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Chapter 19: Brian spreading Rumors.........Again

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The story so far

Chapter 19: Brian spreading Rumors.........Again

written by anonymous

added on: 22 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Scene starts with Sharon, Rayanne, and Rickie talking in the girls bathroom

Rayanne: Have you heard the latest?

Sharon: latest?

Rickie: Oh, anout Jordan staying at Angela's last night?

Sharon: What? Like, why am I just now hearing this?

Rayanne: I don't know, there was a note being passed around this morning, and like, it just said He spent the night there.

Rickie: Have you told Angela about it?

Rayanne: Nah, cause I figure, like, it's not true, I mean no way.

Sharon: We have to tell Angela about it sometime.

Angela enters the bathroom as Sharon is saying this.

Angela: Tell me what?

All three jump at her voice.

Rayanne: Umm, there's like this rumor going around.

Angela: About?

Rickie: About you and Jordan.

Sharon: People are saying he like spent the night with you. At your house.

Angela: Oh, well, he did stay there.(at the look on all three faces , she rushes on) But it's not like that, he slept on the couch.

Rayanne: No, Pattycakes let him stay?

Rickie: What!?

Sharon: Why?

Angela: His dad beat him last week he's all bruised up. so we talked to my parents and they said he could stay there for awhile, until he figured something else out.

Sharon: Angela, is he ok?

Rickie: I thought his dad stopped beating him a couple years ago?

Rayanne: whoa. like this is so bizarre. Catalono's actually like, living with you, Did you guys ummm, yet?

Angela: Rayanne. No. He's just there because he doesn't have anywhere else to go.

Rickie: Well, thats not what this says.(hands her the note that was passed around, Angela reads it)

Angela Chase, Jordan Catalono, practically living together. Sick huh?
Thats so like low.
Isn't she only 15?
Her parents allow this?
Wow, that's so like weird. Catalono? Are you sure?
I saw his car there myself, last night and this morning, like it never left, he never left.

Angela looks up from reading this

Angela: Krakow.I'm gonna kill him.

Sharon: Krakow? what's he got to do with it?

Rickie: You mean he started this rumor?

Rayanne: Why's everyone so surprised? He started that one about them having complete sex that one time.

Sharon and Rickie: Oh yeah, I forgot

Angela storms out of the bathroom angrily, the rest chase after her.

They all approach Brian who is at his locker.

Angela: What's your problem Krakow?

Brian: What?

Angela(throws the note at him) This Brian, why did you do it?

Brian: I didn't, I mean I saw it, but I like didn't write it.

Rayanne: Come on Krakow, why lie about it? I know it was you.

RickiE: Brian, why would you do that? That's so not cool, I mean like you don't even know the situation.

Brian: Like I care about the situation. Who cares about any of it?

Sharon: Angela does. For some one who says he like loves Angela or whatever, you sure don't act like you do. I mean, like this is seriously hurtful to her. Krakow your such a jerk.

Brian: Oh I'm a jerk? Right, that's so laughable, because if Catalono were saying this stuff, it wouldn't matter you'd forgive him.

Angela: Well he's not because he cares enough not to try to hurt me, you don't Krakow, just leave me the hell alone, and stay out of my life got it?

Brian: Walking away hurt and angry: Forget this.

Rickie(runs to catch up with Brian) Brian hey, wait. lets talk

They stop down the hall and talk

Rickie: Brian, why'd you do that?

Brian: like, this morning I talked to her, and she totally acted like, he lived there, and whatever

Rickie: THat doesn't make it ok. like you dont' know why he's there. You don't know Brian.

Brian: What possible reason, other than sex, Could Catalono have for wanting to stay there?

Rickie(lowers his voice to almost a whiser) His dad beat him ok? Really bad from what Angela said, he had no where to go. So he's staying at Angela's temporarily.

Brian: Oh god, I'm such an idiot, i never even considered.

Rickie: That's right Brian, you never consider. Anyone, or their feelings.(walks away towards where the girls still are)

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