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Chapter 22: Their first time

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The story so far

Chapter 22: Their first time

written by anonymous

added on: 22 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The next afternoon, which is Friday, Graham is loading suitcases and things into their station wagon, Patty is rushing getting the rest of their things together. she stops after awhile, and hugs Daniell then Angela.

Patty(hands Angela some money) JUst in case, you know. Ok, Don't go out and leave Danielle, here alone, don't let her stay up too late. And if you go anywhere, make sure there is somewhere Danielle can go.

Angela: Mom, I know all this. ok?

Patty: I know, You guys be good ok?

Angela and Danielle:OK!

The Chases leave

The phone rings and it is one of Danielles friends

Danielle: Angela! Lisa wants me to spend the night tonight, can I please?

Angela: Yeah, is they can pick you up and drop you off.

Danielle talkes for a few more minutes, then runs upstairs to get ready.

Angela(vo): Jordan and I will have the house to ourselves all night tonight. Tonight may be THE night. How do I tell him I'm ready?

Angela goes upstairs to get ready

Angela has candles set up in her bedroom, she has changed into a sexy dress, and has soft music on in the background she looks out the window as she sees Jordan pull up. She begins down the stairs as he is coming in the door.

Jordan looks up at the stairs and sees Angela

Jordan: wow, you look amazing. your so beautiful

Angela(coming the rest of the way down the steps)Thank you.

Jordan takes a few steps closer: What are you all dressed up for?

Angela: You know, my parents are away, my little sister is at her friends house, were here, all alone.

Jordan: You mean? Are you sure?

Angela: (wraps her arms arond his neck and kisses him) I'm absolutely sure, Jordan

Jordan Kisses her and begins up the staris with her, he's kissing her soflty, gently, as if she would break. and it makes her melt. They reach her room and Jordan notices the candles and music, he smiles at her. She smiles nervously. They meet in one long, slow seductive kiss, She hesitantly reaches up to take his jacket off, and he puts his hands on either side of her face then leans his forehead against hers, They look into each others eyes, they dont say a word, but they understand each other perfectly. Jordan removes the straps of her dress from her shoulders and it slides to the floor, she ios standing in her bra and panties now, and she lifts his shirt over his head, then reaches for the buckle on his jeans and they slide to the floor, they meet in another kiss, and slowly lay on the bed, as they kiss, they roll while kissing so Angela is on top, Jordan reaches behind her to remove her bra, and camera cuts to his hand dropping it off the side of the bed, then back to Ordan who is now back on top, pressed tightly against Angela, they are still kissing, and running their hands all over each others bodies, enticing each other until both are breathing heavier. All but the two candles beside the bed have gon eout now, and you barely can see their faces, you can see some movement as they rmove each others under wear, but you cant see their bodies,
Jordan: Angela..
Angela: Jordna, go slow ok?
Jordan: I will, hold on, look at me
She look sin his eyes and they kiss again, he moves a little btween her legs, and you can see the pain on her face
Angela: Jordan,hold on, it hurts
Jordan:Im sorry, wait
Angela: ok, go ahead
Shot of Angelas face, the pain obviously lessening, Jordans body moving on top of hers, gradually she begins moving with him, the last candle burns out

Angela lays on her back, a huge smile on her face, Jordan is laying on his stomach beside her,

Angela(vo)I can't believe I finally had sex with Jordan Catalono. Why did I wait so long? Because I wanted it to be special, and it was, he was so gentle with me. But now, I hope it doesn't become this thing we have to do every time, we are alone together.

jordan begins to wake up. He rolls over and puts an arm around Angela,

Jordan: good morning

Angela: morning

Jordan: Was it--are you-- (he trails off not sure what to say)

Angela: It was amazing Jordan, I'm happy

Jordan: good, I'm happy too.
he begins kissing her, and she pulls him on top of her
Scene fades with the two of them kissing


They are sitting in the living room making out on the couch

Jordan: I told Shane I'd hang with him today.

Angela: Rayanne, and Rickie, and Sharon are coming over in a little while

Jordan: Ok, well, I better go,

Jordan leaves and a few minutes later Rayanne, Rickie, and Sharon show up

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