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  • i didn't see mscl the first time around, i was a little young (i'm nearly 15 now). when they repeated them i sooooo loved them, but i missed two cos my stupid vcr broke while i was out. it was just so cool and i don't know why the axed it. it is way wa
    y better than dawson's creek, they're all too nice there. there isn't a ray anne or a cool rickie, and definitely no one as hot as jordan.
  • Well, I'm only 15 now so I was a teensy weensy bit young for MSCL on its first showing here in the UK and the repeat showing was at a funny time in the holidays (I mean 12 o clock? Summer Holidays I never get up before 1pm) So, anyway I was telling my
    sister about the joys of Dawson's Creek (She's 19)and she was not paying much attention to me when I said and I regret this now "Well it is so much better than that Claire Danes thingy!"
    How wrong could I be! Good old sis thrust some old video tapes into my hands and I watched them all (My sis is so organised) over the period of about a week!
    It was so good and I was really shocked (Dawson's Creek seems pale in comparison now and the Second Season seriously grates)
    So, basically it's great even though I'm a bit of a post humous fan an all!
    Also I got this web address from Brit Teen Mag J17 Thought you'd like to know that J17 campaigned to get the show repeated!!
  • This is truly the best site on the web!!
  • I just want to say I absolutely love your site! It's well done, detailed and has a way cool graphic desing. My-so-called-life was one of the greatest shows I have ever seen! I absolutely loved it! I found out the show was cancelled just after I fin
    ished watching the last episode! I was crushed!!! The last ep surely kept me hanging but I loved it! There are a lot of shows today but no one really does connect as much as MSCL. I mean most shows are all about love and love and that's it. I've been
    through most of what Angela and the gang I guess the show had a sentimental feel for me. Besides this is the only show where I can find someone who is like me...
  • just testing the guestbook -- yes, again ! ;-)
    BTW: The fanfiction site has been updated !
    And for all german fans a little hint: There exists a german MSCL mailing-list ! Click on "Mailing Lists" for more details !
  • Hello, all mscl-fans! I'm not a big fan at all, but I just love mscl and it totally is one of my favourites! Also this homepage is great, such a lot of information and stuff. I'll probably be hanging around in here quite a lot in the future. So, C-U!
    Yours, Minna PS. If anyone needs/wants a swapper (slams, fbs etc.), a pen pal or a lazy mailer, I'm all yours! Take Care :D
  • hi everyone, i just wanted to say that i love MY SO-CALLED LIFE I think that this was the best show ever made and i wish that the reruns were still on. But my friend just got the second set of tapes and just to let everyone know they are awesome.
  • hey, this page is really cool......i love everything here and oh my, jared leto is really cute ! i love him so much....just as much as i love this page and mscl..... :*
  • Thanks for having me. I love mscl, and I'm excited to see everthing on Jared Leto!!!!
  • Would like to compliment you on an excellent site. MSCL was an unforgettable show and will continue to inspire. I am eager to read the book by Catherine Clark, and to further explore this site. Was great to see Mr. Gummersall's comments!
  • Thanks for adding me to your list I really love MSCL. The actors were great, and sometimes I really could relate. Thanks again! -Sylviane-
  • this page is pretty sweet..i enjoyed adding my chapter to the interactive story thing...its called "the big talk", check it out or whatever...anyways, just thought id check in and all that...see ya kids later!
  • Hey, Annika I can't write you. your address was wrong! If there is someboby who's looking for a penpal from Germany - here I am!
  • This is a great page!
  • Hi all mscl Fan! I'm very happy that this site are exitst! It's amaizing what we can found of them! :) Thanks very much to the maker! I ask me : exists one or more CD's with the Themes and other good songs and melodies from My so-called Life? (I hop
    and pray, because there are wonderfull songs) If there anybody who can answer me this question (and say who I can available the cd I thank so much!!) please send me an mail! bye all mscl-Fans :) PS: Sorry for my english is not the best..
  • I'm amazed by this site! It's perfect,as well as was the series. MSCL is the best series I've ever seen. I can't understand why it had low rates, that's unbelieveble! It portraits not only adolescence, but it is the highest expression of the human
    soul. Congratulations for all those created and supported it. And also the casting!!
  • I just wanted to say that I love mscl, I love this web site, and the new videos are awesome!
  • oh my GOD is this a beautiful site. i'm so impressed. plus, the added bonus of something called TINO! really, this is one of the more impressive sites i've seen anywhere on the web about anything. well done...
  • MSCL is great i can't wait till I get the new tapes. this site is very good but no one is ever on the chat room I say all of the people that read this we should go on a set date and time and all go on and talk. any ideas gust post it up in the guest
    book I think we should on march 25th the day before the mod squad.
  • watch it - and love it
  • This show was the best thing to every come to still SUCKS that it was cancelled but luckily i have all the eps on tape so i can watch it whenever i want
  • What I have to say is that I STILL LOVE MSCL
  • even though they don't show the show that much now more it's still my fav. i cried in alot of episodes and i got really upset when i found out it had been cancelled. it would be cool if they had a reunion or like a mscl: the college years or something.
    i would also like to say that this page is one of the best mscl sites on the web and i visit every week keep up the good work. i also think that mscl is much more realistic than Dawsons Creek. if u wanna chat my icq# is 31838919 or if u have aol im
