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Chapter 16: Don't You Remember!!

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Chapter 16: Don't You Remember!!

written by Mileena

added on: 30 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

In The Liberty Hallways -

Shane spots Joey at his locker, leaning against it, reading a music magazine. He quickly approaches him, yanking the magazine out of his hands, glaring at him. Joey meets his glare with one of his own.

Joey: What'd you do that for...give me that. (Reaches for the magazine, but Shane throws it away.)

Shane: Stop playing dumb you have any idea how much you messed up this weekend.

Joey: (Frowns in confusion) Man, what the hell are you talking about.

Shane: (Gets into his face) You serious don't except me to think you don't know...I saw what you did to Angela you prick.

Joey: (Arches and eyebrow) What? I didn't do anything...she's Catalano's girl.

Shane: (Shakes his head, pissed) You raped her Joey. I saw it!!

Joey: (Looks away, thinking) Look, I was really wasted at the Club, I don't remember anything I did.

Shane is about to respond, when Jordan suddenly appears, his expression furious. Shane looks at Jordan and steps aside, folding his arms.

Jordan steps up to Joey, staring him down.

Jordan: You son of a Bitch!! I can't believe what you did to her!!

Joey: (Annoyed) I don't remember what I did...ok...get off my case!!

Jordan: (Glares at him) I don't care if you don't remember what you did, you hurt her!!

Joey: (Glares back) Like you didn't...sleeping with that Graff chick.

Jordan pushes him hard against the lockers, looking about ready to hit him, but Shane pulls him back, trying to get him to walk away with him.

Shane: Jordan chill, we'll deal with him later.

Jordan shurgs Shane off, begining to leave with Shane, but pauses, giving Joey one last angry look.

Jordan: This isn't over Joey...I promise you that!!

With that, Jordan and Shane leave...Joey watches them go, his expression somewhat ashamed as he looks away.

Fade Out

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