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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 24: my future.

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The story so far

Chapter 24: my future.

written by Ava

added on: 14 Jan 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian: This may sound kinda...stupid, but every night i would imagine my like
future. with you.

Angela: Why would that sound stupid?

Brian: well most of the time when people think about their future with
someone they actuly have a shot with them.

Angela: Brian! *laughs* i kissed you didn't I?

Brian: well yeah but at the time you were all wraped up in, well, jordan.

Angela: well that was then and this is now. im over jordan. really. (they lay
down side by side on her bed while they keep talking.) so do you really love

Brian: yes everything in that note was the truth. all of it. everything in the
other note was true too.

Angela: then why did the note start off "i know in the past i've caused you
pain, and im sorry"?

Brian: well i dont have to be a phycic to know i used to annoy you like a lot.
why else would you throw a baseball at me?

Angela: when did i throw a baseball at you?

Brian: remember that day when danielle and and your dad were playing catch
then me and your dad started plating catch, then me and you started playing
catch? well i said something about jordan catalano and you threw the ball at

Angela: we were playing catch did you want me to roll it?

Brian: no but you threw the ball AT me not TO me.

Angela: oh i'm sorry. *she kisses him then neither of them talk for the rest of
the time.

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