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  • hey! this site is awesome and i absolutely LOVE the show! anyway, this website's the best! rickie is my favorite character by far!! i love him!!!
  • please: im looking for all the chapters of the tv serie "my so called life". if any of you have them please contact me!
    busco los capítulso de Esta es mi vida. he visto un chico de barcelona que los tiene pero no se como ponerme en contacto con él. si ves esto porfavor ponte en contacto conmigo. Gracias.
  • Watching MSCL today, it is just as fresh as it was 10 years ago! Along with BUFFY and ANGEL, it's one of the best shows to ever air on TV.
  • I was 15 when the show came out and I felt like I could connect with every thought that went through each characters heads. Thanks for devoting something to that...
  • I just love My so-called Life
    And I just love Jordan Catalano.
  • who sings the theme song
  • Just wanted to say I love My So Called Life
  • hey y'all! MSCL is SO aewsum...but I guess u already knew neway....Jordan Catalano (JC) is SOOOOOOO hott!!!!!
  • awesome site
  • greets from germany. here mscl (on german: willkommen im leben [welcome to life]) its regrettably no more on tv ;o( but mscl had characterise my life for so long, i think! these show is really heavy!! bye (sorry for the bad english)
  • i love mscl!!! i think it relates to a lot of teenagers who are really just trying to find themselves. i watch it very friday on the n and see how angela is sorta like me. we are both good girls, have our own stle, and want a change. my favorite characters are angela, jordan, and rayanne. i like the show a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • I searched for years to find what the second song played at the Dance in the "life of Brian" episode! This site was the first place I've ever found it! MSCL rules.
  • hey im a fan of the my so called life show i like it alot talk to you guys later ok bye!!!
  • I loved MSCL when I was 11 and I still love it now that I'm 21!
  • 1 thing i love this show! i don't see how my sis does not like it ,in fact how can somone not like!
  • I like so miss the show. I am glad that "The-N" is now showing re-runs of the show. I think that it sucks though that they only show it once a week. I think it would be cool if they were able to re-air the show with new storylines, scripts, and characters or something.......
  • I just realized I hadn't signed the book before, so here I am for posterity's sake. 10 years since the show, 5 years since I first found this place. Thanks to those of you that contributed and kept the site going. You have changed lives.
  • levitra
  • i love ryann i am just like her.expect a few things and she is my role modle,i hope i am just like her (some day)
  • no comment
  • OMG MAN ON THE N last nigth I wacthed MSCL and I forgot how much I miss it sooo much I was 8 years old when it 1st aired and I bougth it on dvd this morning lmao I love the show sooo much I can't believe I forgot how good it was thank you the n.....
  • I was 20 years old and an undergrad when this show came out and it affected my life in a profound way. This show wakes a part of connects me to the best parts of my dreams, my aspirations, my hopes. Thank you so much.
  • Hey, no doubt this is a great show. Is it true Clare Danes wanted the show to end, does anyone have any quotations of Clare Danes, Jared leto, or Wilson Cruz talking about the show being canned and their thoughts regarding the show? Thanks!
  • I love my so called life I like ryann she is just like me except the fact that she ummed her best friends boyfriend and drinks a lot and i can so relate to angela because she is grow pain into becoming an adlut i am going thru that to
  • I love MSCL. It is one of the best shows ever! It is so sad the show was never renewed. At least we have it on DVD. This site is great. It really takes you beyond the show which is great. Keep up the good work!

    A So Called Fan,
    Carrie :)
  • Certa vez um grande amigo disse-me:

    "Viva cada dia como se fosse o último de sua vida".

    Eu faço isso todos os dias e a certeza que eu tenho é a de que não perco qualquer oportunidade, pois acredito que ela possa ser a última de minha vida!

