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  • been over five years and still going strong...i don't know anyoen of u mscl fans but we share a very special bond...i don't know how i would exist without it...this website keeps me going...I LOVE MSCL!!! the words mean so much to me and my life is worth living. I have been touched and I hope all of you realise that u r all such beautiful people and whatever problems u have, u must cry, but then u must do your "freedom dance" ! much to everyone!!! X0x0x urnotalone)X0XX PS mscl ring, keep up the good wk!!
  • Hello! I'm from Spain too (as my friend Alan, down here). I'm a fan of MY SO-CALLED LIFE since I watched it for the first time on TV. I love the show and I have no more things to say cause all about the show have already been said.
    "escribidme un e-mail"
  • Hi people! What's up? I'm a boy from barcelona,spain and I want to say that My so-called Life is the best show ever seen on TV. I love it, and tough I watch it again and again, it always surprises me. Now, a few words in my language:
    Un saludo a todos los fans españoles de ES MI VIDA. Si teneis los capítulos grabados o os falta alguno.. CONTACTAD CONMIGO (a mi me faltan 4). Escribidme un e-mail.
  • I love MSCL! They never play it anymore and i need to see the last episodes, i'm so mad they arent releasing them! I watch the ones i have all the time. I love Claire Danes and Jared Leto too!
  • I'm looking for some fans of MSCL.

    Please write me.

  • MSCl was an amazing show and I am so sorry that it's gone... Claire Danes is an amazing actress and Jared Leto is great too. I totally Like miss this show to pieces...
  • Hi,
    I like my so called life very much. Here in Germany it isn't very popular, but it is shown every 2nd year.

    I also like the wonderful young actress Claire Danes. She is so beatiful and nice. I hope i'll meet her in future.

    I hope you all visit my Homepage. It is still under construction. cya all
  • Hey everyone,
    come check out Scolding Romeo(at the links below). We are the most romantic band in the universe. My so-called life really influenced us too. By hearing our free music online you can see for yourself. Check your local record store for our new CD. It's cheap and will put warmth back in your love life.
    okie dokie!
    Nick or
  • Hey everyone,
    come check out Scolding Romeo(at the links below). We are the most romantic band in the universe. My so-called life really influenced us too. By hearing our free music online you can see for yourself. Check your local record store for our new CD. It's cheap and will put warmth back in your love life.
    okie dokie!
  • I love the show it changed my whole world
  • if anyone is interested i have the first boxed set (which is now out of print) it was never even opened. it is a set of 3 tapes with 6 great episodes on it. i will ship it to you if u will pay for the shipping. i can sell the set for $60 dollars.(ibought it for 70$). if anyone is interested just email me. --rebeka
  • JESUS, WHAT CAN I SAY WHAT HASNT BEEN SAID BY ALL YOU OTHER GUYS. WHY DONT THEY PUT IT BACK ON IN ENGLAND. it annoys me so much how there is nothing on it over here. i cant even find a poster or a book, video, soundtrac anything!!!
    it was the most amaizing thing on t.v. Jared Leto and Claire Danes are wonderful! why dont they get married? if anyone has any infomation on MSCL could yoo please E-mail me
  • I just LOVE this web-page. I am so grateful to the persons who has made it. It´s great!
    MSCL is the best tv serie that i ever have seen. I can not belive that they canceld it. But i can see that i am not alone. A big hug to all of you who love MSCL as much as i do.
  • It's been a while since I surfed on over here last, and it is great to see that the show continues to make an impact, to connect with so many people in so many different places in such a powerful way. Few shows manage to transcend the limitations of television, and the warmth and enthusiasm shared by those who've fallen in love with MSCL is proof of just how special this show was and still is.

    My pleasure at finding this site to be thriving (and at learning of a DVD release) was bittersweet, tempered by news of the passing of Kent Greene. My heart goes out to those he left behind, both on and off-line.

    Much thanks and affection to those who have made it possible for the rest of us who fell in love with MSCL to communicate with one and other since the days of the original mailing list.

