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Chapter 3: Who's a Horny Little Toad?

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Chapter 3: Who's a Horny Little Toad?

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Thank God. Angela flops down on her bed, and looks at her minute part in the play. I don't have to be Juliet, the submissive, love-sick girl who falls for the horny little toad Romeo. I mean, if Romeo would have just stayed the hell away form Juliet she'd be happy with whatever the guys name was and he'd be happy with Rosaline. Then she wouldn't have to hear about it all the time.
She had been in a bad mood ever since her talk with Brian. It seemed as if they always talked, but never really SAID anything. Which was what her relationship with Jordan was like. There was a knock on her door just as she was reflecting on her relationship with Brian and her relationship with Jordan. She opened the door to find Danielle.
Angela:What do you want, Danielle?
Danielle:Jordan is here to see you.
Danielle went into her room after delivering her message. Angela looked at the hallway leading to the stairs as if they had some significant meaning.
Angela VO: It's like weird when you're thinking about somebody, and how that really, like, are. Then they just show up. You almost feel guilty because you were, like, thinking about them in a neagtive way.
She has descended the stairs. He has his back turned, and she studies his profile.
Angela: Hey.
Jordan: Hey. I came over to ask if you wanted to come to some party Tino said somebody was having. I mean, if you want to.
Angela laughs. It was as if nothing has changed between them. The setting was so familiar. But she was feeling something different now. Anger.
Angela: God, nothing changes does it? I mean, here you are. It's a school night Jordan. Hell no, I'm not going to some stupid party with you. Right now, I don't want to go anywhere with you!
Jordan is surprised by her outburst.
Jordan: Well, we wouldn't be gone that long. I think it'd be okay with your Mom.
Angela: This isn't about the party. This is about the fact that you lie, and you cheat, and I'm supposed to fogive you. Well, I don't want to this time.
Jordan is more confused that ever.
Jordan: Is this, like, PMS or something?
Angela laughs bitterly at that one.
Angela: You pig! This is about the fact that Brian wrote the letter. BRIAN. Not YOU! How am I supposed to feel when everything that made me forgive you was a lie. A DAMN LIE!
Jordan: It... It wasn't..a lie. I couldn't put the right words... together, and Brian helped me. I didn't want to hurt you...I..I love you.
A look is shared between Jordan and Angela. Jordan stalks out of the house, with a glazed look on his face, almost near tears. Angela waits a second, and stalks out, too.

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  • Ace gave this chapter a 2.0/5 2.0/5 rating and commented on 13 Mar 2008:
    Angela doesn't speak like that, and she surely doesn't use profanity against Jordan.

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