    im me at MGblue99 bye
  • MSCL is the best show out there! Never has another show topped it, no matter what people think. I especially hate the wannabe MSCL's out there gaining popularity amongst the kids who never even knew MSCL (yes, I'm talking about Dawson's Creek fans).
    I am forever watching re-runs of MSCL, and everytime they are a little bit better and you learn a little bit more from them! Live long MSCL!!
  • How cool that Brian Krakow signed the guestbook. I've been to like, every MSCL site, ever & I must say this is by far the best one out there. Thanks for creating a website that can feed our obsession with this show.
  • Hallo, Ich bin ein großer Wkil Fan.Leider gibt es nur 19 Folgen. Wenn ihr mir schreiben wollt,dann tut das.Ihr könnt auf deutsch oder englisch schreiben.
  • I love MSCL I was too young to appreciate it when it first aired, but now I love watching reruns on MTV. It is one of the best shows ever. I think there is a little bit of Angela in everyone of us, the akward girl who feels their life is just one big
    alienation and wishes the world was just a little simpler. Your sight is great. Keep up the good work.
  • PS: I forgot to mention that I love this show very much. I was 16 when it first aired, and boy did I identify. There are lines that Angela said that I have remembered since then. Almost every episode made me teary and that does not happen often to
    me with tv shows! Stupid, stupid to cancel it.
  • Hello all! It is March 13, 1999 and I am writing a paper on MSCL for my TV History class at UCSB, due March 17. I'm analyzing is in terms of audience so please e-mail me with any comments about the show. I want to see how the fans were and are affect
    ed by it. (Don't WORRY I am not plagerizing, but I am SUPPOSED to get your views!) Thanks! Cami
  • Love it! No complaints... :-)
  • This site is great it has alot of info on it and the news is up to date. The only thing that could use some work is the chat room it seems no one is ever there.
  • HI MSCL-FANS. My name is Anna and I am a very big fans of MSCL and especially Claire Danes who is the best actress I know. Can anybody tell me, where I can get the show on video in the PAL system. I would like to get it in english, so I think my only p
    ossibility would be in England. And I also search other material about hte show. I really would be glad, if anyone could help me. I alo search for other MSCl-Fans to mail. Bye, Anna. P.s.: This homepage is great!!!!
  • It's me again. I read most of the messages here today and it's great to know I'm not alone. The passion that then show has instilled in it's fans is phenomenal. Well, it's on again. RTL 2 at 3am GMT for anyone who's interested. Maybe it's on during the
    day also - I dunno. This is a good time for me cos I can watch it at work. This morning's episode is So-Called Angels and I've got the script thanks to the fine people at so I know what's happening. There're only four episodes left! I trust that
    I will see the series again though because 'Life cannot die. Now, I want to bring something to your attention. There is a Yahoo club devoted to MSCL which is being sadly neglected. It's the perfect outlet for us to share our love of the show, so please g
    o to and join. I'm still tingling from this morning's episode - truly a work of art.
  • I just saw Angela, Rayanne, Ricky and Brian for the first time in three years. I was flicking through the satalite stations and one of those dubbed German things caught my atention. It was Angela's mother - I was emotionally stunned for a while. I watc
    hed the show without understanding a word, but the memories washed over me. I miss those characters so much - I'd forgotten how much. For the first time in my life, I wish I'd paid more attention during German class! I'm going to beg my local TV station
    to repeat the series - I'm afraid BMG video will ignore the thousands of European fans. Meanwhile, I'll tune into RTL tomorrow in the hope that another episode of 'Willcommen im Lieben' will be shown. Anyway, I'd like to thank the makers of this site for
    helping to fill the void. No programme will ever reach the excellence that was My So-Called Life.
  • Hi to all you mscl- fans! i hope, you´ll excuse my really bad english! i love mscl so much, i just can´t explain it. and i´m sooooooooo glad, it is on the german tv again! everday i´m just looking forward to this one hour mscl and i tell you, i just e
    ot. so, i hope you all enjoy your "so- called life"! CU, heidi.
  • Hey! I´m a very big Fan of mscl! Espeassily to the sweet Jordan. My english isn`t so good! Sorry! Please write to me! In german or english. I´m 14 years old and watching every free time mscl. That`s mean the 19 episods (called it so ?) Bye! I love you
  • i luv my so called life and wishit would come back on because not only did you relate with Angela, but you related with everybody on the show
    S OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!
  • what is this
  • I love My So-Called Life. I was too young to watch it when it was on, but I have seen all the re-runs and it really touched me. It relates so much to life and it helps me to think of the thigs Angela and her friends went through.
  • I really appreciate the great effort you guys put in behind this ultra-cool site. It's one of best sites of any kind I've ever visited. To top that, it's the site of MSCL!!! Long live, MSCL in all of us. Keep up the good work.
  • Well hey there everyone. My So-Called Life was such an awesome show, probably the only thing on TV I have ever connected with, and ever WILL connect with. I think that the show was too real and since the entire planet likes to shy away from what's re
    al, it didn't last. I was only like 11 when the show was on the air, and now I finally know the emotions and situations and everything. The show really helps me feel less alone. I would love to meet the actors and actresses from this show sometime. Oh,
    and the website's pretty good too!!
