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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 9: A New Friend

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Chapter 9: A New Friend

written by anonymous author

added on: 05 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan: Angela! (He nearly shouts, pushing though the crowd, trying to catch up to her, but she has already left the building. He finally reaches the door, and looks around outside, but she is nowhere to be found.) Great... (He sighs, running a hand through his har.)

A block away, Angela has finally stopped running, and leans agains a light post to catch her breath, tears are still streaming down her cheeks, but she closes her eyes, trying to make them stop.

Male Voice: You alright?

She turns around, realizing there is someone sitting on a nearby bench, smoking a cigarette. She looks him up and down before responding.

Angela: I'm fine.

The guy gets up from the bench, approaching her.

Guy: Sure?

Angela: (Nods) I will be, eventually.

Guy: (Chuckles lightly) Know the feeling.

Angela looks at him again, now that she can see him in the light. He looked about 17, with short dark brown hair, and brown eyes, about as tall as Jordan. For some reason he looked like Stuart Townsend, very cute indeed. And he dressed pretty much like Jordan except his clothes were less worn.

Angela VO: I have seen guys that look like movies stars...but this has to be a hallucination....besides, I don't think I've ever seen him before...

Guy: (Notices she is looking at him with confusion) My name is Nick (He intoduces himself, stepping closer) I'm new in town.

Angela: (Smiles faintly) I'm Angela.

Nick: Don't suppose you know someone named Tino.

Angela: Not that well...(voice trails off)

Nick: (Blows out a stream of smoke) He introduced me to a couple of guys out here. I was supposed to meet up with them, but I seem to have gotten lost.

Angela: Really? (Hair tuck, Curious) You mean the poolhouse?

Nick: I think that's where.

Angela: I just came from there.

Nick: Oh yeah. (Tosses his cigarette.) Think you could show me where it is?

Angela: I kinda like....don't want to go back over there...

Nick: (Lights another cigarette) Wanna walk around could tell me a little bit more about this place.

Angela: (Surpised) Sure...I guess.

They start walking with a little space between them.

Angela VO: There's nothing wrong with walking with a least I don't think there is...

Angela and Nick had walked around for about 15 mintues, most of the time, she has been letting him do the talking.

Angela: So your from San Fransisco? VO:What a stupid question, he already said he was.

Nick: Yeah.

Angela: What high school are you going to?

Nick: Liberity I think.

Angela: That's where I go.

Nick: Cool, maybe you could show me around.

Angela: (Unsure) I guess...

Nick is about to say more when a red car pulls up beside them, and Jordan gets out.

Jordan: Hey, I've been looking for you.

Angela: (looks away) I had to get away from him....

Jordan: (Sighs) I know....(He glances at her companion.) Hey Nick.

Nick: Sup Jordan.

Jordan: Nothing much. Tino's been looking for you.

Nick: I couldn't find the Poolhouse.

Jordan: I could drop you there if you want.

Nick: Alright.

Jordan takes Angela's hand and leads her to the car, while Nick puts out the cigarette, both don't notice the look on his face as he follows them.

Jordan pulls up to the Poolhouse, Nick climbs out as Angela scoots over to the passengers side, Foo Fighters "Everlong" can be heard from the car stereo.

Nick: Thanks for the ride.

Jordan: Sure.

Nick: (Looks at Angela) Nice to meeting you, see you in school.

Angela: (Smiles somewhat) Yeah...later.

Nick backs away as the car drives off, keeping his eyes on Angela.

Fade out:

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