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  • When MSCL went off the air everyone on this guestbook including myself all realized that the tv people suck,i mean how can u not notice a hit show after watching that like once.Angela is my favorite character and second is Rayanne,i like Rayanne's personality and her freedom but i also like Angela's life.If they take this show off the air again someones going to have to take some action!MSCL RULES!hey if anyone wants to email me at i would love to chat with a fellow fanatic!!!JORDAN CATALANO IS SO DREAMY!!
  • P.s. Channel 4's website can be found at:

    there's is a place their where you can air your views.
  • The first time I saw the show was when they repeated it during the summer holidays of 1997 when I was 14.It was, and still is, the best tv show I have ever seen. I could really relate to Angela and was shocked when I found out that there would never be a 2nd series. Recently, I dropped off a line at Channel 4's website asking them to repeat the 1st series again.A lot of people have pleaded with them to do so, but they continue to ignore us so PLEASE, I implore you, if you are a British MSCL fan, log on to channel 4's website and leave them a message to support us!
  • I couldn't be happier that we have been given a chance to see MSCL again. Even if it is censored. I have been a fan since that first episode and continue to believe that ABC made a HUGE mistake in not giving the show a chance to catch on. Don't they know that many of the big shows we watch (90210, Party of Five) had poor ratings when they first started and were given a chance to show what they could really do?
  • I just caught the re-runs of My So-Called Life on trouble and it brought back a lot of memories. Thanks a lot for an excellent web site which has helped me sooth the pain of the fact that there will never be an episode twenty. Ho-hum i guess, take care all you mscl fans, but don't just live vicariously through Angela Chase, there's a whole world out there. I guess i just have to keep telling myself that huh? Courage is not the absence of fear but the will to face it
  • This page is The Best!!!More Pics of Jared!!MSCL Rules!!!
  • Ever since I watched the 'Life Of Brian' episode I have been searching for the song 'Try' that plays at the end of the show. Thanks to your incredibly insightful website, I finally know who sings the song. Thank you so much. Your sight is so jam packed with useful information and interesting facts that I am certain that this is the best MSCL site on the net. Anything that anyone could possibly want to find out about the show can be found at
    Thank-you for doing your homework. I will be visiting regularly.
  • MSCL was the best show thats EVER been aired, I could not believe that they canceled it. Thank god that the Family channel is airing it now. I related to the show so much- I AM ANGELA! =)
    This site is by FAR the best I've found so please keep updating, I'm sure I'll be back often.
  • I think this site is absolutley great! It's wonderful tribute to one of the best shows ever on. I completley relate to MSCL. I have the first two sets of videos and watch them all the time. It's one of the few shows that have held true to my life.
  • Lst time I visited this website I made contact with someone esle from Englnad who had left a message and now we're penpals and it's great !! This site is as cool as ever !!!!
    I am very excited to say that MSCL is coming back onto english television, but only if you have Sky where it is on the Trouble channel, starting this saturday (4th March). I have bought a million videos to record evey single one and it will be the first time I've seen the first episode in about 6 years !!!! All other commitments have been cancelled until May 6th !!!!! Keep up the excellent work on this site !! Lots of MSCL best wishes to all the fansworld wide !
    Sarah Hall :-)
  • Thanks for creating a website for perhaps one of the best television shows that was ever conceived. I was 15 years old when "My So-Called Life" premiered on a hot August Thursday evening in 1994, and my life was changed forever. It was hauntingly similar to my life at the time. The fascinating characters of Angela Chase, Rayanne Graff, Jordan Catalano, Rickie Vasquez, Brian Krakow, Sharon Cherski were like people who I had in my life at the time. Even Patty and Graham Chase were the same as my parents, and they still are. Considering mine went to the same high school as well, but didn't know each other then. Unlike Angela, I was the younger sister. My older sister was the Danielle and I was definitely the Angela. All and all, the show captivated me and still does five years later as I re-watch the show from time to time. I would just like to say what amazing bunch of people the "My So-Called Life" fans are. You guys rock! I would like to give props to the amazing cast of MSCL: Claire Danes, A.J. Langer, J
    ared Leto, Wilson Cruz, Devon Gummersall, Devon Odessa, Lisa Wilhoit, Senta Moses (aka Delia Fisher), Bess Armstrong, and Tom Irwin. You guys will live on as these characters in our hearts forever! To Winnie Holzman that genius that you are, thank you for bringing this show to us and changing some of our lives forever. To wherever TiNO is, rock on! We had a time and we will continue to for a long time to come!
