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Chapter 17: Good Job!

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Chapter 17: Good Job!

written by Kate

added on: 28 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rayanne sees them and gets a wide smile. She runs over to them.
Rayanne: Anjelika!(hugs her, whispers) I'm so proud of you!
Angela: Thanks.
Rayanne, lets go of her steps back takes Jordan's hand shakeing it like a man would: Good job, Catalano!
Jordan, nervous: Thanks.
Rickie and Sharon are walking down the hall and Rayanne waves them over.
Rayanne: Enrique, Sharon,guess what? Catalano and Angela here finally did it!
Angela(blushing): Rayanne!
Rayanne notices someone standing behind Jordan and Angela, she motions and they turn to see....

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