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Chapter 23: brian or Jordan?

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The story so far

Chapter 23: brian or Jordan?

written by kristen

added on: 24 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian sits at his desk tapping his pen. The words flow out of his pen.
Dear Angela,
I've admired you for so long. I fell in love with the mere presence of you. th ewya you brush the hair out of your face, the way you smile, th esparkle in your eyes. everything about you. i tried so hard to get you to notice me, but if you never speak to me agin, i'll least i have the great memories of you. the truth is that i love you. theres no other way to explain this. when we kissed i felt like i had died and gone to heaven. i want to feel that feeling for the rest of my life. i want angela chase to love me. i love you....
brian krakow

brian folded up the letter and climbed out of his window. he looked up angelas house to find the window open and a ladder leading up. he climbed up the ladder. when he looked into the room, the lights were dim. angela was sitting on her bed.

angela: i've been waiting.
brian: sorry...i the letter...

angela accepts the letter and begins reading. brian paces back and forth.

angela looks up

brian: i should go..this was a bad idea...
angela: come here

brian sits on the bed. he folds and unfolds his hands nerviously

angela: this letter....i loved it, really loved it. i had no made me realize that i wa smakinga big mistake with jordan. really. i think maybe we should like go out or something...
brian: really? i mean, ur serious?

angela leans forward and presses herlips into brians. brian gets caught up in the moment and forces angelas body downon the bed. he kisses her ravenously.

angela embraces the kiss. when brian finally pulls way, :

angela: wow brian....i had no was great

brian smiles weakly.

brian: so whats going on now?

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  • brian and angela stay up late talking the whole night about the future:
    Chapter 24: my future. by Ava (14 Jan 2005)
    no more subchapters.

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