    Um grande abraço a todos, Maycon.
  • those two commit that i just wrote were not what i was thinking. i like this dvd that i just brougt it's so amazing.who agrees with me uh
  • i like the show how am i kiding
  • i don't know what's is happening to my life .i think my father has runied it what can i do.
  • hey everyone
    are you all obssesed still?
    like do yous still watch it all the time and stuff?
    im in australia and it doesnt sell it here on dvd and to ship it costs money and i havnt done it before.
    if they know someone loves the show why do they take it off? like angel and buffy and dawsons creek the best shows ever and now its gone forever!!! its so unfair!! i reackon we should write to the creaters and ask them to make a new series..
    of mscl!!!
    you reackon? i think its a great show..
  • Cool, Cool...
  • My So-Called Life is the best show ever! I just went out to best buy and bought the dvds of thye show! I love Brian, hes so cool! drool....
  • wow cool website!!!..i really loved MSCL when i watched it some years ago and it´s still in my heart...Dawson´s Creek and MSCL have been so special for me!i won´t forget them never!!!and of course claire danes it´s together with katie holmes my favourite actress...:-)...greetings from spain and sorry if i have some english sometimes is not so good..*laugh*...
  • I've never seen this show b4 but i know that it's gonna start coming on the-N, so i wanna know more about it.
  • Hey, does anybody know if you can find MSCL on dvd or video tapes? I miss that show..... email me!
  • Hey all, just thought I'd sign the guestbook again, as I haven't logged on since November 2003-wow my life has been busy. Hope everyone is well and keeping MSCL alive! Take care, Emerald
  • This is a great site, I cannot believe I never thought of looking for a MSCL site before now. I'm glad to see people are keeping it alive. I just bought the DVDS and I am so glad its gonna be back on TV...its about time!
  • I love your website, and I'm glad to see MSCL is going to be back on TV. I finally ordered the DVDs and can't wait to have a MSCL party with all my twentysomething friends.
  • Hi! I can't wait to see MSCL on April 2nd on the N! I have never seen the show before and I've been to this site and know everything about it now! thanks to this site, i am an mscl fan and still never seen it! i have 2 wait a month, darn! well hi everyone and i'll see ya later!
  • Oh my gawd, i love this site! I have just dusted off my taped MSCL series and watched it again and it got me thinkng whether anyone still obsessed over it in the naughties as much as in the nineties. And you all doooo! Ive just got the soundtrack and i have to say one thing. It is a TRAVESTY that Buffalo Tom's 'late at night' wasn't featured. When Rayanne talks to Jordan and then that hallway scene where angela watches jordan walk over to her still gives me shivers. The music at that moment is perfection.
  • Just wanted to say what an excellent site this is! I was 12/13 when MSCL was on tv, and it fasintated me, i loved it. This place is great, its bought back a lot of memories!
  • I love this page, it full on rocks! i am suh a MSCL fan, and Claire Danes is my all-time favorite actress...My life is so similar, i have a rayanne(aubrey) a rickie(Dawson) a danielle( lil bro, vinnie) a Sharon( Jesica) a brian (Chris) and a Jordan...but i wont put down his name...this is the best, it is my FAVORITE WEBSITE!!!!!!!!
  • Wow! I miss this show...i need to go out and buy the collection thingy! The website is really gooD!
  • Great show - all my friends at the time were totally obsessed with it. It was devastating when they cancelled it.
    Could have been the cooler Dawsons Creek version of our time!
  • Wow, I can't believe this site is still up. If anyone visits can you tell me where I might be able to find an old picture of Shannon Leto. A picture from when he was on MSCL. Thanks.. Happy New Year to Everyone.
  • Hi!
    It's been a long time since my last visit, and I was afraid that this site wouldn't be here any more, but it was. So huge THANK YOU for that!
    MSCL was THE best show ever!!
    Greetings to ya!
  • This is one of the coolest sites on the web about maybe the best tv show ever. You guys rock! Happy New Year!
  • I would like to write this important sentence:
    ``Happy birthday Jared``
  • I just watched the last episode of mscl, I've got it on tape and I'm so sad right now, cause it's so good. I don't think anyone has made better television yet.
    why the hell did they stop making mscl???? But you know, maybe we all love it so much because we can't get any more of it..And my goodness, I'm not gay, but I just love Claire Danes!!!!
  • I still really miss his show. I remember watching it forst time round, and then Channel 4 re-ran it about a year later. I taped my two fave episodes and still watch them. I'm so chuffed they're out on region-free DVD. This site is awesome too.

