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Chapter 12: Fix it

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Chapter 12: Fix it

written by ?????????????????????????

added on: 21 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Starts with Shron exiting girls bathroom obviously looking for someone she approaches rickie who is standing alone at his locker

Sharon: Rickie, hi.

Rickie(susrprised) Oh, uh, Sharon, hey.

Sharon: Rickie, have you talked to Rayanne lately?

Rickie: I talked to her this morning, why?

Sharon: No, Rickie I meant really talked to her, like, about how she's feeling right now?

Rickie: She seemed fine when I talked to her..why what's the matter?

Sharon: I just left her in the bathroom, she was crying her eyes out and talking to herself about having no one, she wasn't even insulting to me when I walked in and saw her, sitting on the floor, crying.

Rickie(looks stricken) Is she still in there?

Sharon: No, she left already, Rickie. We gotta like, get angela to talk to her, she's hurting, bad, it's only like a matter of time, before she self destructs from this.

Rickie I know, but I don't know what to do Angela runs off everytime she hears Rayannes name, she runs even faster when she sees her.

Sharon: Ok, here's what we'll do

Scene fades with Sharon and Rickie whispering by his locker

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