  • Wow!!
    This is so cool. Anyone who wants to talk on and on about mscl, please e-mail me. Thanks, and a big thanks to all those involved in this site.
  • Hiya! This website is so cool- of course it is- it is about my favorite TV Show EVER!!! Anybody who wants to talk with an obsessive fan, feel free to mail me!
  • the first time i ever saw an episode of mscl, i was way beyond the big one-five. i was in college but that first scene, that first prodding of "go, now, go!" had me hooked on that television screen. never before had i seen a teen program that had too much introspection. i love angela chase, and everybody there i can identify with. "my problem is that i think too much." and it is good to think, even if everybody else is dead set on doing otherwise. and congratulations for this site: so much attention to detail, the analysis, everything. and the author of angela's world was correct: it's all there in the first four minutes. however, no matter how much i would like to know about what happens next, i wouldn't want to mar the mscl narrative arch (like the xfiles). it's good to be ambivalent. and not knowing where to go. for if we are to resolve everything right here now, the magic would go away. and mscl is too precious for that. i'd like to have a talk with winnie holzman, she created this whole world,
    this universe that beats the fantasy of a straight built fantasy like star wars or smthg. and i only wish i can see all the episodes all over again.
  • "My so called life" was such a wonderful TV-series, I watched when I was 14. At that time I wanted nothing more than to have a life like Angela did - never could though.
    Anyway...this is a really awesome site - wow... :-)
  • MSCL came on when i was 14, ever since then, i have been a devotee to the show and claire danes, much appreiciation to MTV for showing it in it's ENTIRITY, thumbs down to fox fam for cutting out crucial moments and moments of sensitive reflections.
    i have but one request of this site: put something on about Tino! he was the most interesting of all the characters, he was soo busy doing something else that he never had time to appear on the show.
  • I first saw MSCL five years ago in a hotel next to Times Square,Manhattan.It was my first trip to the states and I was very excited about it,luckily the hotel had MTV,and so it was that after a whole afternoon walking up and down broadway and fifth avenue,I turned on the TV only to see the last five minutes of the grateful dead episode.I mean I only saw 5 minutes of it and still it got me hooked!!!!
    The next day(much to the incomprehension of my fellow travel companions)I decided to stay indoors in order to watch the next episode rather than taking a stroll to Washington Square...I never regretted it!
    That was the last I saw and heard of MSCL,for the next day we were of to Washington D.C.,and there the damned hotel didn't even have a lousy tv-set!Nevertheless the image of a red-haired angel followed me in my dreams...!Three months ago MSCL finally got aired over here (in my country we're like five years behind on everything...!).Now I have all episodes on tape,and everytime I watch it my infatuation for Angela Chase grows and grows.Either Claire Danes REALLY is like Angela or she's probably the best (or rather the most naive and genuine) female actress in the world.Either way the fictional character of Angela has,in a way,given me much I didn't find in real life and I'll be eternally thankful for that!
  • my so-called gave me a chance to really think, and changed my belief that all tv teen shows are trivial and glib. the honesty that reeks from every episode is truly remarkable and im so glad that someone was able to capture it and display it in such a heartwarming way.
  • The fist time I watched My S-Called Life, I didn’t think it had something special, I thought it was just an ordinary program about a teenager. Maybe because I was 12, or because I didn’t pay any attention. Probably because I just saw ten minutes.