  • Great site. Great show. It's crazy to think a tv show could be so... important, but it was to me, and to a bunch of others too. Thank you so much to the writers. you did good.
  • I love it that you are all still here. The show really must have touched so many people in that slightly scary, somewhat wonderful way. Take its passion, its anger, its drive and its commitment to the potential of life and do something with it. There is so much energy in the fact that people relate to this series and want to make it real again. Live it. Be special. Always.
  • MSCL changed my life!
  • Hello, i love mscl and i love Claire Danes too.
  • i have to say what a brilliant show MSCL was, it should have been around a lot longer its in a league of its own!!
  • At the risk of sounding very sad, mscl has improved my lfie so much. I'm at a really low point in my life (15 and 5 months) and everything is going so wrong. getting lost into mscl is the most amazing thing. it really made me feel. i'm so happy that it exists. this web site is fantastic. i don't have all the episodes on tape unfortunately, but it's such a well written show and the actors and actresses are fantastic. I totally love all the mscl fans!!!
    mscl fans get in touch with me 'cos i'd love an e-friend,
    noone else understands me !!!
    luv u
  • My So-Called Life is the best show I've ever watched. I absolutely love it. I'm a little sad it only lasted 19 episodes and even more devestated that I don't have them all on tape. I'm just hoping my luck will come and a station will air them again. Each character is so distinct and the show doesn't shy away from reality, like most shows do now. It isn't overly dramatic but just enough to keep you watching. It displays the awkwardness of being a teenager and how things may not always work out the way you want them, they simply just work out.
  • Hey everybody!
    I just want to say that MSCL really touched my heart because Angela was very similar to me,and even my classmates called me Angela when the show was in TV.
    Thanx for this fantastic show! love Iva
  • Thanks to everyone that set up this website.
    I think it is amazing. MSCL has broken and mended my heart - I seriously feel that it has helped me through life. Watching repeats here in England has made being fifteen years old more bearable. The brilliant actors and actresses and the breaktaking scripts - I could quote forever.
    It's so great, this site and all the mscl fans, I LOVE YOU!!!!
    In my humble opinion, no show will ever beat mscl.
    hope you all continue episode twenty
  • I have recently had my heart pulled out, broken and put back after finally getting to see all the episodes of My So-Called Life. What a way to end it! Thanks for this wonderful website which has helped to fill the gap left after the final episode.
  • I would just like to say that I am a MSCL fan from way back. I knew from the first time it aired that it would be cancelled so I began taping the episodes from the first day. I still have all three of my original tapes and it's almost seven years later. It was great and still is. Fans of MSCL are truly special and unique people.

    MSCL forever!!!
  • Hi! I discovered a petition to get MSCL back on the air. I was so excited to see it. It is listed on the Forum page on this site. There is a link to the site of the petition. I really hope enough people sign in. That would be so awesome if MSCL were back on the air!!!
  • I just love My So-Called Life!
  • I love My So Called Life!!!
    I would like to meet someone who also loves MSCL as much as me, for snail if there is anyone there...please put me out my misery, and e-mail me if you are interested!

  • Whoa! A lot of Swedish ppl in here lately, that's because it's been airing here now. But it's over, it just...ends... There's a big hole in my life... But I have almost every episode on tape, except for the first one and the one where A och J get together. That suxx!!! It's like, the best episode!!! Anyway, I'm kinda obsessed with this show, but it's a good show to be obsessed about, don't you think? Peace and love to everyone!
  • hej!! synd att mskl (mscl) har slutat...jupiter e i stället,,fatta, kan det bli mer tråkigare???