    kissies xxxx
  • Any Los Angeles groupies out there?
    The honesty and emotion that was present in every line of MSCL inspired me to follow a career in the film and tv industry. I moved from London to Los Angeles and though I'm only a Producer's assistant right now, I have big plans to create an equally awe-inspiring show in the future. I would like to meet any MSCL groupies living in LA. I have this goofy idea that maybe we can get together and read the scripts. Maybe even put on a theatre performance of the best episodes. (Though we'd have to take turns to play Angela!) Any takers? Email me at
  • Hi fellow my so-called life fans!! My name is Kristy I am 23, and
    still feeling the aftermath of the show. I was 14 turning 15 when the
    show was airing. My all time favorite episode is Episode 11: The
    Life of Brian. Absolutely love the chemistry between Angela and
    Jordan in that episode. I need to buy the box set. Any commenys,
    e-mail me!!
  • trade-I have MSCL dvd box.I want Once and again.
  • Just showed my 13 year old daughter the 17 episodes I taped for her in 1995 when she was five. She has been home sick for two days and we did nothing but watch the shows.

    Needless to say she totally loved them despite the fact that they are 8 years old. I knew she would and it brought joy to my heart to share them with her.

    B Howard
  • This show was so sweet that I want to crap my pants! I now own the dvd collection and bonus disk and lunchbox and I love them!
  • Does anyone have any My So Called Life Videos i could have copies of? Fancy a bit of nostalgia!!
  • i don't know what song it was but i'm guessing it was by Buffalo Tom, the concert they were at that night..maybe if you can try to hear some lyrics and enter them into a search engine, then you can find the song..good luck!
  • Thank you for still keeping this gorgeous site! I'm thrilled over and over again, reading the transcripts, looking at the pictures, ... remembering. Lots of love, Julia
  • ...every time I watch it, I feel like I'm back in 90', it feels good, I miss that.
    MSCL is like a family album!
  • this site kicks ass. i loved this show when it was on the air, i grew up with it. but what i'm looking for is a song that was played on the show. the sceen was Renee was talking to Jordan about how he liked Angela, and Jordan was playing pool at the time. The song was being played by a live band at the club. i have wanted to know who that song was played by since the day i heard it for the first time, but i can't find the info anywhere, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! thanks, email me back if you know
  • My so-called life. WoW!!
    Its just so cool!!! Claire Danes rocks!! ;)
    Jared leto aren't so bad either.
    And the clothes,ahh.. Brings back old memories.
    Nice page..
  • I love MSCL. This site is really nice.
    But i didn't know that there where 2 books.
    What is the 2nd book called?
    I really need to know!
  • This is of course the best MSCL site on the web and I'm amazed at how many other people love the show, some even in England (most people I know have never even heard of MSCL). I've only recently discovered the show, as I bought the DVD box set a while ago and a new multi-region DVD player. I knew before I saw the show that I'd love it, and I did. What I liked most about the show was Angela & Jordan's relationship and how it made me feel. Wishing I had what she had at times. I'm young still, so I can relate to the show a lot. MSCL's great as new people are discovering it every day and enjoying it on a whole new level. It really is one of the best teen-dramas around. I hope to become a regular on the Forum and make lots of new friends. Great website, loved the photos and Encyclopedia info, keep up the good work! Emerald.
  • I'm a big fan of the show.And I would like to know, how did the first book end?The same way as the show?And i would like to know about the second book...if someone who has read them would please send an e-mail to me I would be very glad!(I can't read them myself,because they are not in sale in here and the show was first showed in estonia a year ago)
  • I’ve never written something in a guestbook before, but I’m so enthusiastic about this site and finding out I wasn’t the only big fan of my so called life! I always taped the weekly episode and watched it every following day of the week. It really influenced me then. I even broke up with one of my first boy friends because he always called me while the show was on and I couldn’t miss a second. And he didn’t look like Jared of course.
  • I'm glad I found this site, but I have to admit it makes me a little sad. Watching the show again makes me think about me being 15 and watching the show and how much I could relate to Angela, but I guess we all have to grow up someday.
  • i just finished the dvd set as well, after three days..the show was on tv when i was still in grade school and i had not seen it since so watching this was like practically seeing it again for the first time. as much as i enjoyed it i had so many criticisms about the show(that's not to say it was a bad show) and of course i was so so angry when i finished watching it all and there were so many questions never to be answered. i desperately searched the menu of the dvd trying to find any clue, maybe what would have happened if the show had survived..but of course there was's been racking my brain for days..but anyway, regardless of my few criticisms it was an amazing show and it's a complete injustice for what happened to it.
  • I bought the DVD set based on the positive reviews I had read on various sites. I had never seen the series before, nor had I really heard about it. After having just watched the entire series, I must say that this was one fantastic series. All the characters are so well written and so well played that they seem so entirely real. It brings a tear to the eye knowing that there will never be another episode, especially considering all the doors that the finale opens. This is a great site, it is great to know so many people care about this fine series!
  • the website fits the show - theyre both absolutely perfect!!! I just bought the DVD boxed set - and it brought back all the memories of watching the show when i was younger - it was great then and its great now - its an absolutely timeless show! its great to see that there are still so many fans =)
  • Didn't you just want to *be* Anegela? I mean, she had, like, *the* hottest guy in the school, but at the same time she, like, didn't.

