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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 22: The "talk:

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The story so far

Chapter 22: The "talk:

written by Melinda

added on: 21 Apr 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela VO : So there I was, kissing Brian Krakow, the boy who wrote the words, that made me fall "in love" with Jordan...

**The two slowly pull away from each other and stand there, looking at each other, not knowing what to say**

BK: OH GOD.. I'm like so sorry...
AC: Why?
BK: Why?
AC: Yea, why are you sorry you kissed me? Didn't you want to, like all along?
BK: Yeah, but it doesn't mean that you wanted to kiss me,um, hi, you picked him.
AC: Yeah, I guess I did....

**Brian moves away and sits on bed, looking at the floor**

BK: So what now?
AC: What do you mean what now?
BK: Are you like NEVER going to talk to me now? Now you hate me right?
AC: Brian.. look at me.

*he keeps his head down*


**he looks up**

AC: I could never hate you. *she goes and kneels down in front of him* I can't like pretend that things aren't going to be different between us.. not after what's happened.. but does it have to be a bad thing?
BK: How can it be good? I like love you, and you love him. That's pretty BAD to me...
AC: Were you happy with how things were between us before?
BK: Um, hardly, but that's like not the point..
AC: Brian, that's like EXACTLY the point.... things were like kept secret, and you felt things that I never knew, and with you not telling me.. it like took away my right to respond to them.
BK: So what.. you're saying that if you knew that I've liked you since forever, you'd have liked me too.. that you'd have looked at me the way that you look at him?
AC: No.
BK *heartbroken* see...
AC: I could never look at you the way I look at him, becase you aren't him.. you are two different people... two VERY different people.....
BK: And he's the type of person you like...
AC: *sighs, and sits down on floor* I don't know
BK: *slids off bed and sits in front of her* Angela?
AC: Yeah?
BK: Is there like something I could do to make you look at me half of the way you look at him?
AC: You already did...
BK: But it didn't work for me.. it was for him...
AC: Then make one from you... give it to me tonight... *stands up*
BK: *looks up at her* huh?
AC: Write me another letter.. but make it from you.. and only from you.... bring it to me tonight.. at like midnight.. climb up to my window.. I'll be waiting...

**She walks out of room, leaving Brian with a decision*

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