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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 21: Weirdness

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The story so far

Chapter 21: Weirdness

written by Joie

added on: 24 May 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(RICKIE at his locker. ANGELA approaches.)


RICKIE: Oh, hey.


ANGELA: I've been looking all over for you.

RICKIE: Well, I've been around. I was with Rayanne just in the-

ANGELA: Oh, okay. Um, okay, so, actually, I've kind of got to go meet Jordan, but, um... will you be seeing Brian today?

RICKIE: Mm, I don't know. Probably, why?

ANGELA: Can you give him this book for me? It's-it's... psh, see, he lent it to Jordan but he and Jordan aren't talking or something, I dunno, so... could you give it to him for me?

(RICKIE takes the book.)

RICKIE: (shrug.) Well, I mean, I'll take the book, if you want, but you'll probably see him first, 'cause I probably won't see him before you see him in English, so... do you still want me to take the book?

ANGELA: Uh... yeah.

RICKIE: Okay. (Beat. ANGELA looks thoughtful.) So, what? You and Brian aren't talking either?

ANGELA: No, we are, it's just... it's, like, complicated, see... I told Brian, right, that we were just friends. And he seemed... okay, he was, I don't wanna say disappointed, 'cause I'm not saying I'm so great or anything, but-

RICKIE: It's okay, I know what you mean.

ANGELA: Yeah, so. He was like that. Okay, and then Brian says he can't tutor Jordan anymore, uh, which is understandable, you know, I guess.

RICKIE: Well, yeah.

ANGELA: Well, yeah, exactly, so. Um... I dunno, there's just this weirdness, now, between us, and, um, 'cause I'm spending so much time, you know, with Jordan, and I haven't really seen Brian, and I feel weird giving the book back to him myself.

RICKIE: Well, I mean, just- won't it seem weirder, that you could have given the book to him, but you chose not to? (Beat. ANGELA considers.) 'Cause, I mean, he'll know that Jordan never gave me the book to give to him, so. I mean, just...I would've thought that was more weird.

(Beat. ANGELA thinks hard.)

ANGELA says:

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