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Chapter 17: Living together??

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Chapter 17: Living together??

written by ???????

added on: 22 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

They enter the Chase House quieltly. Patty and graham are in the living room and Angela and Jordan approach slowly, Jordan obviously being careful of his ribs

Angela: Mom, Dad, can we talk to you for a minute?

Patty and Graham exchange glances.

Patty: Sure, honey, what is it?

Jordan looks to Angela so she takes the lead

Angela: Ok, now, don't like freak out or anything, but, like, Jordan has a problem

Graham: What is it? (looking from Jordan to Angela)

Angela: Ok, well, you see the thing is...Scene fades as Angela begins telling them about Jordan's father


they are walking down the street, just talking and laughing

Rayanne: You know what?

Sharon: Whats that?

Rayanne: Like my whole life, is so much better than it was even this morning

Sharon: Hey you knew it was only a matter of time before, she forgave you

Rayanne: I was begining to think it was never going to happen

Sharon hugs Rayanne as the scene fades


Patty: Will you two excuse us for a second?

Patty and Graham go into the kitchen.

Patty: What can we do?

Graham: We can't be rsponsible for him staying in that situation.

Patty: But he's Angela's boyfriend, we can't just let him move in with her

Graham: Honey, they're not moving in together, but, Jordan needs some one who cares about him right now, and honestly, I can't turn him away

Patty: I know, I know he means so much to Angela, and I can't send him back to that.

Grahan: Well then

They go back into the living room where Jordan is looking at the floor, nervous, and Angela is looking at them hopeful

Patty: Jordan, we would really like for you to stay here, at least until you can get out on your own.

Jordan(looking from Patty to Graham with astonishment)Really? I mean, like, I don't want to impose or anything.

Graham: Jordan, your not imposing, we'd be happy if you'd stay.

Patty: Of course there will be some rules. First, You will have to be in at a reasonable time. and second, Yoy'll have to sleep on the couch. (to Angela) You two will not be alone in your room, got it?

Graham: Now Jordan, your welcome to stay, if you like?

Jordan: I--uh, (looks at Angela who is absolutly thrilled at her parents allowing him to stay)Maybe for like, a couple days or whatever?

Angela: Yes! Hugs her mom and dad and when Jordan stands up she hugs him. Jordan winces from the pain

Angela: Oh, god, Jordan I'm sorry are you ok?

Jordan: Yeah, yeah, I'm alright.

Patty anf Graham exchange another look


Patty: Hey, Jordan

Jordan: Thanks again Mrs. Chase for letting me stay here.

Patty: It's no problem, Jordan, we care about you, and we want you to be safe.

Jordan(overcome with emotion): No ones ever cared before.

Patty: Jordan, do you mind if I take a look at your bruises?

Jordan(looking uncomfortable) Sure, ok(lifts up his shirt)

Patty: Oh, god, Jordan, are you alright?

Jordan: yeah, I'm ah I'm alright. When I was younger sometimes it was worse. like alot worse. He broke three of my ribs one time.

Patty: Oh, god.

Jordan: Well, I guess I'm going to go to sleep now, good night Jordan exits


Patty: Graham, oh god honey, it was bad.

Graham: What?

Patty: I saw his bruises Graham, they were bad, and it's already been over a week. Can you imagine?

Graham: Honey, its ok now, He's ok now.

Patty: He told me that once, his father broke three of his ribs

Graham: Oh god.

Patty(crying now) How could anyone do that to their child?


Angela(whispering) Jordan, are you awake?

Jordan: yea, i'm awake

Angela: Are you ok, with like staying here?

Jordan: It's cool, whatever.

Angela: ok , cause like, I just wanted to make sure...

Jordan: They care, no one ever cared Angela, no one, It's like, its good that some one cares, but like I feel like maybe it's not..I don't know

Angela(hugs him, then kisses him)Jordan, I care too, you know that right?

Jordan: yeah I know. It's hard to believe any one does.

Angela: Jordan, (she begins crying)

Jordan: Don't cry. Angela don't. It's ok, I'm ok.

Angela: Its just that, Jordan, I care so much and

He cuts her off with a kiss.

Jordan: Ok, well you better get back to bed alright?

Angela: Yeah, good night

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