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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 17: Nothin

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Chapter 17: Nothin

written by Huie

added on: 12 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Girl's bathroom

Random Girl- I mean, can you beleive her? She has Jordan eating out of the palm of her hand, and totally leaves him for Nick. And then, I heard that she made-out right in front of Nick with Jordan.

Random girl 2- I heard that too. Who does she think she is?

RG1- I know. What do they see in her?

RG2- Well(Looking around), you know who she hangs out with.

RG1- That slutty Graff girl. You don't think Angela's like-

RG2- Remember at the begining of the year. She (Refering to Angela) *did* have sex with Jordan, right in his car.

RG1- Oh yeah, your right. Hmm (Finishes fixing her hair), I thought she wasn't like that.

They leave the bathroom
A bathroom door opens, and reveals Rayanne. Her eyes are welled.

Cut to- Jordan's Car- School Parking lot

Angela- I don't know how to act Jordan.

She is looking out her window, as close to the passenger door as possible. Her face looks as though she is deep in thought. Jordan is scooted over, as close to her as he can be. He is repeatingly lightly kissing her on the cheek, only half listening.

Jordan- (In between kisses) What do you mean?

Angela- What I mean is that I know people know... and,

Jordan- (Inturrupts, fully aware of what she is saying now) So what if they know? It's how it should be. You and me... you know.

Angela- (Intrested in what he is saying) You know what?

Jordan- You know, girlfriend and boyfriend. (He looks down and smiles shyly)

Angela- Are you saying that I'm...

Jordan- Angela (Finally giving in- sighs), I want you to be my girlfriend. And I want to be your *only* boyfriend, happy?

Angela- (Smile from ear to ear) I never actually heard you call me that before. I like it.

Jordan- Well get used to it. (He begins to kiss her cheek again)

After a minute of Jordan kissing Angela on the cheek continusly.

Angela- Well, Mr. Boyfriend, we better get to class.

Jordan- (Begging) Just a little longer, please?

Angela- God,(Looking at his puppy dog face), fine.

Jordan takes her back and presses her to him. They are face to face, and there bodies are pressed tightly together.

Jordan- Thank you.

Angela laughs at this, and gives him an urgent, quick kiss.

Angela- You better be a good boy though.

Jordan wraps her in his arms, and lays her down. He then lays on top of her.

Jordan- I can't promise anything.

With this he takes her head in his hands and passionatly kisses her. They make-out like this for about 15 min, when a knock is heared on the Driver's door.

Jordan looks up from Angela, his hair is basically all to one side and extremley messy. His neck has a mark that looks like the beginning of a ubber hicky. He looks totally dumb-founded.

Shane- (From outside- grinning) Hey Jordan.

Jordan- What do you want? I'm sort of-

Shane- (Inturrupting- he is holding in a laugh) Busy?

Jordan- (Half smile) Yeah.

Shane- (Sarcastic)Sorry, I couldn't tell. But, no need to explain.

Shane looks down at his bud, with a proud smile. Jordan grins back up at him, his hair still a mess. Angela has her eyes closed- still under Jordan- pretending to not be there.

With this, Shane leaves. After he turns his back to Jordan's car, he lets out a loud laugh, heard from inside the car.

Angela- What's he so happy about?

Jordan- (Not really listening- He is stroking her leg and rubing his nose to her cheek) Nothin.

Angela- Are you listening to me?

Jordan- Sure.

Angela- (Sighs) Oh God.

Jordan- I agree.

Angela laughs loudly, in Jordan's ear, breaking his concentration.

Jordan- What's so funny?

Angela (In a Jordan-ish way) Nothin.

She takes his hair and pulls him into another kiss.

Scene fades to black

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