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Chapter 12: Angela's New Boyfriend?

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Chapter 12: Angela's New Boyfriend?

written by Melena

added on: 12 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan looks at them again, Angela and Nick have their arms wrapped around each other, still kissing. He walks away a second later, not wanting to make a scene with his anger.

Close up of Angela and Nick making out

Fade out.....

The next week:

Angela walks into the bathroom, and looks into the mirror. She is wearing jeans and a black turtle neck, trying to hide the hicky on the left side of her neck. She pulls the cloth down, staring at the little mark.

Angela VO: This can't be happening. I can't believe I cheated on Jordan...and to make things worse, I actually like Nick....a lot.

Rickie comes into the bath then, and approaches her, watching her try to hide the mark on her neck.

Rickie: I take it you went out with Nick.

Angela: (Sighs) Yeah...

Rickie: (Frowns slightly) I would be thrilled for you...but.....

Angela: I know, I know (faces him) Jordan and Brian.

Rickie: (Nods) This isn't just a way to get back at them is it?

Angela: (Face falls) I can't believe it isn't.....(She folds her arms) I just....I can't control how I feel...

Rickie: (Ricki hugs her) I'm sorry, I had to know how you felt about all this.

Angela: I know.

Rickie: I don't blame you. (Pulls away)

Angela gives him a questioning look.

Rickie: For falling for him, Nick is gorgeous.

Angela: (Smiles) Aboslutly.

Rickie: And don't worry, your shirt covers it.

Angela: Thanks.

Angela is walking to her locker when she see's Jordan waiting there for her. She quickly turns and heads the other direction, not wanting to deal with him at the moment. She bumps into Rayanne as she rounds a corner.

Rayanne: Hey girl.

Angela: Hey.

Rayanne: Catalano's been looking for you.

Angela: (Bows her head) Really.

Rayanne: (Smirks) So it's true...

Angela: What?

Rayanne pulls at Angela's Turtle neck, and see's the mark. She gasps and giggles.

Rayanne: You and Nick Chandler....

Angela: What?

Rayanne: It's all over school, how you left Jordan for Nick.

Angela: (Shakes her head in dismay) I gotta go....(She starts walking)

Rayanne: (Calls after her) I want all the details!

Angela: Later Rayanne. (She disapears down the hall.)

After school -

Jordan is leaning against Nick's car, smoking a cigarette, waiting for Angela or Nick. He hears voices and sees Nick and Angela walking towards him. Nick has his arm drapped over Angela's shoulders, and is leading her to his car.

Angela sees him and stops in her tracks, they make brief eye contact before she looks down. Nick notices this and sees Jordan, both stare each other down.

Jordan puts out his cigarette and approaches the couple.

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