    But then I got older and when I was 14, living that stuff, like Angela, the show really touched me. I started watching it every week, every Monday. I began to enjoy Mondays. I felt like I wasn’t the only one feeling those things, like I wasn’t alone. The passion, the angst, the pain, the fears, the insecurity, everything. For the fist time I saw a show that was realistic, honest, showed the real world, with all the contradictions, the many aspects of life, “a deep depiction of adolescence”, not some popular, big breasted, long blond-haired, stereotyped, perfect group.
    The show was like a mirror, not an escapism, with mediocre situations and equally mediocre happy endings. I really could relate to Angela or o the others members. We were all growing up, facing new challenges, new friends, new world. And now, I’m leaving High School, it’s strange because when I was in my first year, Angela was there, but now, she is dead. It really feels like “when someone dies young, it’s like they stay that way forever, like a vampire”. I can’t help thinking what would she be. Would she go to college? What about Jordan, Rayanne, Sharron, Brian? Would Tino ever show up? And patty and Graham, would they be together? I have all these unanswered questions that will be forever like that. But then I realized that they should be like that. “Seems like some people have to die young. Like it fits to them or something”. I’m a big fan and I would love to see MSCL for many years, but I prefer to see MSCL dead, but in this perfect original way to see it more commercialized and loosing quality, more fa
    ke just to stay on the air, like happened to other series.
  • I still can't believe the show is gone. It lives forever in my heart. No one...I mean NO ONE is a bigger fan than I am. I have every episode on tape from the first time it aired on August 25th. When the show left the air after 19 little episodes.....I stopped watching television all together. I still quote the lines from MSCL in rememberance of the beauty it brought. Once and Again doesn't even compare to the beauty MY SO-CALLED LIFE has brought to television. I'm tired and I'm rambling....but I LOVED THAT SHOW!!!!!! I just don't understand why ALL the episodes aren't on VIDEO...and now they say there's a new DVD version coming out!!! It's just a shame they can't put all 19 episodes out.
    "You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you!"
  • Hello! Actually I don`t have a clue what I`m going to write here but...
    I think MSCL was the best tv show that I have ever seen otherwise I wouldn`t probaply be writing these comments.It touched my heart, all the problems she was living felt so close.I think Angela was a really brave girl who did what she wanted to do though she was extremely sensitive and vulnerable.She was a nice person, a person I would like to have as a friend.
    The show wasn`t obviously made to make money, it was beyound that.It wanted to say that we all make mistakes, learn from them and move on, that is what I want to say to all people.Life was created to be lived!Love, Pia
  • Love the site it's a perfect tribute to an excellent show, I'm probably the only one to say it but i'm glad it ended when it did, it never had chance to disappoint.
  • it has been 5 years since mscl was last aired yet this website has continued supporting the of mscl like me really appreciate all the hardwork. kudos to the webmaster!
  • I'm not sure if you have seen MSCL on the Fox Family Channel but if you haven't and you watched the show on MTV like I did, you would be shocked. Last week, those jerks showed the first episode chopped to pieces. They had cut out quite a few parts and I wouldn't be suprised if they have done that with all the episodes. I am completely incensed about the whole thing and have expressed my disapproval. Those people also don't show any ending theme music (which they never do anyway but MSCL is sacred). MTV even showed the ending music.
    It is one thing for Fox Family to not show the ending music but it is quite another for them to cut the show!!! It is an insult and a travesty to every person who ever has or ever will watch the show. MSCL should be shown in its proper format and if those bastards at Fox Family can't do that, they should pass it on to a network that will. I feel that other fans of MSCL should be aware of this grevious wrong so it can be corrected. Ciao.
  • Yikes! Sorry about the crap spelling there (I been up all night).
  • Hiya fellow MSCL fans,

    First, I must say that this site it ABLOLUTELY AMAZING. Thanks so much to all involved. I miss this show...

    Second, I've just posted some full-sized slideshow-style image sequences from episode 1 (Claire & AJ) in the newsgroup I'll probably post more there later this week. Hope you like them!

