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Chapter 4: Forgiveness

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Chapter 4: Forgiveness

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(By the time she got to him, he was already in the car, so she hopped in there with him)
Jordan: What are you doing in here?
(Angela hestitates and then looks over and sees those baby blues. She leans over grabs the back of his neck and kisses him, he recieves the kiss completely. He pulls away from her.)
Jordan: This isn't fair
Angela: What isn't
Jordan: This, this breaking up and then getting back together and back and forth. It isn't fair.
Angela VO: What is he saying, this can't be real. Jordan Catalano is actually asking me for a commitment, I think.
Angela: What do you want me to do?
Jordan: I don't know, this is just driving me crazy.
Angela: What is?
Jordan: Nothing, nevermind.
Angela: No, you said I never listen to you but I do, and I want to. Go on.
Jordan: (sigh) I just, I hate that I can't have you back, you know, I mean, it seems like we should me together, but we aren't and I can't stand it. I want you back, I wish you could, like forgive me or something.
(Angela looks over at him a little confused but realizes that...

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You have 2 choices: What should happen next?
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  2. She doesn't forgive him:
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