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Chapter 4: Aquaintances

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Chapter 4: Aquaintances

written by Erin

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela storms out into the hallway sits on the ground and puts her head in her hands. Rickie quickly follows out of the bathroom, walks over to her, sits down and looks right at her.

Rickie: What was that?
Angela: (she looks up at him) I don't know. I wasn't expecting her.
Rickie: (laughs) You weren't expecting her?
Angela: (laughs along) No, I guess not.
Rayanne walks out of the bathroom and sees them laughing
Rayanne: What in the hell is so funny?
Rickie: Nothing, it's an inside joke.
Rayanne: Oh, great (begins to walk off)
Angela: (stands up) Rayanne, wait! (Rayanne stops but doesn't turn around) Rayanne hold on. Are you okay?
Rayanne: (turns around) Why wouldn't I be okay?
Angela: I ran into you, you ran into me
Rayanne: Oh, right, well, I'm fine.
Angela: Don't I even get an I'm sorry?
Rayanne: (stunned) I'm sorry I ran into you.
Angela: That's not what I meant.
Rayanne: Angela, look I am not going to get Brian Krakow to write you a letter for me begging for forgiveness, that's not me, it's Jordan.
Angela: How did you know about the letter?
Rayanne: Rickie. (Angela turns around Rickie smiles innocently at her.
Angela: (to Rickie) Thanks. (to Rayanne) I didn't know that Brian wrote the letter until later.
Rayanne: (confused) So you hate Jordan again?
Angela: No, I'm just, oh, I hate this.
Rayanne: Hate what?
Angela: Just because all of this crap happened, you do know that we don't have to hate each other?
Rayanne: I know.
Angela: We could be like acquaintances, or something, and work from there.
Rayanne: (almost smiles) Acquaintances, it's a start.
Angela: So, I'll see you around.
Rayanne: Around.
They turn around and go about their way, then Rayanne turns around
Rayanne: I am sorry.
Angela: (turns around) (smiles) I know.

Angela is sitting on the steps outside of Liberty.

Angela VO: It is so ironic how one minute you can absolutely hate someone, and then something happens and you can't remember why you were mad to start off with. (Jordan sees Angela and heads her way in the other direction you see Brian begin to wander over Angela's way) I wish it could be that way with everything. (Brian see Jordan and heads the other direction)

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