    ps. I love mscl, here in sweden the program = over :-(
  • Well, what I guess I really wanted to say here is Thank You - all of you who made this fantastic (get the pun?) site the way it is. I loved everything about it: the transcrips, the links, the essays, videos, audio, everything. So, thanx a lot guys.
  • Wow what a brilliant webpage! Your graphics are excellent. I've been a fan of MSCL since it first aired in Britain on Channel4 in late 1994, when it used to be on the wed 6pm slot. I have every episode on tape apart from bad copies of 'The substitute' and 'Why Jordan can't read'. I love the show so much me and my friends all agree it is still the best show for a realistic aspect on teenage life. Even though the show is based on American teenage youth it has such an air of brilliance about it that it allows everybody to relate. My love of the show included me spending great amounts of money on phone bills phoning from England(this in 1995) to ABC in America and also Bedford Falls where I had a very lovely phone coversation with 'MARSHALL HERSKOVITZ' and shortly with'ED ZWICK'. I also phoned ABC(USA) around the time MSCL was cancelled only to be rudely told that 'NO' there was not going to be another series of MSCL. After this I still didn't lose heart and started phoning MTV in New York(I tell you my paren
    ts often wondered what a New York telephone number was doing on our phone bill seen as we had no relatives there and were living in England)Anyway asking them what was happening with MSCL. I also phoned Channel4 in the UK so many times about when they were going put on repeats of Mscl they actually started to know who I was and recognise me by voice. Well they did eventually repeat it on a 12:30pm slot in the summer of 1997, which allowed me to complete my recorded selection of MSCL and made me very happy. I've also written to Claire Danes and recieved many replys of postcards and once a letter, the most recent replys(mid 99) have included small notes written by her in the corner of the postcards just to either say 'thankyou' or to compliment me on something nice ive written which is nice on her part. My most recent antics for MSCL, have also been to watch the episodes on 'Trouble' and to collect information for a webpage im making for my self, ive also built a webpage dedicated to Jared Leto, who i abso
    lutely have adored since Mscl started, though i dont think ill put any of these pages on the web as its to much hard work. Anyway my next thing is to just buy the MSCL DVD, I did order the video but cancelled upon finding out the video format was different. Thanks for listening to my Mscl story, I hope that this continuing love and mutual respect for the program will continue to make "MY so called LIFE" a continuing success through generations. 'MAY MSCL BE REPEATED FOREVER'
  • Why do we have to put up with dawsons bloody crack, when we could have this back?
  • Superb homepage for has everything a fan wants and some more on top of that. I've recently became really interested in the series again while doing some soul searching...good to know the series lives on the net..keep it going!
  • ok- i just signed, but i've been reading everyone elses, and i decided i had to say more... um, neway, i'm so happy that there are soooo many other people out there who love it as much as i do and even tho i haven't seen all the episodes( i'm lookin' for them)i still know how wonderful they are, and i'll always love them! "this life has been a test, if it had been an actual life, you would have recieved instructions on where to go and what to do." and i have pages and pages of more quotes, but i don't have room, so:)....i just hope that all the people who were involved in this show, know how much so many people love it! ok... i'm going now. you can email my crazy self, too!
  • I loooooove this site!!!! thank you so much for putting 2gether a site of my absolutely fave show- i come here all the time! Claire Danes rules! and all the other characters- i luv them so much. the show was so funny and sad and real.... it's sad that it's gone. But I rent the videos every chance i get- you can get them at most video stores- good ones! thanx again- My So-Called Life is still the coolest!!!!!!!!
  • My So-Called Life is soooo great!! Love ya!!!
  • Hey, does anyone know where i get videos of any/all the MSCL episodes. its my favorite show and i have to way to watch it anymore. if so please me email me at
  • I love My so-called life! Jared Leto is so...Too bad he isn't available. Brian (Devon Gummersall) is on the Swedish TV right now! But he isn't cute. I stick to Jordan Catalano, someone else who just gets the creeps of his sexy name?
  • Well, what can I say? MSCL is such a great program and I really adore Angela and Brian! They're SOOO sweet.
    Well...that's it!
    Love ya//rosita
  • I really want to now what is the name of the song juliana hatfield sing i one of the episod ..
    please write tom my

  • I´ve found one small wrong on this very great (!!) page....
    Here is the text to Jordan´s song Red as it is:

    I was going nowhere
    going nowhere fast
    drowning in my memories
    living in the past

    Everything looked black
    til I found her
    She's all I need
    that's what I said

    I call her Red
    Yeah Yeah Yeah
    I call her Red
    Yeah Yeah Yeah

    She's my shelter from the storm
    She's a place to rest my head
    Late at night she keeps me safe and warm

    I call her Red
    Yeah Yeah Yeah
    I call her Red
  • Tjenare!!
    Själklart finns det fler svenskar som kollar på Mitt Så Kallade liv, och tycker det är BÄST!!!! Jordan Catalano är sååååååååå snygg!!!!!!!!! Och Claire Danes är skitbra som Angela!!
  • MSCL is definetely the best TV series for teenagers I have ever seen. The sad fact remains: the good things are always cancelled, the bad stuff remains on air.

