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Chapter 17: It's Not You're Fault!!

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Chapter 17: It's Not You're Fault!!

written by Mileena

added on: 05 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

After School -

Angela is leaning against Kyle's Black SUV, with her arms folded. She glances at Sharon and Kyle, who are standing a few feet away, clearly waiting for them, since Kyle was giving them both a ride home. Kyle has his hands on her waist, while Sharon has her hands on his shoulders. Angela looks at Jordan's car parked a few cars down, ignoring their sweet talk.

Angela (VO): Seeing Sharon and Kyle makes me think...I should have just slept with Jordan when I had the chance, at least it would have been my choice, and not forced upon me. (She runs a hand through her hair, staring at the ground)

Cut to:

Jordan and Shane walking out to the Parking lot, both talking.

Shane: So what are you going to do?

Jordan: I don't know yet.

Shane: (Nods) Have you talked to Angela yet?

Jordan: (Stops, and looks at him) No...she's been avoiding me all day.

Shane: (Folds his arms) She has to be messed up over what happened.

Jordan: (Frowns, nodding) Yeah.

Shane: I'll talk to Tino.

Jordan: Alright, I'll see you later. (He begins walking to his car.)

Shane: Later man. (He walks off in the opposite direction.)

Just as Jordan reaches his car, he spots Angela a few cars down. He just stares at her, his expression one of disbelief, still unable to accept what happened to her. Without hesitation, her walks over to her.

Cut to Angela, still leaning against the SUV, looking at the ground. She doesn't see Jordan approaching her.

Jordan: Angela.

At hearing his voice, Angela looks at him, then away, uncomfortable.

Angela: (Hair tuck) Yeah...

Jordan: Rickie told me what happened...I can't believe what Joey did!

Angela: (Sighs) Neither can I, that makes two of us...

Jordan: Angela...I...

Just as he is about to continue, Sharon interupts him, ignoring him as she comes to stand by Angela, touching her shoulder. Jordan narrows his eyes, annoyed.

Sharon: (To Angela) Are you ready to go?

Before Angela can answer, Jordan speaks.

Jordan: (Slightly raised voice) Can I talk to her, for like a minute...ok!!

Sharon frowns at him, then looks at Angela, afraid he'll just upset her more. Angela glances at Jordan, then back at Sharon, noticing Kyle is staring at Jordan with apprehension. Not wanting anything unnecessary to happen, she pulls Sharon aside.

Angela: It's ok Sharon...

Sharon: Are you ok with this?

Angela: (Nods) I think so...

Sharon: (Smiles at her) I...I'm just worried about you, that's all.

Angela: (Smiles faintly) I know...I'll be back. (She goes over to Jordan.)

Sharon watches her go as Kyle comes up to her.

Kyle: What was all that about?

Sharon: (Looks at him) has nothing to do with us. (She takes his hand and leads him to the back of the SUV, giving Angela and Jordan some privacy.)

Back to Angela and Jordan:

Jordan: Sorry.

Angela: (Folds her arms) For what?

Jordan: (Shurgs) For acting like that...

Angela: (Nods) She's just worried about me.

Jordan: That makes sense.

Angela: She's the only person I told besides Rickie...(pauses)...I couldn't face you today...I just felt so ashamed of myself...

Jordan: (Softly) Why, it wasn't you're fault...

Angela: (Looks away) Yes it was, I shouldn't have been drinking, I was asking for something like this to happen...

Jordan: (Frowns) I could kill Joey for this...

Angela: (Scowls) Do you think that makes it right? It won't change what happened.

Jordan: I know...

Angela: (Finally looks at him, her eyes hard) The reason I started drinking was because I saw you with Cynthia Hargroove.

Jordan: (Shocked) Nothin goin on between me and her, nothing happened.

Angela: (Sarcastic) Yeah right...that's why you spent half the night talking to her huh...

Jordan: (Takes a deep breath) She has a boyfriend, Angela. The only reason I was with her was because she wanted me to fix things between her and him, you know...telling me what to say to him, and stuff like that.

Angela: (Still unconvinced) least she was nice enough to take me to the hospital.

Jordan: If I had know you were going to be there, I would have ditched her.

Angela: (Looks at him, then at the ground) Really?

Jordan: Yes, really.

Angela: (Her lips are trembling, and her eyes teary) I feel so stupid now...

Jordan takes her in his arms, and hugs her as she begins to cry on his shoulder.

Jordan: Why didn't you just tell me?

Angela: (Sobs) I was scared...scared of what you would think of me...that you would find me repulsive.

Jordan: The only person that makes me sick is Joey...he's gonna pay for this.

Sharon peeks from behind the SUV, smiling at the sight before her.

Fade out to Jordan and Angela holding each other...

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