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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 18: Okay

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Chapter 18: Okay

written by Huie

added on: 12 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Half an hour later, they finally get out of Jordan's car- missing homeroom.

School Hallway-

Angela and Jordan are walking down a Liberty Hall, holding hands. Angela is looking down at the floor, trying to dodge all the stares. Jordan is focused on Angela, grining- He likes to see her squirm. After a while he notices how uncomfortable she really is, and meets the strares with a cold, mean look- making most stares look away.

They finally make it to Angela's locker. Jordan opens it for her. She puts her back-pack away, and shuts it.

Angela- (Leaning against her locker- looking around)Jordan this is so weird.

Jordan- (In front of her, playing with her hair) What do you mean?

Angela- I mean, everyone thinks I'm so, mean for dumping him.

Jordan- What about when you dumped me?

Angela- I never really did (Lightly laughs)

Jordan- Were together now, and people will have to just deal with it.

Angela- (Hair tuck)I guess your right.

Jordan leans closer to her. He moves his hands from her neck slowly down to her shoulder, all the way down to her waist, touching and feeling eveything in between. Angela's eyes widen, shocked that he just basically felt her up in public. He mescheiviously grins, knowing exactly what he did.

Jordan- (Whispers) I am right.

Angela- (Eyes still widened) I can't beleive you just did that, like in school.

Jordan- (His hand making it's way back up to her neck- round two) What are you talking about (He grins)

Angela- (Eyes widen more) That! What you just did- Jordan (Looking around at the stares- whispers) people are watching.

Jordan grabs her hips- this time not feeling her up

Jordan- Let them.

With this he pulls her to him and passionatly kisses her. This makes her weak and she practically falls, but Jordan holds her up by wrapping his hands around her waist.

Voice- Get a room.

Jordan breaks the kiss, and looks over his shoulder to where the voice came from, finding Nick walking past. Nick looks really pissed, but is trying to hide it.

Jordan- (Yelling back at him) Get your *own* girlfriend.

Angela- (Yells) Jordan. (He turns back to her, with a pissed look. She whispers) Shut up.

Jordan- (Looks down at her, and rubs her arms) Okay.

Angela- (Looks up at him) Okay?

Jordan- (Reasuring her) Okay.

Angela moves her hand around his waist, and begins to move to class.

Angela- Okay.

He wraps his arms around her shoulders, and they walk to class holding each other, ingnoring the stares and whispers.

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