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Chapter 11: Jordan's Rival

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Chapter 11: Jordan's Rival

written by Aya

added on: 07 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela VO: Is it my imagination or is Nick asking me on a date?

Angela: (Grasps the door handle) I'll think about it...

Nick: (Smiles slightly) Just let me know before Friday.

Angela: Sure. (Gets out of the car, and watches him drive off, confused.)

The day before Friday...

Angela is sitting in an empty classroom, staring at a piece of paper, it has Nicks phone number written on it, she found it in her locker that morning.

Angela VO: I'm cutting my Geometry class just to avoid seeing Nick...How childish of me, he doesn't seem to notice I have a boyfriend. Then again....Jordan Catalano doesn't seem to notice what Nick is doing? Or does he? I still haven't figured out why he didn't show up last night?

Rickie: Angela, I've been looking for you everywhere.

Angela looks up, and back at the floor.

Rickie: Angela, is something wrong? (Sits down beside her, concerned)

Angela: (Frowning slightly) I got asked out on a date.

Rickie: (Smiling) Really, it's about time Jordan decides to take you on a date, so why the long face?

Angela: It wasn't Jordan who asked me.

Rickie: What? (He arches an eyebrow.) Who then?

Angela: If I tell you, do you promise not to say anything to anyone?

Rickie: Yeah.

Angela: (Sighing) Nick Chandler.

Rickie: (Wide eyed) The guy that looks like Stuart Townsend?

Angela: (Nods) The newest member to Residue.

Rickie: Really?

Angela: (Smiling faintly) Oh Rickie, you have to hear his voice, it's amazing. And the way he plays the gitar...(her voice trails off, her eyes becoming distant)

Rickie: (Looks at her curiously) What does his voice sound like?

Angela: (Closes her eyes) He sounds almost like the lead singer of Orgy....

Rickie: (Blinks) It sounds like you may have a crush on this guy...

Angela: (Shakes her head) I do not!

Rickie: (Eyes her) What did you say to going out with him then?

Angela: (Gets up, running a hand through her hair) I said I'd think about it.

Rickie: What about Jordan, does he know about this? And have you even thought about Brian?

Angela: (Turns away) I don't know...I mean....what am I supposed to do?

Rickie: (Gets up and hugs her) I have no idea....I can't tell you what to do.

After school, Nick, Shane and Joey are standing at Jordan's locker, waiting for him.

Shane: What is taking him so long?

Joey: Yeah, we have to rehearse...

Nick: (Scanning the halls for Angela) Say, is Jordan dating Angela?

Shane: (Laughs at the idea) You could say that, she's like his first girlfriend.

Joey: And from what I hear, they just got back together.

Shane: (Teasing) Why? You have the hots for her too?

Nick: (Shrugs) Just curious.

Joey: I don't know what he see's in her. (Shakes his head lightly) I thought he didn't do girlfriends.

Shane: I know man, what's gotten into him.

Nick: (Irritated by their talking) I gotta go....I see you guys at Let's Bold. (He starts walking down the hall.)

Shane: Alright....If you see Tino, tell him to meet us there.

Nick: You got it.

That evening, Angela is seated on the living room couch, watching Queen of the Damned, her part, the part where Lestat is giving his concert. She keeps rewinding the part, mostly because it reminds her of Nick.

Angela VO: This makes no sense, I can't get Nick out of mind, like the way I couldn't get Jordan off my mind. I find this all unreal, for one...I can't possibly have 3 guys that like me...and two...Nick actually asking me on a date. This has to be some twisted dream that I'm having from watching too much of this movie.

She shakes her head and picks up the phone, digging in her pocket for the piece of paper Nick gave her. With shaky hands, she dials the number.

Angela: Is Nick there? Hey Nick...

Friday Night, Let's Bolt is crowded with everyone going crazy to the music of AFI. Angela is hanging on to Nick's arm as they make their way through the crowds, and by pass the mosh pit, trying to find a spot to watch the performance.

Angela: This is my first time here! (She has to shout over the loud music)

Angela VO: I knew that Fake ID would come in handy. What am I doing?"

Nick: There's a good place! (He points to an area near the stage.)

They make their way to the wall and lean against it, watching the Band perform.

Angela VO: I never really listened to AFI music before, not bad at all.

She looks at Nick, who is standing beside her, with his eyes closed, listening to the music. She smiles at his choice of clothing, a pair of black khakis, long sleeve white shirt with a black T-Shirt over it. She had chosen to wear a black mini-t with a flannel and a pair of jeans.

She closes her eyes, listening to the music, forgetting everything for once and enjoying herself. She doesn't see Rayanne going crazy with the rest of crowd, nor does she see Jordan and the rest of Residue enter the room.

The Song Shifts to "The Days Of Phoenix" as Jordan parts from his friends, in search of Angela.

I remember when I was told of story of crushed velvet,
candle wax, and dried up flowers
The figure on the bed all dressed up in roses, calling
Beckoning to sleep,
Offering a dream

words were as mystical as purring animals
The circle of rage
The ghosts on the stage appeared
The time was so tangible, I'll never let it go
Ghost stories handed down, reached secret tunnels below
No one could see me

She feels Nick take both of her hands in his and opens her eyes only to find his lips only inches from hers.

I fell into yesterday
Our dreams seemed not far away
I want to, I want to, I want to stay
I fell into fantasy

Nick: I've wanted to taste your lips since I first saw you. (He whispers into her ear.)

The girl on the wall always waited for me,
And she was always smiling
The teenage death boys
The teenage death girls
And everyone was dancing
Nothing could touch us then
No one could change us then
Everyone was dancing
Nothing could hurt us then
No one could see us then
Everyone was dancing
Everyone was dancing

Angela is stunned and put into a trance as he interlaces their fingers before pressing his lips against hers. She closes her eyes, and kisses him back.

No one could see me

I fell into yesterday
Our dreams seemed not far away
I want to, I want to, I want to stay
I fell into fantasy

Jordan is walking through the crowds, and pauses when he sees the familiar red hair. A look of disbelief covers his face as he watches the couple makeout. He looks away, closing his eyes.

Our dreams seemed not far away
Our dreams seemed not far away
Our dreams seemed not far away

I fell into fantasy


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