    Cap'n Fool
  • MSCL was one of my favourite shows when it was on. I saw most of the 19 episodes one summer here. I enjoyed it a lot and just wish Channel 4 would repeat it. But no, we have to put up with Dawson's Bloody Creak. Why don't they just fill in the creak with all the 'actors' (term used VERy loosely) and be done with it?
  • I MISS MSCL SOOOOOO MUCH!! I wish they would have at least made a final episode to tie up all the loose ends.
  • This was the one show that I would wait to watch all week long adfn nothing could stop me from watching. I think any teenager can relate to everything on it. The characters are so real. Angela's thoughts during every show make you think. They make ou feel not so "weird" because you know other people think that way too. From the time the show started to the time it ended I had a smile from ear to ear. It is a shame they took it off the air. It was all I had at the time.
  • M.S.C.L. was the best show ever!! they should've never taken it off!!! If any one says any different I'll kick their butts!!
  • MSCL will always be a part of me. This time they really left us wanting more. This site ensures the memories remain and marks my own memories of high school. Thank you!
  • Hello fellow mscl fans!! It's great to see that you all still love the show, I don't feel so alone then! I have got every episode on tape and no matter how many times I watch them, i still think that it's the best tv show in the history of the world ever.My faveourite episodes are the pilot, the fashion show, and the last ever episode cuz I just cry buckets!!! Anybody want to email a sad obsessive fan, then feel free!!!
  • wow!!anyone at all interested in mscl, PLEASE e-mail me!this is so cool.bye.
  • Hello.

    I'm looking for MSCL episodes on video.
    I will compensate generously.

  • OH my god!! i love this show so much! i can relate sooo well to angela, and her relationships with all her friends, alot of the quotes she states are so so meaningful, and meaty. They really make you think and realize things. i was so mad when they took it off the air, now I have all those sets of videos and i know all the words to them. This show is great, and i go to the website VERY often, i love the makeover!! it's great!!
  • well i would just like to say that we are in love with Jared Leto, so we havn't really checked out your homepage. so i can't really comment on it. but from what we have seen, it looks great. we would actually like to know whether Jared did or did not release an album, because he was apparently supposed to! so if you could tell us by writing it in somewhere, that'll be sound!!
    i c u l8
    vix and loz
    ps. love, peace and hairgrease !!
    check it !!
  • It's good to know that I am not suffering alone in the loss of MSCL. It depresess me to think of how much I miss the show. Even the two box sets, soundtrack, and books aren't enough to satisfy my cravings. I am so impressed with this website. I now have a new favorite. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into sharing your collection with the world.
  • hi all mscl lovers. i to miss the show so much and have had countless "20th episode" dreams. i've only seen the entire season once and that was in 1995 but i still have those memories and this website has made them so much stronger. i hope to someday have the videos and pray that they will be realised is south africa. as none of my friends have really watched the show i would really love it if someone would please e-mail me with all of your mscl thoughts and so on. i promise to return them. there are few miracles in this world and mscl is one of them. and to describe a tragide is the fact there are no longer any new episodes. but there is a silver lining and that is that all of you have managed to keep it alive. thank you for making me happy and for never forgetting angela chase.
  • I am so hooked on that show now i love it i taped this marathon over the weekend of all the episodes and i keep watching them over and over again i love that darn show so much i just wish it had a real ending..
  • After watching a MSCL marathon over the christmas weekend, i found that i am now totally obsessed!!! i wish they had continued it, so we could see what happened next!!!
  • Just like to say people behind this site is doing a great job and thanks for sharing this wonderful
    series with us all. I only learnt about mscl last month but I'm really enjoying the video clips and
    the transcripts!

    THANKS! :)
  • wowzers, i really love the new look to this site. it's good stuff. if anyone knows when the next box set is supposed to be released, pleased tell me. thanks....
    my so called life is the best!!!!!
  • i would informe everybody that there are 2 good forum about mscl and jared leto on
  • Whenever I felt lonely or I was sad, there was only one way out of my misery: Watching " My so-called life" gave me power and I always felt better.
