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Chapter 14: Bliss

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Chapter 14: Bliss

written by Kate

added on: 28 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

JC "Okay, let's go."
AC "Only if you want."
JC "Come on I know that you want to go." He gets up and puts a shirt on, he then pulls another from a closet and hands it to her.
AC She lays back on the couch, tossing the shirt on the ground, "Whatever happens, happens."
JC He jumps on her tickaling herand they fall into another pashonite kiss. He jumps back up and says, "Let's go."
AC I can't believe the bliss of this moment, I had sex. Not just sex, though I made love with Jordan Catalano. And know he is insisting that we go to school and I'm wearing his shirt. (she dumbly stares at Jordan as he pulls on his pants) He is so beautiful. This is pure bliss.
JC Are you coming?
AC Yes. I mean I guess.
JC God you are so beatiful.
AC WOW! She jumps on him giving him like ten- thosand kisses
JC Finish getting ready we have to go
AC Okay
They get in the car and Jordan says:

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