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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 14: Back to normal?

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Chapter 14: Back to normal?

written by ?????????????????

added on: 22 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Scene starts with Angela exiting the girls bathroom looking around the hallway she spots Rayanne down the hall

Angela(vo) Sometimes I wish it were as simple as just forgiving her, because if it was i could. I kknwo she's hurting, but somehow it seems like she should hurt, because she hurt me, It's hard to exlain why it was easy to forgive him but hold on to my anger towards her, maybe because as long as I was mad at one i could forgive the other, and it was easier to forgive him,because...I don't know, I have ot talk to her now, but I don't know what to say.

Angela walks towards Rayanne nervously

Angela: Hi, Rayanne.

Rayanne: Angelika!(surprised) Umm, I though tyou werent talking to me

Angela: (vo) This is pointless

Angela: Rayanne, I think we should talk about this

Rayanne: Talk about what(pretending she doesn't know)

Angela: Raynne, you know what.

Rayanne: Look, Chase I've apologized to you, you wont accept, what am I supposed to do? I can't keep apologizing just for you to ignore it, I can't(her voice is getting higher with both anger and regret) Angela you know I am sorry. ok?

Angela: Rayanne I know your sorry, and I want us to be ok, but it can't be fixed over night. But we can try to work on it.

Rayanne(relief clear on her face and in her voice) Angela, I want to fix it, but I don't know how, I'm so sorry, I 've never hurt anyone this bad before, I've lost everything, and I hurt the only person who ever really mattered to me, and, I--I'm so sorry, can we try to fix it?

Angela: Yeah(smiles then hugs her) I think we can.

Cut to Later

Rayanne Rickie, Sharon and Angela are all at Angela's locker

sharon: See Rickie I told you we could do it

Rayann/Angela: Do what?

Rickie: Nothing

Angela: No seriously what are you guys talking about?

Sharon: Nothing, just ah, glad that we could help ya know

Rayanne: Wait, so you two are behind us making up?

Rickie: We just did it because we love you both, and wanted you to be ok again

Rayanne: Thanks

Everyone is surprised by Rayanne

Angela(laughing): Come on you guys let's go


Sharon: So, ah, why'd you really get suspended? Don't give me that crap about ditching.

Rayanne: Yeah, Chase the truth now.

Rickie: Oh, come on give her a break

Angela:(sighs) I was in the boiler room with Jordan(after seeing the look on everyones faces) Not that, we were just kissing, Foster walked in.

Sharon: Thats not what I heard...

Angela: What? what'd you hear?

Sharon: I heard Foster walked in on you two while you were....(trails off)

Rayanne: NO way! Everyone knows pure sweet Angela wouldn't ummmm Jordan in the boiler room. Would you?

Rickie: No way, I don't believe it

Angela: No, I wouldn't we haven't even had sex yet. I still want to wait, and I told him that, I'm just not ready yet

Rayanne: Come on, Chase you know you want to

Sharon: Yeah, I mean, it's so obvious.

Rickie: Well, I think it's romantic that they're waiting.

Sharon and RAyanne throw pillows at him.

Angela: Well, I mean yeah I want to, but I still am not ready, there's a difference.

Rickie: (tossing pillows aside) Yeah, let her wait if she wants to(to Angela) I mean, you do really want to wait right?

Angela: Yes, I want to wait!
They hear the front door open and Patty calling out

Patty: Angela! I'm home. Where are you?

All four of them head downstairs

Patty: Oh there you are, Oh Rayanne(surprised to see her) Your here. Well it's uh, it's nice to see you again,

Rayanne: Yeah, you too

Patty: Well, Angela, honey, I'm taking Danielle to one of her friends houses then your father and I are going out to dinner, so your on your own for dinner tonight, (hands her some money) You can order something if you want. You guys can stay too.(To Rayanne, Rickie, and Sharon)

Angela: Thanks

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