    MSCL helped me to go through the hard times; I cannot explain it, I just love it and I always will! It is the best show ever made for teenagers. THANK YOU! :-)
  • This is a rather cool web page actually when I was younger I loved my so called life it was so fantastic and it came on channel 4 that's a british terrestrial tv station and I taped them all I was such a geek but I just loved it and I always thought if Brian lost the perm he'd be quite cute.
    Thanks for this fab web page you must have a lot of spare time sacsha
  • Well, I've been beaten to it by some way, but it has to be said again. The new look is amazing. I can quite honestly say that this is the nicest looking web site I've been to. Not only does it look outstanding though, but it has an amazing amount of information, in a really easy to access fashion. My highest commendations to the MSCL.COM team. All the best, and please keep the MSCL hope alive for ever.
  • OMG!! I love the new lay out!! This page is soooo awesome i am soooo impressed! Thanks for putting my poems up too!! You rule!! So does this site, its like undescribable!!! teheh excellent job I LOVE MSCL4e!
  • I need to get in contact with Buzz magazine concerning an article they ran about Claire Danes about two years ago. I think it is based out of Australia, and is a kind of pop culture magazine. I know folks from all over the globe check out this site so if any of you could email me directly with a mailing address OR a fax number, or email address, for the magazine, I would really appreciate it. Specifically, I need to contact their permissions department.


    Jennifer Ambrose
  • Sasha Darling,

    You've wowed me AGAIN! Every time I think you can't do things any better you always do. I've been having "a time" and then some, getting gloriously drunk on MSCL on your site, downloading and saving and giggling and wheeeee! It's wonderful!

  • This is one of the most thorough, most creative websites I have been to. And I love My So Called Life, too, so it's extra good. I'm so glad other people like this show, too. It was a great show...
  • There has been some time that I don't visit mscl page. I am really touched by it every time I visit it. That's really the series of my life and many people's life. I have no idea how it could end up while many kinds of "trashes" is being aired constantly!!! We should struggle for the quality of our tv programs!!!!!!! Take a bow mscl!!!!!!!!
  • ALL RIGHT EVERYBODY!! THREE (?!) THUMBS UP FOR THE BRANDNEW MSCL-PAGE!! Gee whiz, you guys really did it again. Like really. 6 out of 5 stars and a special place in my www-heart.
  • wow! A MSCL page.Tops, really really tops. It's good to see so many people with as unhealthy an obsession with this show as i.If anyone would like to e-mail me with favourite scenes/quotes, please do.It was/is so good to have a show which didn't patronise or speak down, and with such real and true characters and storylines.A very special programme, and an incredible piss-off that NO ONE would fund a second series.
  • SASCHA!!! Yep, it's "code-reader" me. Great work on the site! I still haven't checked if you still have hidden messages in your coding, though. :-)

    Anyway, I'd just like to say THANK YOU for all the work you've and all the people involved with has done on the site. Thanks for keeping 'My So-Called Life' alive!
  • Welcome to the all new MSCL.COM !
    Some things probably won't work, please bear with us, everything is a work in progress.
    Feel free to tell us your comments about the new layout(s) to or post
    to the so-called forum ( !

    Thanks and keep My So-Called Life alive !
  • Hi! Kick ass site, I totally love it! I'm still obsesssing over MSCL although its been off the air for a while now..its so real and honest, my fave show ever. :) Anyways, keep the page up, I love everything about it; the stories, the poetry..everything! *hugs* MSCL rocks!
  • I was ultimately in a state of awe when they took such an amazing and well written show like MSCL and took it off the air. Each eposide moved me in some way on a much deeper level than I ever knew imagined. The show was so easy to relate to because u've ben there.Compared to all the shit that's on tv it was one of the best shows out there.
  • Oh my God, this is so great. This site gives me this feeling of joy...Only endless! Like Infininity. Where so much is going on at every second that there's no possibility for uh..for your mind to wander and you become this prisoner of like, happiness.he only sad thing is that I'd love to have e-mail buddies who are like, obsessed with this show. 'Cause I am and... oh my God, I feel so crazy. I've wanted to write fan fic for this site but I feel like I'm raping the show, ya know?Happy Birthday btw this site kicks some serious ass!
