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Chapter 15: Fun

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Chapter 15: Fun

written by ???????????????

added on: 22 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: Hey, you guys want to go somewhere?

Rayanne: Yeah, like we can go to a club, or something?

Sharon: I could use some fun.(considering)

Rickie: I don't know you guys, I probably should just go home, you know, Mr. Jatimski---

Rayanne: No, no you have to go, Were celebrating

Rickie: Celebrating?

Rayanne: Me and Angelika, Were sorta friends again, I think

Angela: Yes, we are, and we should celbrate.

Sharon: Yes. Let's go. Come on Rickie, please??

Rickie(giving in): Ok, let's go.


Rayanne is dancing with some random guy and Sharon and Rickie are dancing together Angela is quietly watching everyone

Angela(vo): I should be having fun, I have my friends back, but yet, I couldn't be happy, I hadn't talked to Jordan since the day we got suspended, and there was still the whole thing with Brian.

Sharon and Rickie stop dancing and Rickie goes to find Rayanne, and Sharon walks towards Angela

Sharon(noticing Angela's shift in moods): What's wrong Chase Face?

Angela: Nothing

Sharon: Come on you can tell me...?

Angela: Well, there's the whole thing with Brian, I haven't even talked to him at all since...and then there's Jordan, I haven't talked to him in a week...I just...I don't know.

Sharon: Forget Krakow. And As for Jordan...( she looks around) He's right over there. (points to where Jordan and some of his buddies are)

Angela: Oh, well, he looks busy so.

Sharon: So what?

Angela(vo) I remember the last time I saw Jordan at a club with his friends, he completly ignored me. I can't go through that again, and by going up to him and being rejected, we'd be taking a step backwards I don't want that

Sharon:(sensing why Angela doesn't want to go over) Angela, it's not like that anymore remember?

Angela: I know, but like, I just I can't. Go over there.

Sharon rolls her eyes and walks towards Rayanne and Rickie


Sharon: Ok, so like Jordan's here, but she wont go to him, because, well you know, remember last time?

Rayanne: Got it, so what do we do?

Rickie: We can....


Jordan's buddies go off to get more drinks, they glance over at Angela before approaching Jordan, she is staring off into space, so they go for it.

Rayanne: Catalono, whats up?

Jordan(annoyed): Nothing, why?

Rickie: Well, you see, uh were all here having fun, but some one else isn't, and you could fix that you know?

Jordan looks confused

Sharon: Angela, she's over there, and she doesn't want to come over here, because of before

Jordan: What befo--(suddenly remembers what he did): Oh, makes sense

Rayanne: You's an idea...Go to her.

Jordan doesn't say anything, and the group leaves him there.

They go towards angela

Rayanne: That was hopless

Sharon: Yeah, he's totally clueless

Rickie: (looking at Angela) Yeah, but she loves him.

Rayanne and Sharon nod in agreement.


Angela is standing with her back to him, lokking like she's thinking

Jordan: Hey, Angela

Angeal(jumps, and turns around) Jordan, you scared me

Jordan: Sorry.

Angela: So, like, what are you doing here?

Jordan: I came with some of the guys, what are you doing here?

Angela(vo): Missing you, wanting you, being confused by you, and thinking about you way too much

Angela: Were uh, celebrating

Jordan: Celebrating what?

Angela: Rayanne and I are sorta friends again.

Jordan: Oh, that's cool, so ah,you wanna go somewhere?

Angela: Sure, oh hang on, I gotta tell them I'm leaving

Angela goes over to where they are, and talks to them for a minute, then comes back to Jordan

Angela: OK, we can go now.

He takes her hand as they walk out the door then to his car. When They get to his car he stops and turns her around and kisses her. He pulls back

Jordan: so, where do you wanna go?

Angela: I don't care

Jordan: ok

They get in the car and drive around for awhile then Jordan pulls over at some place like a park or something

Angela: Why haven't we talked or even seen each other in a week?

Jordan: I don't know, I guess I been busy

Angela: Jordan, First you say were this couple, and then you like, don't even bother to see me in a week, I guess I need to know do you really want to be with me?

Jordan leans his head back and closes his eyes when he opens them he says:

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