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Chapter 13: the people that like have 2 know

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Chapter 13: the people that like have 2 know

written by anonymous author

added on: 02 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

the bell rings
rayanne:hey angelika
angela:oh hi
rayanne : so wats up
angela is looking over at brian at his locker not even listening 2 rayanne
rayanne: angela?
rayanne looks over 2 see what angela is looking at and sees brian
rayanne:u like , unknow like brian???
rayanne:well u gotta wonder the way u like looking at him
angela:i like dont know
rayanne:i was just kidin around?
angela:look i new i couldnt like discuss this with u,
angela shoves her books in her locker and steps away
rayanne:angela wait, wait look sorry
angela:looks back in like disbelive
rayanne:so wat did u do together , i mean how is brian
angela sees brian again in the hall and fall back into staring at him
angela:hes amazing
rayanne:he he ...
angela:what shutup
angela:i got to like go
rayanne walks over to brian
rayanne:hey bri'
rayanne: so i like heard what u got on u calcus test,
brian : what, what do u mean
rayanne:u got a b rite
brian so, how do u know
rayanne: cheriski told me
brian looks confused
rayanne: shes in ur class rite
brian : rite so what...
rayanne: so... do u have other things on u mind other people i mean a person?
rayanne puts on lip gloss
brian: what do u mean... u have no idea
brian walks off
rayanne runs up 2 him
rayanne: cuz she likes u
brian stops and turns 2 look at her
brian: what?
rayanne: well she does ... she told me like 5 mins ago
brian: she like said that
rayanne: lets just say it was clearly implied
brian smiles
and walks off
rayanne: yells aftter him so what did u all do together...brian?
angela is in the outside at lunch she sees brian and runs up 2 him
angela: hey
brian:oh hi
angela: so , umm hi
angelavo: for like the first in in like the ever i actully had butterfly in my stomach i didnt even know what 2 say.
brian: so have u like talked 2 jordan or whatever
angela: why do u have to bring him up?
brian: i dont know,
angela: i mean(angela noticed that brian is like upset)
i sorry brian,
brian: me too i mean , look can i like say somthing
angela: yeah sure
angela: what is it brian
sharon runs up 2 angela
sharon : hey angela can i like talk to you( looks at brian) alone
brian gives sharon a dirty look and walks off
angela: sharon we were sort of like talking
sharon: yeah ... rite
sharon: so rayanne told me that u , uknow like are in love with brian krakow
angela: so what okay, YES i love brian happy,
angela: i like have 2 go
sharon smiles and says to herself
sharon: good cuz he like loves u 2

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