    Maybe a new MSCL series and seasons would change this.
  • Hej alla som snackar svenska. Vart är ni!! Kom in på forumet!! Det är väl fler än saake och jag som är inbitna fans?
  • Hej alla svenskar som syns här nu har det startats en svensk avdelning i forum här på mscl.. skynda er att sätta fart på diskussionen där.

    mvh saake
  • hallå alla svennar!!! för det e bara ni som fattar detta!! MITT Så KALLADE liv rular!!!!!! jared leto e bara det sexigaste som finns!!! aaaaaaaaaaa.....*dregel, dregel...
    claire danes e svinbra som angela.
    maila oss om du e svenne.
  • hello again!
    Here in sweden we have seen 13 part of the mysl! the program this time was about sex, I really think that Jordan are a idiot! but angela are a verry smart girl!!!

  • Hiya, love My So-Called Life!!!!!!! I have been watching it again on an english channel and I have really enjoyed it, I was in heaven!!! mscl is such a fantastic show. Angela and that are just so realistic! Don't ya think!!! My fav character is Rickie!!! I luv him to bits!!!! Anyway if anyone wants to email a completely obsessed mscl fan, mail me!!!!!! I think my email will be shown but just in case:
    Luv ya all!!!!!!
  • Jordan and Angela are the best couple....
    ....and Rayanne is so cool....
    ....I understand Angela in, like, all the situations....:)
    One more thing: Jared Leto is the most handsome man in the world!!!! and so good as Jordan Catalano!!
  • I absolutely love MSCL still after all these years! even more from day to day! :-)
    My fave characters are Angela and Jordan! i wish they would repeat the episodes here in germany again! i taped most of them but not all :-((
    would love to hear from other fans!
    see ya!
  • I looking for this Angela. I know she exists somewhere.
    Please write me at

    peace love and empathy
  • I´m a 13 years old girl and just wanted to say that My so-called life Rules!!!!!!!!
  • I´m a big German Fan of my so - called life. I love this show becuse the dialouges, the pictures and the music, all these things make mscl perfect. A great show. I videoed all 19 episodes and i watch them every day. Sometimes, when i see it and i hear the words which the charakters said, i could cry. I love it. And i love ALL Charakters and the way between Angela and Brian and between Patty and Rayanne. I´m so sad that there no more episodes. But perhaps only this 19 Episodes make this Show so special.
  • Just found this website now, I'd have been here a long time agp if I knew it existed!
    I know MSCL finished officially a while ago but I love to watch it every weekend on Trouble, I tape it too just to make sure I dont miss anything. Why the hell did they stop the show?!?!?
    Also I have a request...does anyone have every episode on tapr that I could buy off them or tape or something, or know how I could get hold of them? I've missed alot cos I only found the repeats on sky by accident....these are the etchings of a woman in need!!!
    Also if nay MSCL-heads want to mail me then that'd be well cool.......
    top site by the way....any chance of a one-off reunion episode special?? How cool would that be?!?
  • hello again!
    I have just seen Les misérables with Claire Danes , I want to be her in that movie! she is inlove with Marius (Hans Matheson) and he is inlove with her!

    you most se it!!!

    hugs and kisses/kina
  • J'aimerais trouver des personnes qui adorent " Angela 15 ans " ( pour faire ma rebelle et pas dire My so called life !! ). Voilà, juste des petits frenchies qui se trouvent dans le même état d'élévation que moi quand on me fout devant un épisode, ou alors quand je me lis un script de 14 pages en anglais !! Dur ! Enfin, voilà ! Ecrivez moi ! Bisous. Angel.
    ps : Au fait, précision importante : Je n'ai JAMAIS vu le dernier épisode. Prenez pitié et comprenez ma frustration.

