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Chapter 15: Shaken!!

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Chapter 15: Shaken!!

written by Mileena

added on: 29 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Monday -

Angela is laying on her bed, crying. Her parents didn't find out what happened, being that they had been on a date the previous night, and Danielle had spent the night at a friends house. The doctor called her house but no one was home, so instead she called Sharon. Turns out she was lucky, her tests all came out negative, the only thing wrong was she was emotionally scared from what happened. Sharon had promised not to say anything, she didn't want anyone to know, and the only other person she was going to tell was Rickie...

The alarm clock goes off, with the sound of radio music filling the silence. The song "Some Say" by SUM 41 has just started and Angela listens to the words, they make her feel even more sad.

She gets up and starts getting ready, listening to the song as she does so. She really didn't want to go to school, affaid of running into Joey or Shane, and especially Jordan, but staying home would only make things worse.

A Few Minutes Later -

Once she was ready, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was greatful Cynitha took her to the hospital but that's where their brief aquitence ended, she could only hope the girl didn't say anything about this. Somehow, she didn't think she would.

With one last glance in the mirror, she gets her bag, and goes outside to wait for Sharon who is giving her a ride to school.

At School -

Angela and Sharon slowly walk down the halls. Angela's eyes are glued to the floor, feeling self-consious suddenly.

Sharon: (Gives Angela a sympathetic smile) It's alright Angela...(She puts her around around her friend as they head for her locker.)

Else where at School -

Shane is walking down the halls, looking for Joey, walks by Jordan, who is leaning against a wall, putting eyedrops into his eyes. He pauses, then begins walking again, unsure of what to tell Jordan. Once Jordan could see again, he noticed Shane.

Jordan: Shane!

Shane hears him, but continues walking, but at a faster pace until he disapears around the corner. Jordan frowns in confusion, wondering why Shane ingored him.

At Angela's Locker -

Angela is leaning against it with her arms folded, staring the ceiling. She already told Sharon what happened, so they just stand there, waiting for the bell to ring.

Angela (VO): I can't believe what happened...that I was Joey, Jordan's so called friend and band member. It makes me feel so...violated. (She blinks back tears.)

Sharon: (Notices her expression) Oh Chase Face, you have tears in you're eyes.

Angela: (Nods faintly) I've cried enough, I can't continue to cry, it won't change what happened.

Sharon: (Sighs) I know. (She gives Angela a hug.)

Angela hugs her tightly, crying against her will. She opens her eyes a moment later, and sees Joey walking towards them. She gasps, and quickly lets go of Sharon, walking as fast as she can in the opposite direction.

Sharon see's Joey, and glares at him before going after Angela. Joey raises an eyebrow at the exchange, wondering what that was all about, being that he didn't remember what happened the night before, and that he was completely wasted.

In The Girls Bathroom -

Angelas runs in, falling to her knees, and breaks down in tears. Sharon enters a second later, looking around the room, glad it was empty, and carefully joins Angela on the floor, hugging her from behind.

Just then Rickie walks in, surprised then concerned.

Rickie: (Slowly approaches the pair, touching Angela's shoulder) Angela...

Angela continues to cry, shaking now.

Rickie: Oh god, what happened? (He looks at Sharon)

Sharon shakes head, it's not her place to tell.

Angela slowly gets up, and hugs Rickie. He holds her tightly, letting her cry, waiting until she is ready to talk. After a few minutes, the bell rings, but they make no move to leave.

Sharon gets a tissue out of her purse and hands it to Angela. Angela takes it and wipes her eyes, glancing at Rickie, then back at the ground.

Angela: (Hesitantly) Remember the club last night.

Rickie: (Nods) Yeah...

Angela: (Sniffs) After you left...I...(She blinks, trembling)I got drunk...and...

Rickie: (Shushes her) It's ok, I'm listening.

Angela: (Hugs him tightly, her voice a near whisper) I...I was raped...

Rickie: (Eyes widden) What!! By who!!

Angela: (Swollows hard) By Joey, Jordan's friend...I said no...kept saying stop...and he...(Beings crying again)...he wouldn't stop...

Rickie: (Shakes his head, hugging her tightly) I can't believe this, oh Angela...

Later That Day -

Angela is leaning against her locker, with Rickie standing in front of her and Sharon beside her...She is still shaken, but is trying to listen to them.

Rickie: You have to press charges Angela, what he did wasn't right.

Sharon: Yes, you can't let him get away with this.

Angela glances at them, then at the floor.

Rickie closes his eyes, angry with what happened.

Rickie: I shouldn't have left, then this wouldn't have happened.

Angela: (Softly) It's not you're fault, I shouldn't have been drinking.

Sharon: It's not you're fault either Angela, he's the one who should be sorry.

Jordan: Who should be sorry?

Angela quickly looks at him, surprised at his sudden approach. Without saying anything, she quickly leaves. Sharon follows her, leaving a confused Jordan behind.

Rickie begins to follow, but Jordan blocks his path, his expression serious.

Jordan: What's going on?

Rickie: (Looks away) I don't know if I should tell you...

Jordan: Tell me what?

Rickie: (Sighs) Something happened to Angela...

Jordan: (Concerned) What? Tell me.

Rickie: (In a soft voice) She was raped...

Jordan stares at Rickie with disbelief, speechless.

Fade out to SUM 41's "Some Say"

Some say we're better off without
Knowing what life is all about
I'm sure they'll never realize the way
It's too late

Somehow it's different everyday
In some ways it never fades away
Seems like it's never gonna change
I must be dreaming

Think before you make up your mind
You don't seem to realize
I can do this on my own

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