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Chapter 10: Caught in the boiler room

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Chapter 10: Caught in the boiler room

written by anonymous

added on: 15 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The boiler room door opens and there stands Principle Foster in the doorway. Neither Angela nor Jordan notice him.

Foster: Ms. Chase, Mr. Catalono!

They jump apart, guilty

Angela: I--uh--we were--(vo) Oh god. This is bad.

Jordan stands there looking guilty

Foster: Both of you. In my office. Now.

Foster turns and leaves

Angela: Jordan! oh god. My parents are gonna kill me.

Jordan: I'm sorry.(kisses her quickly) We better go.

cut to Principle Fosters office

Foster: This kind of conduct is unacceptable. The boiler room is off limits to students. period! And that type of display of affection is completely unnacceptable at school. Now Mr. Catalono.

Jordan: Yeah.

Foster: Go home one week.

Jordan leaves office

Foster: Ms. Chase, I need to contact your parents, whats the number?

Angela rattles off her number, after several rings he hangs up.

Foster:(writing on paper) You are suspended for one week.(rips paes apart hands one to her) Go home, now.

Angela(vo): Oh my god, this is not happening suspended for a week?( she walks down the hall)

Jordan comes up from behind

Jordan:Angela!, hey wait up.(catches up to her)

Jordan: So, what'd you get?

Angela: Same as you.

Jordan: oh, so you wanna get out of here?

Angela: yeah well, were kinda supposed to...ya know.

Jordan: right...well then(grins at her)

Angela: Yeah(laughs then grabs his hand and heads for the door) Let's go!

they run out the door and to his car

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You have 2 choices: What should happen next?
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    Chapter 11: Finally!!!! by anonymous (15 Jun 2004)
    2 more subchapters.
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    Chapter 11: Rayanne's break down by ????????????????????????? (21 Jun 2004)
    17 more subchapters.

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