  • This site is fantastic. It is well designed, and has all the best fan-fiction available. Very impressive!!
  • before i get going id just like to say what a good job sascha and all the authors of the scripts and poems have done in keeping mscl alive in the hearts of its fans around the world.i seem to remember reading somewhere that mscl had increased its fan base by, like 115% since it was taken off air by abc. (im not quite sure if this true, of course i hope it is)at this point id like to ask a the actors feel the same way about mscl as the people reading this?the obvious answer to this is no, but i refuse to belive that, for example claire danes could find the bare emotion that was required to play angela without getting 'the feeling'.i think that most of u should know what 'the feeling' is. it is probably a different experience for each person but i can say that i get it when i watch an episode or when i read a script on this page, id even go so far as to say that without that feeling u cant be a true fan. (sorry but thats how i feel, u can, like hate me if u want)unfortunately mscl has aired for what could quite possibly the last time over here so i, like many people will have to rely on the continuation of this site and the people that contribute to it.thanks for listening to this if u did, if not sorry for taking up bandwidth.
  • Allright!! Happy birthday to the MSCL fanfic site. It's pretty cool august 1st is also *my* birthday (only I turned 24 this year). Thanks over and over to Sacha for creating this site full of Life and another thank you all the authors and everyone that gae me some feedback on the Parazone and 104.1 stories. Keep reading and keep writing!!
  • Haaaaaaaappy Birthday! I've enjoyed this site through most of it's incarnations and it just keeps getting better :D It's one of my favorite websites and I'm thrilled and honored to have some of my work included here. :} Also thank you very much Sacha, for joining The Word Weaver's Webring. Long live the so-called fan fiction site...and through it, long live My So-Called Life!
  • Right b4 mscl aired i by some weird twist of cosmic fate had dyed my hair red, and when every1 saw the show they thought I wanted to be Angela. At first it was kinda embarrassing, but then i watched the show and i fell in love with it. I was proud that Ias the first to dye my hair red, of course after the 20-30 girls in my school decided to follow suit sporting CRIMSON GLOWlocks and wandering about gazing into space in vague efforts 2b angela I was back to my natural brown hair. This show helped me quity hair dying obssession and taught me about myself. I just have 2 say that I love mscl, it has touched my heart and changed my life and I will never be the same again. I wanted to be Angela to go out with Jordan and to have a best friend like Rayanne, bacthen I was 15 and I related to the issues most tv progs steer clear from. I just want to thank the people who made this website possible, the mscl creators would b more than proud.
  • Na, dann auch hier nochmalHappy Birthday!!!Um ehrlich zu sein bin ich zwar zu faul um mich durch meterlange Englischtexte zu kämpfen, ich finde aber schon die Tatsache erstaunlich, daß es so viele Leute gibt die an Fortsetzungen zu MSCL arbeiten. Daran sieht man, daß MSCL etwas ganz Besonderes warund ist...Ach ja: Absolut geniale Seite!! :)Bis denn, Alex
  • After catching the first episode of MSCL, I HAD to see the rest... I could not believe it when I found out the show had been axed, so I was praying there would be a site like this out here, and its brilliant... thanks
  • Thank you for posting the news that BMG is releasing MSCL on video!! My copies from MTV are of poor quality, and have gotten even poorer from being viewed 24-7. And Happy Birthday!!
  • Hi there!Happy Birthday and all that!!!!!!!!!!Wow, I tell you, this site has grown since it went online a year ago!! Keep up the great work, Sascha, all the best and everything! :-) :-)Cheers,Jan.