  • I love this website.....the best i have seen for a long time. Does anyone know if the videos will be available in the U.K? I need to have them!!! Keep up the excellent work....good to see there are atill so many dedicated fans out there.
  • Hi everybody! Ich bin 14 Jahre alt und Fan von Wkil. Am süßesten ist natürlich Jordan. Wenn hier irgendjemand Lust hat, mir zu schreiben, dann freue ich mich auf mails. Meine Addy: Ihr könnt auch auf englisch schreiben! You can write m
    e in english!!!!!!!!!!! Bye Lina
  • My So-Called Life was without a doubt the best thing ever to grace a television set.. and it's just a tragedy that it got kicked off the air so early... tv sucks... and the only cool thing MTV has ever done is air MSCL re-runs so that the younger
    kiddies can get a taste of how cool tv once was... anyhow, keep up the good work... it's a very nice site for a worthy
  • You guys (and girls?) have really put a lot of good work into this site. It's not only fun and cool, but also GREAT, FANTASTIC and a couple of times more FANTASTIC. Especially the Chase-house... Beyond words. Really.
  • Hi everybody! Well i love this site very much *smiel* And MSCL at tv is so lovely (i live in germany and here it comes on tv again) O.k. all fans of MSCL can write me, because i love to write with other fans all over the world! BYE MONE
  • Hi everybode! Well i love this site very much *smiel* And MSCL at tv is so lovely (i live in germany and here it comes on tv again) O.k. all fans of MSCL can write me, because i love to write with other fans all over the world! BYE MONE
  • The recent releases of MSCL episodes into video are godsends! Being a middle-aged married male, my major identification was with Graham. My wife feels more like Patty every day, especially as our daughter approaches 15 and acts more like Angela. As she
    will enter high school next year, her world will continue to approach that of Liberty High. My So Called Life was the best-written, best-acted, most true to life show ever shown on television. Even after multiple viewings, each episode still hits us
    right in the heart. The MSCL Website is fantastic! The graphics, information and updates are of the highest quality. The site has in its way help to fill the big hole in our hearts left by the untimely cancellation of the show. Please,like keep this si
    te going as long as you can!
  • OBSESSION!!!!!!This show is the best show I've ever been watching in my entire life. When I was fifteen, the show was in TV and I must say I absolutely identify with Angela's character. It's a pity that I saw the show only in german, I would love to se
    e it in the original version. Anyways, I love Claire Danes- she is the best actress in the world, she plays the role of Angela in such a perfect way, I am still astonished, also after having watched each episode over a dozen times. However, if anyone w
    ants to write to me and speak about "My so-called life", please send me an e-mail.... Anna;)
  • i have no idea about the show,well,i don't watch telly.that's the "problem".anyway,i'll try to "look" for it if i ever watch tv again.this site rocks by the way.adios.
  • I love MY SO CALLED LIFE. It is the BEST show MTV ever aired. Shame on ABC for cancelling it! For shame, for shame! Claire Danes is the BEST actress I've ever seen! It is so realistic it's like that show COULD be a true story to someone out there. I fo
    r one, find myself to be VERY much like Angela and I'm sure there are several other people who think they are very much like a MSCL charecter. Oh! by the way, I haven't recently seen My SO Called Life on MTV for Months! did they cancel it? or just put it
    in a different time slot? If they cancelled it everyone PLEASE! I strongly encourage you to E-mail MTV and complain ( I know I will! ) Thanx 4 taking the time 2 read this! See ya, Rei
  • high everybody, first I'm looking for mscl-fans all over the world to chat with me, second could anybody send me english versions from mscl(which is great!) O.K. I hope somebody will read this and write to me!! I'm waiting!
  • *sniff* I lub MSCL... I watched it here in the Netherlands in Jan./Feb. 1998 and I completely fell in love with it. There are currently reruns in German (okay, it's dubbed, but still) (now I finally know why I *ever* had to learn German in school! *gri
    n*) I've been visiting this page, like, really often but I just found out there's actually a guestbook! Yay! :) Anyway... I *really* *really* luv this page. It's just so kewl! And HUGE! I mean, you can, like, surf around here for hours, or something! :) I
    have a very humble little MSCL page too, so if you'd like to visit it... (hint, hint! *grin*) Btw, I'm planning to make a very kewl & big & great (etc.) Brian Krakow fanpage, so if there are other Brianites who want to help me...?? If so, could you pleas
    e mail me? :) :) :) *mwah* *hugs* & *smiles* to all MSCL-fans. :)
  • My so-called life forever. I will never forget Angela Chase she will always be my ideal girl. I hope the show will return soon its like my "oxygen".
  • MSCL was my favourite American show, it gets repeats over here almost every summer. Does anyone know if the videos will be released in England? I need too know! EMail me please! or visit my site and tell me in my guest book! :) RuSsKiN
  • what a good place
  • I think my so called life was brilliant and I can't believe there is no more!!!,my life is not the same without the life worries of Angela and the gang!
  • MSCLHow can on little thing have such control over your entire pitiful so-called life? toi dentify with something is to give a voice to your inner self. live long MSCL
  • MSCL is a great show and I watched it every Monday night from 7:3o on the FOX8 channel on foxtel. I told alot of my friends about it and they watched it one time and loved it but they don't have FOXTEL so why don't channels from the basic tele screen i
  • i just wanted to show my disappointment with TV these days regarding their new teenage dramas. Ok, so there'll be no show as MSCL, but please, do Kevin Willianson and Matt Reeves [who worked for MSCL producers on Relativity] have to copy MSCL to make t
