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Chapter 23: The Truth Will Out

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The story so far

Chapter 23: The Truth Will Out

written by Judith

added on: 20 Apr 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: You know you got me to, like, give that book to Brian or whatever?
Jordan: Yeah.

Angela shifts nervously from foot to foot then decides to sut on the old couch. Jordan joins her and stares at her getting annoyed and a bit panicky.

Angela: Well I did. I, like went over to his house and his, like, mom made me go to his room...
Angela VO: This is so stupid! Why I am I like telling him, it was just a stupid kiss! I didn't even mean anything and it's not as if I kissed him back. So really it's not my fault so I shouldn't like feel guilty or whatever. 'Cos I didn't really do anything.
Jordan: Angela. What happened.
Angela: It doesn't matter.
Jordan: Yes it does. (getting frustrated) What happened.
Angela: He, like, kissed me.
Jordan: WHAT

Jordan jumps up and starts to pace. Angela stands up too.

Jordan: Did you kiss him back.
Angela: No of course not.
Jordan: Then you just let him kiss you!
Angela: NO! I broke it off and came to you!
Jordan: Why? Are you not happy with one boyfriend?
Angela: Of course I.....
Jordan: Did you want to break someone elses heart as well!
Angela: What do you mean by that?
Jordan: Well you aren't, like, content with ruining Brian's life you had to use me too.
Angela: I never used you! It wasn't like that!
Jordan: Well what was it like then? Tell me you love me, sleep with me, make me feel like me life is going right for once then do the same with Brian!
Angela: NO! I lOVE YOU! Not Brian. I love you.
Jordan: Yeah well you don't, like, know what love is!

Angela starts to cry and falls back on the couch. Jordan turns around and looks at her.

Jordan VO: She can't just kiss some other guy and then expect me to, like, just forgive her.
Angela VO: This is exactly what happened with him and Rayanne, but at least I forgave him.
Jordan: Is this like, punishment for Rayanne or something.
Angela: No not at all. And any way it's different.
Jordan: How?
Angela: I didn't sleep with Brian!

Angela starts to cry again. She looks more scared then up set. Jordan sits next to her. He puts his arm aroud her and she leans against his chest.

Angela: I'm sorry.
Jordan: Yeah, me too.

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