  • gunnar wagner - 08/02/98 22:16:16My URL: Email:spacelab@gmx.deCountry: Germany - Deutschland über alles :)Comments:Diese Site ist doch immer wieder echt geil für so einen mscl fan wie mich :)Das Layout der Site ist imho schon echt Domain-würdig !!Ich hoffe die Schreiber werden auch weiterhin noch viele Storys schreiben.MSCL will never DIE !cia, gunnar
  • Well, what can you say about My So-Called Life? Except is totally kicked ass!!! Jordan forget Angela-- I come with much less baggage. Oh, poor Brian... Rayanne is probably the most interesting person on all of television. Why couldn't I go to school withhese people? Don't you hate Patti Chase though? I wish she would just shut up for two seconds and stop meddling in her daughter's life-- and other kid's lives too. Leave Rayanne alone. This is an awesome website which really does the show justice. I lovedX-Files/MSCL hybrid story. My two favorite shows all in one.E-mail me any time-- I love to hear from fans of MSCL and The X-Files.
  • Hello!I loved My socalled Life!! Unfortunately the swedish channel didn´t show all the episodes. All I know is that Jordan & Angela broke up (after they went to that house to have sex) and that´s it. When me and my friends (plus lots of other swedish people, Ican imagine...) called to complain the answer was that the channel thought this was a better way to end the show. The remaining episodes where a bit strange (??). It´s sad but true...Any way I´m glad I found this page!!!Bye!
  • my so-called life was the best show on this earth it still is and abc was so stupid to ever cancle it let the show live on through the veiwers like us long live mscl!!!!!!!
  • i would just like to say that MSCL is the best show rox!!! and thank u for the cool page..i hope u keep us updated with marathons!!!!
  • I just want to say that the show rules! I was just watching part of that huge marathon.
  • I was invited to come read you poetry and I just love it! I agree with you on your favorite one, because I really like it too. Thanks for the invite. See you again sometime, and keep up the great poetry! Rock63
  • Well I feel a little bad:because after reading the other people's comments, I kinda feel inadequately obsessed...not @ all obsessed really...I haven't dyed my hair red, and I confess 2 not knowing any "Jordans", but I will say this...I like(sorry, I don't love it, and haven't committed suicide after it stopped showing)MSCL b'cuz it's the 1st show I've seen that didn't make life in2 a fairy tale filled with glossy, plastic,happy people...Life's not easy @ the best of times, and MSCL was 1 of the 1st programmes 2 dare admit it...even if it did damage the US's sparkling reputation. I admitted that people r human and I think that that is all any1 can ever ask...And 2 those people who moan that it didn't have an ending that was final where everything worked out...since when did that happen in life???And without the abrupt, and sumwhat frustr8ing ending there would b no place 4 tallented writers 2 showcase...
  • Rodrigo Alves de Lima Vieira - 07/15/98 16:33:15My URL: Email:rovieira38@hotmail.comCountry: São Paulo - BrazilComments:Hi Friends. My So-Called is the best television series. Here in Brazil MSCL is in 11º episode. Visit my brasilian page of Claire Danes ----> "O Mundo de Claire Danes" (Claire's World). See Claire for me... Thanxs for all!
  • My so-called life rocks! This is also a great website and I love all of the stories on it. It really is a cool way to keep MSCL alive even though they cancelled it. I was also totally pumped to find out that BMG is releasing the episodes on tape. (Theones I copied off MTV are pretty lame and fuzzy.) Anyway, great site and keep up the great work!!!
  • My comments are as follows: Thanks for creating this wonderful site, Sascha, where people can share their thoughts and their fan fiction in a safe environment with lots of kindred spirits and people who feel the same way we do about MSCL. This was a greatidea, Sab. I hope you enjoy the two poems I just sent you.
  • I love My So-Called Life!! and the funny thing is i never watched it when it was on ABC, i started watching it when it was airing re-runs on MTV!! But i can really relate to the things that Angela went through........and Jared Leto is the hottest guy eve!!
  • r MSCL say I'm like Angela. We have friends who are like Rickie, Brian, Tino, Sharon, and, yes I have a Jordan Catalano of my own! I live for My So- Called Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I Love the poems and Stories. Its like a contiuation os the show which ended to early. thank you for making this site and feeding my MSCL obsession.