    heir shows successful? Felicity's xmas episode focused on sex, and then we had to bare with a scene where the protagonist Felicity realizing the sex lives of her fellows students composed a scene Soo disgustingly similar to PREASSURE that could make Winn
    ie Holzman and writer Ellen Herman puke their guts out. Jee!! Not to mention Dawson's Creek's creator Willianson, whose plotlines see to be raised from Winnie Holzman's scriptlines. Pilot episode we have Joey finding out about Dawson's mother affair,
    just as "almost exatcly the same " as friend Angela Chase. We had a Second episode on kisses, a father who leaves his wife, and now wants to open a restaurant and will be having an affair with prospect co-worker ex high school teacher and teeange heartr
    ob Ms. jacobs, just as Graham and our beloved texan-Jewish Hallie Lowenthall. I mean do we need to go that LOW to be successful? Will someone out there with any reasonable power do something!!!! I'm sicken.... Eric Chicago - Illinois.
  • Fantastic site. The legacy lives on and will forever. Love the site. Would like to chat with any MSCL or Dawson's Creek fans... no teeny boppers please, I'm 23 and I want to chat with mature girls who love this show as much as I do. Check out my webs
    ite, there's also a picture there of me if anyone cares..... also, I play drums for a band like Phunk Junkeez/Beastie Boys and Deftones style.. check us out, we're called Downinside.... our site is Love to all who love the show, and
    much respect to one of my favorite actors of all time, Devon Gummersall (Brian Krakows of the world Unite!!!) Peace!!! -Skip, southwest Florida
  • Just Testing the Guestbook, and sayin Hi to All!
  • I´m soooo happy that My so-called life is finally going to be aired in Germany again!!!!
  • Aside from MSCL, Daria, and a few other things, MTV is lacking in substance. Thank you for a great website.
  • LOVE IT!!LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!!MSCL totally cool fantastic tv show...and this is the best page so far... What else can i say ...MSCL IS the BEST!!!!!
  • I love this show
  • what about telling the guys from ABC that they should make a MOVIE from mscl? the cast watching their story ...
  • I still wish I could have seen this show when I was fiftenn, I think it would've helped me realize things about myself I saw clearly a few years later. I still enjoyed it tremendously , I think I was nineteen when it was at last brought to Germany. You
    r page is excellent, the design is so great and the content great as well. Thank you for putting this site up. :)
  • My friend Duncan signed me up for The My So-Called Life Mailing list the day I got my internet connection. I thought I would get all these cool emails about the show. I didn't. I got peoples so-called lives and almost 3 years later I couldn't be mor
    e thrilled. Because of 'a show' (if you could call it that, it was always so much more) I met thee most wonderful people. I even named my little girl after 2 of them. Skeie and Piper. She was born on Weird Uncle Eric's birthday....and the day the show
    was cancelled. Because of My So-Called Life, I flew to a strange town (ShimCity-Pittsburg Kansas) and met these awesome people. Thank you My So-Called Life for giving me Eric, Shimelle, Mark, Derrick, Ali, Sara, Alan, Andi, Nichole, Angela, Piper, Skeie
    , Randino, Shobi and Shannon, Amal, Brooks, Bronwyn, Liz, Ben, and the list goes on and on. A special thanks to Byron Go for running a list dedicated to that very show that touched so many of us. Thanks for this web page and to all the past and present
    listees that have made my life a bit brighter.
  • When My So-called Life orginally debuted, I was too young to appreciate it. Now, however, thanks to MTV,I fell in love with the the most ingenius program on earth! Everything about the show is so real,and the characters are truly amazing. Plus,
    as if I didn't relate to Angela enough; the entire series takes place in my hometown!
  • MSCL s cool!!!!!!
  • MSCL is cool!!!
  • This site is great. It seems like the show is continuing to inspire, entertain, and challenge us. It means a lot to me - to see that it is retaining its power to this day. Thank You!
  • Hi--hey-- MSCL had an enormous effect on me. Thanks to this show, I have met many wonderful people all over the world. In the end, MSCL is really anout communicating -- in every sense of the word. Think about that. Devon G. Please post something -- a
    nything. You can even write in Brain-speak if you like. --See ya.
  • A small message to everybody at I CANNOT WAIT ANYMORE... How's the new site going, how are things with the fanfiction.. is it going to work out before x-mas? That would be a great gift from you to us. In the meanwhile... take care and (when the day is long) hold on...
  • First, I'd just like to say that I'm not a pervert. It seems that my green sounding e-mail account is getting me invitations to porn sites. Anyway I really love MSCL. I'd like to write a story or something but I don't have much time. I really enjoyed the continuations.
  • I love MSCL!! I wish they never cancelled it. You'r site is great!
  • i am a huge fan of MSCL. I used to watch it, like, constantly! When it was on MTV, I recorded as many episodes as I could! Ieven wrote in to try to keep them from axing the show! In my humble opinion, the show was (and still is) a HIT! I didn't know there were web sites about it, but I'm delighted to find some!
  • Like everybody write on English, I'll write on my language:
    Eu AMO My so Called Life!!!!!
    É um ótimo seriado. Também AMO o Jordan Catalano.
    Eu queria pedir para todos os Brasileiros que lerem minha mensagem para que escrevam pra mim...
    Um Beijão!
  • I love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish that there would have been a better ending to it, say maybe like finding out where Jordan and Angela went after getting in the car. Also, what ever happened with Brian? They should make 1 more episode with a juicy ending. MSCL Rules!!!!!!!!!!
  • briliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant site
    am working on one of my own
    love josh jackson & stereophonics