  • My So-Called Life was (and still is) my all time favorite
    show, and I was heart broken when the network decided to
    cancel it. But the good thing is there are people like you
    who know how much it meant to people like me, and keeps its
    memory alive by sites like yours. I have also been a fan of
    Claire Danes for seven years and even hope to meet her some
    day. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks for all the
    wonderful things on this site! The Best Always, K
  • Great webpage! I actually first saw "My So-Called Life" this last January when they ran it on Fox Family Channel which unfortunately it seems they cut it again. The thing that impressed me the most was how "real" the characters were unlike some other TV shows where the characters are "too perfect" to seem real. I really enjoy the fanfiction section of this site because it's fun to see different people's versions of what happened to Angela after episode 19.
  • I really love MSCL. It's diffrent in a way that I like.
  • Are here people from austria, germany or switzerland who can recorde me same episodes from "Willkommen im Leben"? I can pay for it. Pleas, pleas send a message into the guestbook!!!!!! Wer hat Folgen von "Willkommen im Leben" aufgenommen und kann mir sie kopieren, leihen, schenken*g* oder auch verkaufen???? Bitte, bitte meldet euch schnell!!!Schreibt einfach in´s Guestbook!
  • I have taped all the episodes and I love them sooooo!
    I can't get enough of my so-called life. This site is great by the way, but where is a my so-called life fan club???
  • i was 15 when the series started in holland and i watched every single one off them. bytheway thanx for making this site. I think its nice that there are still so many fans outthere. u make me feel im not the only one. thanx and a big kiszs to all of u
  • While I never watched MSCL during its original run, I have seen all the episodes while they were on MTV. Something about this show has touched me--and will continue to do so forever. The fact that my mother and I could sit down and watch the show together, laughing and crying along with the characters, says something incredible about MSCL--it's not only an excellent tv show, but it helps generations connect over things that are purely human. This page will provide endless interest for me. I'm so happy I found it.
  • I just can say MSCL is sooooo great! please write me ur comments...I'm looking for more fans to talk bout MSCL.....
  • MSCL will always be the best show on TV.
    I'm glad to see that MSCL still lives on in peoples hearts all over the world.
    This site is amazing, my compliments!
  • I LOVE My So Called Life SOOOO much! I've seen all the
    episodesa (Who hasn't) and have all the scripts! I'm waiting
    for full function DVDs. I want them to do another series!
  • "My So-Called Life" was, and has remained my favorite show through the years. I was very dissappointed when it was canceled after only 19 wonderful episodes. Over the time, I have realized that I Am Angela Chase. I am the very same scared, confused girl, who tries so hard to prove otherwise. So, if you are Angela Chase, or Rayanne Graff, Jordan Catalono, Rickie, Brian, etc., May the spirit of MSCL live on in you always!
    Please, if you'd like to email me about the show, feel free to, I'd apprecaite knowing that I am not alone!
  • Last night I took a writing workshop with Winnie Holzman in
    San Francisco. It was a dream come true. She is everything
    I thought she'd be and mor
  • My So-called life is an inspiration to us all.It ha helped me in every way imaginable.Through hard times it has reminded me everybdy hurts and goes through the same things.I wil remember it forever and live by what I felt it has taught be myself.
  • "My So-Called Life" was (and still is) a great show! My favorite characters are Angela, Jordan, Rayanne, and Rickie.
    My favorite episodes are "The Substitute", "Father Figures", "Weekend", "Why Jordan Can't Read", and "Betrayl".
    I was only 10 when MSCL came out, but I watched the reruns on MTV a few years ago. Now I have the video sets, and I recorded all the episodes off the TV. I wish MSCL had lasted longer than it did. It definetly should have! :)
  • This has been one of my favorite WebPages ever, especially the most excellent Fan Fiction. Long may MSCL live on in the hearts and minds of we who loved it.
  • I thank god that this " My so-called Life " -page exist!!!:) I`m really sad that my favourite tv show in the german channel RTL2 is gone. But it make me happy to read the lovely messages from people all over the world who are love MSCL too. I think so MSCL is still our heards. For me MSCL is (was)... a real experience, becuase so older I turn ever I can better identify with Angela. I am only 14. CRAZY, isn´t it?

