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Chapter 15: Angela loves Jordan

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Chapter 15: Angela loves Jordan

written by anonymous

added on: 26 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela(vo) And then it hit me all of a sudden, I was using Nick to get back at Jordan for Rayanne. How low can I be? I have to tell him the truth, those feelings? I had for Nick, it was just to hurt Jordan. I love Jordan Catalono. I will always love Jordan Catalono, and he cares about me, I can't throw that away, out of jealousy, and anger.

Angela gets up and approaches the band, Shane and Joey watch, to see if she goes to Nick or Jordan. Nick looks mildly surprised, and Jordan just stares into Angela's eyes. She looks between Nick and Jordan, before her gaze locks on Jordan's. She walks straight up to Jordan. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him, with all the feelings she has for him. Nick atares in disbelief. He walks to Angela and grabs her arm spinning her around. Shane tenses, as does Joey. Everyone in the loft waits for Jordan's reaction

Nick: What are you doing?

Angela: I'm sorry Nick, I love Jordan.

Nick pushes Angela to the ground. Jordan grabs Nicks shirt front and gets right in his face.

Jordan: If you ever, I mean ever, put another hand on her your dead, got it?

Nick: Screw you.

Jordan pushes him back and he crashes into the wall.

Jordan goes over to Angela and helps her up, then slides his arms around her

Jordan: You ok?

Angela: Yeah, can we uh go somewhere? We really need to talk.

Jordan: Yeah, let's go to my car.

They walk outside hand in hand

Shane: Told you she was Catalono's girl(big grin on his face as well as Joey's)

Nick: right, but that doesn't mean I cant still try

Shane and Joey exchange looks that say This is trouble

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