  • I just want to say to Sascha, thanks for putting in the time and effort you do to keep this site up together. You are doing a superb job. MSCL is something so special and unique that it should be kept going, in any way possible.
  • I think that my so called life is a wonderful show. They are like me and my use to be famiy. I can realte to them alot. I think that it is a great show and I can realte to them alot. I have had a pretty rough life and when I watch their show it helps me cope with my problems, really well. Keep up the show.
  • teenage angst has payed off well
    now i'm bored and old

    mscl forever
  • What can I say... MSCL has given me so much. It helped me during a tough time in life, and it brought me confidence and belief in myself. I completely identified with Angela, I have never felt that way either before or after. I just have to complain about one thing - in Sweden, where I live, they only ran 13 episodes!! I have thereby missed 6 episodes of the show! That's just terrible!!! How I wish I could get the chance to see them.
    Anyways, the show is the greatest ever shown on TV!!!
  • What can I say... MSCL has given me so much. It helped me during a tough time in life, and it brought me confidence and belief in myself. I completely identified with Angela, I have never felt that way either before or after. I just have to complain about one thing - in Sweden, where I live, they only ran 13 episodes!! I have thereby missed 6 episodes of the show! That's just terrible!!! How I wish I could get the chance to see them.
    Anyways, the show is the greatest ever shown on TV!!!
  • Hi!my name is chloé i'm from france and i just want to say that i love this site and i hope i could writte a great story