  • I agree with all of you who think My So Called Life waslike one of the best programs out.I wish it was still on for other people who missed it (shame).MY SO CALLED LIFE RULZ!!!!!!
  • My So-Called Life was a really interesting & intelligent show and it's great that a web site like this exists in it's memory and it's future possiblities to inspire people to write such good scripts as you display on your page. This site is really cool!Well, keep up the good work and come check out my page sometime.
  • This is by far the best MSCL page on the net!!!
  • leila - 06/23/98 17:45:59Country: UkComments:Hey guys! I'm so glad I have found some people like me who are obsessed with MSCL like me. I have been leaving MSCL messages all over the place so check em out. Try the Light Lunch and Nrrd Grrl sites.The Frozen Embreyos kicked ass. I wanna be sedated....
  • My So-Called life was a great show. It shows people that its ok to have flaws and its ok to make mistakes. Having flaws makes us real, and making mistakes make us perfect. A perfect person that has never made a mistake is impossible to exist because pefection needs to be learned, and we can learn from making mistakes.
  • I saw MSCL on MTV and thought it was a really great show, especially the Halloween and Christmas episodes, but I didn't see the last 4 episodes because of summer shows. Ahhh! Been reading the fan fiction, originally I wanted to read everyones Episode 20then 21, 22, etc. but reading Shobi's fiction I had to read it all the way through from 20 to 29 really great stuff. Thanks Sascha for bringing the fan fiction to all in one place.
  • This is a damn good website with damn good fan fics. Especially E.R. Holdridge. I can't wait for this Autumnwhen his new stories will be ready.
  • I am so glad I found this place it is so whoes ya daddin. I love this show a whole bunch of this stuff happens to me to. It comforts me to think that if its on this show then the writers had to get it from some where so maybe I'm not alone. :}
  • "i love MSCL !!!!! And i LOVE Claire Danes-you now what i'm going to tell this weird storyi learnt more from this programe than i learnt fromschool or my parents . got values and dignity. man i can deal with relationships now , i gotlove for my self and other people now .i'm some one now and its all to you guys - i loverealy I LOVE YOU GUYS --if there soul on tv that had the messages that you hadit would be the definition of LOVE -- TRULLYM.K -RED
  • Hi Sascha!I know you lurk on the list and you'd read my message, but I felt like signing the guestbook anyway! I think the site is awesome! And I know this is a little belated, but Congrats on the US magazine bit! How cool!!Ariel =)
  • i love my so-called life very much!!! esp. angela chase, 'cos i can find myself in her, but i don't have a boyfriend looks like jordan!!! anyway, the story is great!!! thanks for creating this homepage!!!
  • I love My So-Called Life. I can't believe that It was taken off the air. Now MTV only shows it at 10 in the morning instead of 7 pm. I don't really mind though even though I've seen EVERY episode I still watch them.
  • first of all my English isn't very good. This is a really cool webpage and the stories are very good. I'm trying to read all of them, but I'm in exams now. Someday I'll write a story.Maria
  • up the excellent work. THANKS for allowing M.S.C.L. to live on.
  • Dan - 06/04/98 14:18:17My URL: Email:dgf1@acpub.duke.eduCountry: USAComments:MSCL was a wonderful show, and I feel very indebted to Sascha for collecting all of this marvelous fan fiction, enabling us to easily delve back into the lives of those characters too soon taken from us.
  • I love the show MSCL it was not like the brady bunchor seventh heaven it was based on real life Angelaalways fighting with her mom, every teenage girlfights with her mom I fight with my mom. Its notthat kind of show with this perfect family itskinda like my life ALOT of obstacles.
  • Yeah this is cool. And so was that show that had to be taken off for some stupid reason. It totally related to my life and quite a few of my friends say I remind them of Angela...too bad noone reminds me of Jordan, cuz he is fineeee! Well, anywayz justwanted to say sumthin...if any of you MSCL obsessionists would like to chat sometime, drop me an e-mail...laters!

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“Ignore her. She got up on the wrong side of the coffin this morning.”

Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez, Episode 9: "Halloween"