    Though my english was anything than perfect I hope in spite of it everybody had understand my message. Bye, bye manu
  • "My So Called Life" has been the greatest shows ever! I have always enjoyed watching the re-runs on MTV every afternoon and I hated to see the show was cancelled! I could really relate to the show with my own issues and Angela really reminded me of myself. They should start showing the show again because there are so many fans around the world today. "MSCL' will remain close to my heart because it has meant alot to me. Let's keep "MSCL" alive!
  • I've really enjoyed visiting this web page! My So Called Life "ROCKS"
  • I want to correspond with some MSCL's fans?
  • Thank you so much for this cool site and your updates. "my so called life" is such a great show that i consider it as my faverite. I loved this show from the first time i watched it. Everything of MSCL comes from life and it tells our stories and our minds. i think a lot of you feel the same as i do. it's about 2 years since i watched the show last time, i really miss the show very much and hope they will rerun it soon. "you're so beautiful, it's hurt to watch you." YOUR MAILS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!
  • This is a special thank-you to the 3 people who voted on my So-Called X-File. Giving the final part of "Birds: Summer Break 2" a 8.9 really makes me feel good. I'm not the only one that like to put a bit of weird tension to the MSCL drama.
  • You did a really great job! Thanx for such a cool site about my all time favorite TV series. I still have all episodes on tape. Gosh, otherwise I could't survive. I hope one of these stupid German TV channels will show all episodes again in the near future. How can someone stop a show at such a point :( ?????? I guess there will never be another show that is that close to real life problems. It really really touched me and has become a part of my life.
    By the way, is anyone out there interested in having a pen pal from Germany? I would love to write to people who feel similar.
  • i just finshed watching the las mscl episode was so sad... what arseholes they were for only doing 19 episodes.. mscl if the only show like thata that is true 2 life, it deals with rel issues everyoner i know loved it, so who come the ratings were low enough fo them to axe makes me so mad..
    thanxs so much to the people who run the site and keep it up 2 date many of the orignals are shut down now after 6 years!
    neone as obsessed with the show as i am contact me at id love 2 hear from u
    great site!
  • I would just like to say hi to everyone and let you know how much I love your site. There are so many things to read about all the time- thanks for keeping it updated to well!
    I miss MSCL so much and really wonder why channels aren't bringing it back...what does Dawson have that MSCL doesn't?!
  • First I would like to say, that this MSCL-page is SO cool!!
    I love MSCL, especially Jared Leto. I always sit and drool over him!! He's such a babe!!
    But I also think the show is great, bescause it's about normal teenagers. Their problems isn't just about credit-cards...but real problems you have while growing up. In Denmark the show were sent 4-5 years ago, but I recorded it. I hope that it soon will be sent again. There are still some episodes I haven't seen...
  • FINALLY!!!
    Finally, last night I got to see the first whole MSCL-episode in my life!
    I watchted it in a Swedish channel, and the show aws just haw I excpected it to be - Perfect!

    "Shcool is a battlefield ... for your heart..."