    ps:if u want some pics of jared or claire i have a lot of them so ..write me
  • My So Called life is one of the best American shows I have ever seen! (And I've seen a lot! English tv is so boring!) I watched every episode the first time round and then watched all the repeats a year later! Being British, I don't know whether there has been a new series, but I keep looking out for any news of a new series on British tv!! Not to mention the fact that Jared Leto is completely gorgeous!
  • I'm really loved MSCL....It's the most exciting and loved program I've ever seen!!! For two years I' try to send a e-mail to JARED LETO!! But, I' don'd have the e-mail adrees. Please!!!!!!!! If somebody knows her e-mail, send me, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm living in Brazil, I' 19 years...
  • Never before has anything had as much of an impact on my life as MSCL. Every episode can be applied to an aspect of my own life. I honestly believe that everyone has a little bit of Angela in them and their very own Jordan Catalono to obsess over. Although there are few, the episodes of MSCL will forever be one of the best representations of the high school experience.
  • When is the new page coming out? its almost october and no sign of it.
    oh and keep up the good work
  • Sorry for my message appearing two times!

    After I posted the first one, I thought I accidentaly deleted it!
  • Hi everyone!

    I´m currently working on a continuation of MSCL (10 episodes), and although I already have written a rough outline about the events in these episodes, I still want to know what YOU think should have happened after Jordan and Angela drove away.
    Please write me what you liked/didn´t like about the continuations on this site as well as about Catherine Clarke´s novel!
    Not only this boring "Brian or Jordan"- crap, but also more in-depth thoughts about the characters and their future:
    - Would Graham ever leave his family because of Hallie?
    - What about a coming out of Rickie?
    - Would Katimski out himself?
    - How would Kyle react on a breakup with Sharon?
    - Is Delia meant to be a full member of the crew or should she stay out of the action?
    - Which recurring characters should...errr...recurr? Neal? Vivian and Chuck? Joseph? Amber? Corey?
    - Should Angela easily forgive Rayanne?
    and so on...

