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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 14: Shane steps in

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Chapter 14: Shane steps in

written by A

added on: 18 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

"STOP! Get OFF!"
"Hey!" Shane moves quickly into the alley. "Man! What
the hell are you doing?!" In one movement he pulls
Joey off of Angela and catches her before she slumps
to the ground. He steadies her and then moves to
punch Joey. He knocks him to the ground but Joey
"It's not --"
"Joey - God damn you!" Shane continues to fight him.
Angela, though still very drunk, and clearly distraught,
tries to compse herself and reposition her clothing.
A bouncer emerges from the club, "Hey ! Break it up!"
He slams Shane against the wall, knocking him to the
ground, and grabs Joey, twisting his arm behind his
backing and pressing him aginst the wall. He radios
inside the club and momentarily two more men enter
the alley. Angela is having a hard time staying on her
feet and nearly collapses. The guy holding Joey asks,
"You here with either of these guys?" Angela shakes
her head, but can do little more. "Who are you here
with?" Talking to the other bouncers, "She's drunk."
Back to her, "You know anyone here? What's your
Looking around as if coming out of a daze, "Angela."
"Her friends are inside" Shane offers. "A guy and a girl,
blonde, with a piercing. They were by the second bar."
One of the bouncers returns inside to search for this
description. The club door reopens and Cynthia and a
guy emerge. Cynthia surveys Angela and rushes to her.
"You know her? Get her out of here." Cynthia supports
Angela and walks her to the street and to the guy's car.
Once alone, Angela half whipsers, half cries, "Take me
home", but Cynthia answers, "we're taking you to the

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