i know
angela grabs brian and keeps kissing him , like she was starved
angela 10 mins l8ter
angela well i should like go now so
angela leaves brian smiles at here on the way out,
angela goes home

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