    I was a Brian-Angela fan. I fell in love with Brian after the cop told him to take care of her in the very first episode. I wish I could find some of those T-shirts!! I really miss MSCL, and I wish that the writers would have at least publised a script of the actual episode 20!
  • I love My So Called Life. It was definitely my favorite show when I was younger. I got soooo addicted to it when it reran on MTV and I cried when it got taken off the air. Part of me and I know part of my friends grew up on MSCL. This site is awesome. I'm looking to buy a box set on VHS, so if anyone knows where to get one, plz lemme know.
  • i was so surprised to find such a great site! i think it is defintely one of, if not THE, best that i've found. thanks for sharing all this information! i'll definitely keep coming back...
  • Great site ! MscL is the beste show EVER ! Claire Danes is so amazing. And the band buffalo tom rocks !!! buffalo tom is still alive !
  • Ich suche noch ein paar Folgen auf VHS. Leider habe fehlen mir noch ein paar in meiner Sammlung.

    Was wirklich wichtig ist
    Das erste mal
    und die Folge 18 !!!!!!

    Bezahle selbstverständlich oder kann zum Tausch andere Folgen anbieten...

    bitte meldet euch unter
  • I still love your site, it's great! :)
    It is a shame MSCL doesn't come anymore!
    I miss it!
  • Man just discovered this site. I can't believe it's 9 years since I used to watch MSCL. I used think it was the best show on TV back in 94 when I was 16. I've never seen it since (although I believe it was repeated on C4 a few years back cos my younger bro watched and got into it too!) - maybe it's best to leave the memories untouched. Man Claire Danes was so fit - I fancied her like mad with that red hair do of hers! Keep the Faith.
  • OMG i have just found this website and thank god because i used to watch it like all the but i never seen the last episode and i always wondered what happened.... if angela would ever get back with jordan!!!!!!!!!!!! i really wish channel 4 would repeat it but i doubt they ever will. anyway i will just have to make do with readin the script instead ( so not the same ) p.s lovin this site brings back lotsa memories
  • You have put together the most amazing web site! I cannot belive how extensive your database of MSCL stuff is!!! What an honest and loving tribute to the best show that has EVER been made. Thank you so much for keeping My So Called Life alive! Keep goin'!
  • I am doing "My So Called Life" for my Higher Media course. I think the programme is excelent and although made a while ago still relates to teenagers in this day and age.