    Please write your ideas into this guestbooks or submit them to me via e-mail, I´m always happy to get some inspiration :-)!


    P.S.: I think I´ll finish the first episode, "Triangles", before christmas, and the hole Arc will be finished within the next six months. There will be a both a German and an English version - if I find someone who proof-reads a possible English version!

    More news about the stories and some details as soon as I´ve got some more concrete ideas of the events!
  • Hi evryone!

    I´m currently planning a continuation of MSCL, and I have already a rough outline for 10 episodes.
    Although I´ve already read most of the other continuation and Catherin Clarkes new novel is on the way to my letterbox, I would like to know how YOU would like MSCL to continue.
    Not only this boring "Brian or Jordan?"- crap (neither one, IMHO!), but also things like:
    - Should Katimski do a coming out?
    - Are Hallie and Graham a good couple?
    - Should Rayanne and Angela make up?
    - Should there be some accidents or other unpredictable events to make everything more exciting?
    - What are perfect situations for the characters to get in?
    and so on!

    If you like, write your ideas in this guestbooks or submit them via e-mail, I´m always glad to get some new inspirations!


    P.S.: I think the first episode, working title "Triangles", will be finished before christmas, and it will take me about six months to write the whole 10-Episode-Arc. I hope to publish them both in English and German.
    More about this as soon as I´ve worked a little longer on the stories!
  • This is the best web site for MSCL. I got to write a story, see clips of the episodes, and thousands of pictures!! I now know that I'm not the only obsessed person around, just in my area. Keep the MSCL flame alive.
  • this site is a load of pants
  • I Love Claire, ALL her movies & MSCL! This site is AWSOME by the way!
  • Hi all you other MSCL fans!! i just wanted to get on here and say that I TOTALLY love this site, And I (probably like everybody else) can SSSOOOO relate to Angela and all her friends. I always just feel like i am totally part of their group of friends. And i just love Jordan!!
    Me and all my friends always tape all the shows and have slumber parties and end up just crying ALL night, I mean uh how could people be so prejudice against Ricky just because he's not exactly like them,you know? I mean i totally know how it is, cause my bother is gay and so is one of my very good friends. So i feel for all the gay people in the world.
    I know this might sound kind of wierd but if any body who reads this message ever wants to talk about any thing you can just email me. I am only 15 but all my friends say i give really good advice,but thats usually about like what to wear and stuff,but still just email me,i'll always be here for you.
    Love in MSCL
    your friend

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“Ignore her. She got up on the wrong side of the coffin this morning.”

Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez, Episode 9: "Halloween"