    Love, Kristin
  • My So-Called Life is one of the few TV series that I've ever gotten addicted to. Really love the Fan Fiction section of this site! I like the MSCL characters (especially Angela Chase) because they are "real people with real problems and imperfections" rather than these fabricated "perfect-good at everything" types of characters "who can do no wrong" like you see in so many other TV series. Great website! Keep up the good work!
  • YES! I have waited for such a long time, but now it's happening! On Friday, May 5,7.00 pm My So-called Life starts again! Finally! T-48 hours: 07.00.00 and counting!
  • The person who made this page is so awesome. I think it's so cool that even though the show was canceled years ago, we all still love it. I plan on buying the MSCL box set and giving it to my daughter someday. It's the best show ever made for teens. Thanks so much for this awesome website!
  • This is one of the best websites I have been on. I'm so glad that I'm not the only who is still crazy about the show after all these years. MSCL is and always will be the best teen programme ever made. It's just too bad that ratings are put before creativity.
    I can only hope that more programmes like this will be made in the future to let teenagers see that they are not alone in the way that they think about the world.
  • From the first moment I watched MSCL I said to myself 'God someones reading my mind'. The main character, Angela, was me, everything that Angela went through I could completely identify with, espicially as I was exactly the same age as her. It completely touched my heart and if anything emotional came on I would end up in tears. This was television drama at its best. Although it was cut for low ratings the audience it did reach, I know, was touched by every episode and will remember this series always.
    When I went to University in 97 I met this girl and we've become great friends and it was only recently I found a video of the episodes in her room. We couldn't believe we both loved MSCL and both completely believe it's this fundametal devotion to the series that's enhanced our friendship.
    This show was a life saver to me in my mid teens and I believe it's shaped the person I am today.
    Long may it's memory live in the life of these pages and among the fans that remain and continue to support MSCL.
  • From the first moment I watched MSCL I said to myself 'God someones reading my mind'. The main character, Angela, was me, everything that Angela went through I could completely identify with, espicially as I was exactly the same age as her. It completely touched my heart and if anything emotional came on I would end up in tears. This was television drama at its best. Although it was cut for low ratings the audience it did reach, I know, was touched by every episode and will remember this series always.
    When I went to University in 97 I met this girl and we've become great friends and it was only recently I found a video of the episodes in her room. We couldn't believe we both loved MSCL and both completely believe it's this fundametal devotion to the series that's enhanced our friendship.
    This show was a life saver to me in my mid teens and I believe it's shaped the person I am today.
    Long may it's memory live in the life of these pages and maong the fans that reamin and continue to support such a show.
  • This site is to MSCL what MSCL was to all of us. It shows the life of a life. Thanks to this the site the brilliance of MSCL will be perpetuated, if alas only in memory.
  • I was captivated by MSCL from the first episode. It's a show that, despite ABC ratings, touched the heart of almost every teenage girl in America. MSCL basically defined my life as it was airing. I was so broken when both ABC cut it and then MTV stopped airing repeats. This site has brought back a million and a half memories of what I used to feel and how much I loved the show. Hopefully Fox Family will air all 19 episodes eventually, as I am taping them to have in my collection. This site is pure talent, and looks as graphically, mentally, creatively stimulating as it must have been time consuming. Now I follow Claire Danes' career with the same admiration I did in 1994. "Brokedown Palace" has to be one of her best works and I hope one day a reunion will happen (hey we can dream...) Great, great job! I'm loving every minute of this site!
  • Hi, I just wanted to say I really enjoy this site. Everything from the fan fiction to the forums. I didn't get to really get into the show when it first aired being that I was only 11 at the time, but thanks to MTV and sites like this my interest in this show is born again..
    P.S. Does anyone have any eps on video to sell?
  • First i have to say im a big fan of claire danes, and the first time i saw her was i this excellent serie wich changed my life, this means that mscl was international not only reflect the feelings of american teenagers, it is universal, so when i found this page i got very happy cause i think you keep mscl alive, with the page, i think, the best ive ever seen. two more things... sorry for my poor english and say spanish mscl fans are a lot abandonated
  • First I'd like to say this is absolutely amazing site. The creativity and detail is beyond what I expect from most websites...(official or unofficial). The only problem is I can never talk to Tino =). It's strange to look at this site. When MSCL first i was in eighth grade and now I'm a freshman in college. My taste in music, clothes, friends have radically changed. However this show is one of the things I can stay I still enjoy and wish ABC had given another chance (ABC seems to have this bad habit over the last six years of airing crappy shows and cancelling good ones). It actually makes me sad that the show didn't give a chance to go further and exceed even what it brought in 19 (ONLY 19!) episodes. Then again...we will never see it decline in quality.----Anyway thanks for creating a GREAT website. I will keep checking in (and tell others).
  • My so-called life was the best series for teenagers I have ever seen in my life. Dawsons Creek is also good, but mscl was and is still excellent, since the characters show a wide range of different types of teenagers and the stories are sometimes just simple (e.g. about Angela and Rayanne going to "Lets Bold" in the first episode), but they are real life stories and not a variety of awkward ideas of writers, which rather fit in a soap opera than in a good TV series for teenagers. It was a severe mistake to cancel this series.
    It would be necessary to start a My so-called life II.
  • i would just like to say that i am more than happy to see mscl back on t.v.!! its a real show that deals with real problems. i been trying to tape all the episodes so i can go back and watch them over and over!! and - i would just like to add that jared leto is h-o-t-t-HOTT!!!!!!!
  • I've been watching the new series of MSCL since it started airing on Trouble, and I just have to say that I LOVE it. It's so realistic compared to other 'teenage' shows. If any 1 wants to chat mail me.

    love ya all
  • "MSCL"was aired on Juanuary 1997 in Japan.
    And reruned on August again.
    I taped them all.
    I saw them last night.
    I love this drama.

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