    Harvest x
  • Well, I just discovered My So-Called Life. I really like Claire Danes, and after watching The Rainmaker last thursday I went on the internet for some more information about her. I'm a fan of the band The Ataris, and they have this song "My So Called Life". So I downloaded the first episode on KaZaa, and I really love it. I just ordered the DVD with all the 19 episodes on, and can't wait to watch them all! And yes, this is a pretty cool site also.
  • I was just looking at the different polls and i think that i would have voted for the "weekend" episode as my least favorite episode a few years ago. but now, i think it's pretty good. I personally think that most people will appreciate it as they get closer to the parent's age.
    i think all the episodes are great.
  • Last week I pulled out my videotapes of the 19 episodes I taped from Showcase years ago. This show is like a fine wine which has aged closer to perfection. I can't believe 9 years have gone by and MCSL still has the ability to create pure magic. Though further seasons would have been great, I somehow think these 19 episodes were meant to stand alone for the rest of time as the epitome of a perfect season. Amazing.
  • I love the show , Claire is great and Jared is soooooo sweet!
  • Thankyou for this brilliant site. You truly keep MSCL alive for us fans and its so cool to go through this Gbook and see all the different countries that people come from.
    Not alot of my friends know about MSCL but i'm educating them!! ps I think jared leto is so hot...he's breathtaking.
  • This site is amazing! I can't get enough of it! Keep up the good work!
  • I'm really impressed with the depth of this site. I feel
    like it's 1994 again. Oh those were the days ... Keep
    up the good work. "This site's so beautiful ... it hurts to
    look at it." lol :)
  • Hey all the MSCL fans out there! I am yet another great fan of the show and love this site! :)
  • Hi every fans of mscl! I`m a big fan of mscl from Sweden that listens to ``30 seconds to mars``. When I saw on the series in Sweden last summer I started check out who this ``Jordan Catalano`` was( there was something that I found attractive at him, somebody that feels the same... I bet!)
    But anyway... I looked on some films he`d been on, and I thougt he was realy good. And in school I did a work about Jared, and when I was searching on internet about him I found out that he was in a band... I was like...:)!
    When I was little I danced ballet to rock music at home beacuse my dad listen to it, but when I got older I started listen to pop music. Now I`m almost only listen to rock music beacuse of Jared and his band have inspired me to start listen again!
    I`m not thinking ``Ohhmygosh he looks so great!!!`` anymore. Now I`m thinking ```TEY ARE SO GOOD!!``.
    So if there`s anyone that`s are a fan of mscl and 30stm whitout tanly thinking of Jared send me a mail. Beacuse I have nobody to talk with here in now cold Sweden about it.

    Many Hugs Sara (16 years old Sweden fan)
  • Very impressive site dedicated to a great show. Keep up the good work.
  • Heh-heh, I've been here about a year now and I never signed the guestbook! Well, now that I get around to it I will forego my trademark sarcasm (just this once) and say that, while I already knew that MSCL was a great show, I had no idea that it was equaled by its fans. Thanks, and have a good one...
  • I just wanted to say hi, HI ! =)
    My So-Called Life is absolutely the best tv serie ever!
    I will always love that show. Claire Danes is so great actress.

    By the way, is there any finnish My So-Called Life or Claire Danes fans?? Or am I the only one? Hope not..
  • My so called life = the bomb... Its the B*E*S*T..
    *RaYannE* ( A.j langer) is the best... Jordan catalano (Jarod Leto) is fiiiiine.. you know.... I wonder how it end.. do you know?? HuGs too EVRY my so called life fans*** Good Luck in the future***
  • I totally love My So called Life. I was so young when the show came on, but I remember watching it. It wasnt til recently that I rediscovered MSCL. I have been watching films with the cast in them and it just reminded how great they where.
  • my so called life is my favourite show. i love jorden (jarod leto)
  • i love the show so much. and this site rocks.
  • Excellent site. Keep up the good work. Samantha Williams
  • Nice story. Almost with real people. OR is it real people but it doesn't matter its a great story. I suggest this story with 4 and a ½ stars if it was a movie.

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“My dad thinks every person in the world is having more fun than him.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"