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Chapter 16: Scratchy!

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Chapter 16: Scratchy!

written by Huie

added on: 23 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan's Car- Some Children's Park- In the parking lot

Jordan is partically laying on Angela. She has her legs wraped around his. They are sitting in the front seat. Her hands are tangled in his soft brown hair. He is cupping her face with his right hand while his left feels up and down her body.

Angela- (Between kisses) I am so sorry Jordan. I love you so much. (kiss)I can't live without you.(Kiss) I'm just (kiss) so sorry. I am just (kiss) so sorry. I am just so-

Jordan- (Inturrupting) Just shut up and let me kiss you.

With that Angela pushes him off of her. Jordan looks at her confused and hurt. She than moves toward him and lays on top off him. His face relaxes and he grins in a mescheivious way. She brings her lips to his ear.

Angela- (whispering) What ever you say.

She moves away from his face and also grins mescheiviously.

She slowly takes her hands and seductively moves them under Jordans shirt to feel his toned chest. He looks at her surprised. She then takes her hands out of his shirt, and grabs his hands with hers. She moves his hands under her tank top.

Jordan- Angela... I don't want to pressure you, but...

Angela- (Interrupting) Whatever happens, happens.

Jordan- (Continuing) but your making this *sooo* hard.

Angela- Don't think so much.

Jordan- I can't do it with you *here*.

Angela- Don't worry Jordan, I won't let it go that far.

Jordan- I'm not worryed about you letting it go that far...

Angela- Just kiss me...

They look at each other.

Angela- If that's how your going to be fine.

She literly falls down on Jordan- kissing him all the way down, This makes him lay all the way down on the seat, his feet up against the passenger's window. She then moves her hands back under his shirt. He then gives in to his erges, and lets his hands feel under Angela's tank top. He breaks away quickly.

Jordan- (Breathing hard) Angela... please. I can't stop anymore Angela. I want you *so* bad. I can't be without you anymore. Please Angela?

Angela- Jordan...

Jordan- I know, I'm sorry. We can't do this... I can't control it anymore. You have to off me. I don't want to hurt you. Just, please, just get off of me ok?

Angela- (looks hert) Jordan? (she reluctantly sits up)

Jordan- Please don't be mad at me... I wish I could but I can't. *God* I wish I could.

Angela- Jordan, I'm sorry.

Jordan- (Quickly) Don't be... I want it to be perfect for you. It can't be here. I get it. It's just so hard you know?

Angela- *God*, I know.

Jordan- (Looks at her confused) What do you mean?

Angela-(short laugh) You actually think I *don't* want to do it with you like, right now?

Jordan- (eyes widen) You mean, you do?

Angela- (smiles) Well yeah, I totally do. But-

Jordan- (Inturrupting) So your like, not scared anymore?

Angela- Well... no... but-

Jordan- (Exicted) So like, you *want* to have sex with me?

Angela- (smiles) Will you *let* me talk?

Jordan- (Embarrassed) Sorry.

Angela- Yes I do, you know, want to have umm (nervous laugh) sex with you. But your right, not here. (Thinks) I *do* want it to be perfect, but you know, not planned either. Like right now, If we were somewhere diffrent, then totally. But, we (slowly) aren't.

Jordan- (Taking it all in) I'm okay with waiting... just don't do that again.

Angela- Do what?

Jordan- (grins) You know...

Angela- Oh yeah... sorry.

Jordan- Don't be. I just, it's hard for me. (Shyly) Just seeing you smile makes me want to do it.

Angela- (laughs) Really?

Jordan- (looks down, quietly says-) Shut up.

Angela tilts his head up with her hand to face her. He looks at her deeply with his gorgeous blues.

Angela looks at him as though she is going to say something. She deeply sighs and begins to open her mouth and then abrubtly smiles a big crazy smile.

Jordan- Your *such* a tease.

He jumps on her and playfully kisses her all over.

Angela- (Child like) Ouch!, Your scratchy.

Jordan- (Stops) You don't like the scrathy?

Angela- Actually, (thinks) I kinda do! (she laughs)

He begins to peck her neck, rubbing his cheek against her's.

Angela- When was the last time you shaved?

Jordan- (Between kisses) It has been awhile. I don't even remember the last time. All I have been thinking about is you. (stops, and then laughs to himself)

Angela- (Curious at what he is laughing at) What?

Jordan- (playfully) Nothin.

Angela- No, tell me.

Jordan- Okay, you can't like push me off of you... okay?

Angela- (Questionling) Okay?

Jordan- Um... I don't... um... remember the last time I ah...

Angela- What? Ate breakfast... walked the dog... WHAT?

Jordan-(Quickly, whispering) showered.

He kisses her before she can say anything or react.

Angela- Ahhh... yuck! (She smiles and laughs at him)

Jordan- Don't some girls like that?

Angela- Umm... no.

Jordan frowns and looks at her sadly.

Angela- (Giving in) Oh, come here. (she pulls him back on her.)

Jordan- I knew you couldn't resist!

They begin to make-out again.

Fade to Black

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