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  • I rediscovered MSCL in August and to be honest I can't get enough. I am 29 and watched the series when it first aired in the UK. This show has a huge place in my heart and I can't wait to receive my copy of the new DVD out on 30th October 2007. I have converted my DVD player especially to play region 1. It upset me as everybody else when this show was cancelled and I have enjoyed reading the continuatuions so much that I am writing my own. Look out for it soon. That image of Brian at the end of episode 19 upsets me and I shout at my tv everytime. Thank you MSCL and thank you Due to this website this brilliant programme lives on.
  • Hey, I also saw the 19 episodes on only two days. Theyre so amazing and it's really a pitty that there not more of it. When I was a little girl my two bigger sisters watched "my so called life" and I was too young to understand it:)Two weeks ago I read that it is able to buy the whole episodes and I bought them. Good decision, I think.Besides I am very impressed that this site is up to date. Great!:)Greatz from Germany and sorry for my bad English.Bye,Anna-lena
  • WOW
  • I just bought the DVD Box and i saw all the 19 episodes on 2 days. I couldn't remember the end bit it is so sad, because the last episode has no real end, Angela's father seems to have an affair and Angela realize that Brian wrote this amazing letter instead of Catalano. So, very sad and i can't understant that there are not more episodes have been done..
  • YAY! I love the new layout. Very Glad to see that MSCL fans are still out there and truly loving the show like when it first came out.:):)
  • Gosh I love that show and just bought the DVD's. My So Called Life was a great show and represented the 90's generation. It's great to see that the site is refreshed. Keep it up!!!Thanks.
  • they need to do a movie
  • I was about 11 when i watched MSCL and i loved every minute of it. Jared Leto was the only guy i ever had a poster up of on my wall! I was gutted when it finished and i've wanted to watch it again ever since, so i can't wait until the new box set is available!

    This site is great, just reading about all the episodes gives me that great feeling of nostalgia!
  • I created a MSCL soundtrack of sorts using finetune site. You can find it under the user name Frozen_Embryos or under the playlist called Residue. All tracks are either in the show, mentioned in the show or related to the show in some way.
  • That would be episode 7, Why Jordan Can't Read.
  • Hi-- Hoping you or your network of MSCL fans can help me remember a scene, a still from which I want to use in a book I am writing.
    Do you remember a scene in which Angela and Patty, after some distressing occurrence, retire to a bedroom and eat ice cream together straight out of the container?
    Do you remember which episode that was in?
    Would love it if you could help with this!
  • "You know how sometimes the last sentence you said, like, echoes in your brain? And it just keeps sounding stupider? And you have to say something else just to make it stop?"
  • hi all,
    is there anybody active here? i really hope that this site is still on. hope to get a reply from anyone soon.

    love mscl.
  • They showed the series here back in 2000.I fell in love with it immediately.
  • when this show hit england it had a huge impact . every one wanted to be angela , dressing like her and colouring their hair. i love this show it was so true to teen age life. it was funny and emotional and reflected what teens of our time really felt and thought. i cant believe it got axed after just one season!! i just bought the dvd set. its awesome.
  • Finally Finally Finally it's out in Europe, well so far in the UK is all I know, I couldn't wait so I ordered it and YAY today it was in my mailbox, I'm sooooooooo happy!
  • I remember being like 11 when the show was aired, thank God for cable; years past and a few weeks ago I started feeling nostalgic after heraing this R.E.M. song "everybody hurts" and there it was, the Chase's front porch. I had to go back, so I did...
  • i love you jared leto, you are carved in my heart forever...
    after seeing u at revolution, it reminded me of mysocalled life scene where angela goes to that party and she gets thrown in mud. i was a complete mess when i left your show.
  • It is completely random that I searched for "My So-Called Life" on the internet, however, I just went to a 30 Second to Mars (Jared Leto's band) concert last night and seeing him reminded me of the show.

    This was my absolute favorite tv show back in the day, and I was so disappointed when it was canceled.

    I haven't quite searched for them yet, but if there are any MSCL dvd's out there - I'd love to watch them again!
  • I don't know why I looked for this show today, maybe because it was so boring in the office ;-) This show was great, I loved it. When the film starts in Austria I was 14 or 15 years old and I understood Angela. I always wanted to have fire red hair, but my mum said no. I hope the show will start again - I would love to remember my teenager-time :-)
  • I feel extremely lucky be of the generation x time period. I am 31 years old-so I was fortunate to have really been able to relate to MSCL-Degrassi & other great shows. I thought the show was great and I wish there were more episodes made. I wondered at the time why it disappeared so quick. 90210 was entertaining, but not something I can personally relate to being middle class. But I could relate to this show. Now about 13 years later I am thrilled to have discovered the show on the N network at 5 in the morning. That's not a great time slot but I am up at that time so I am brought back in time to my years in highschool. It's funny how a show from your childhood or teenage years can be like a time machine. I still sometimes feel 15 again-like no time has elapsed. Anyway-thanks to the N and ebay and amazon-I break the monotony of my thirty something life. Maybe i should look at those episodes too-funny how at 15 I thought my thirtys were so far off. (-:

  • myspace music "Kiel Felix and the Observers" has a funny MSCL song called "The Gap".
  • MSCL still holds true to be my favorite show ever. This site helps keep the MSCL fire burning within me and everyone that visits. Thank you for your hard work!
  • Good job. I loved the articles. I remember the show but I cant watch the reruns. I want to say that I think the show ultimately failed because it focused more on what the characters were thinking and feeling rather than what they were doing and even though that is somewhat realistic for teenagers it is boring. I mean I got into misadventures in high school that would make for better drama. Basically as one person said MSCL is THE WONDER YEARS with hormones. The show lacked grit. Well thats enough I guess. I would love to write a big article like some did (COULD I? let me know). I gotta say though that aside from the mom the only girl that actually took the salami was Sharon a textbook do anything that moves girl? Rayanne: a closet virgin and Angela: a vegetarian. How about Krakow and a girl passed out at a party? That would make a good episode, realistic anyway. Not politically corect I know but along those lines why didnt they let the gay kid get wild? To much the other way I guess. Graham needed to grow a set of balls, Patty?: a bitch slap and the kid sister needed to grow up faster cause she was the real porn star out of that bunch. Jordan was probably the most realistic:good looking, got laid a good amount and really in the end just a tool. Now that I think about it maybe they could do a reunion series on HBO or something. I doubt Claire Danes would go along but to me shes still Angela Chase even Terminator 3. Ok one more how about a show where Patty gets her stuff yanked. Her well mannered domineering really annoyed me.
  • I've never seen the show, but from what I've read I would totally love to see MSCL. I'm sure if i had actually been at a decent age when it was out (i was 4 when it aired here)it would have been a favourite show of mine. It sounds awesome and some of the quotes or storylines I've come across I can really relate to. can't wait to start watching!
  • I just love this site. I stumbled on it by accident and I was hooked witht he first fanfiction story I read! Thanks so much...
  • I grew up watching this show, it was an important part of my life and of who I was at the time. I was very young, Angela's age and my biggest wish was to dye my hair into red. And nobody would let me. So now, 8 years later I'm gonna make my teen wish come true. and the best part is that I still can remember all the quotes,too. i think it was a great show and after this there couldn't be any better.
  • I love this show. I bought the dvd set (before it sold out) and i've watched it over and over. I'm happy I found this site with so much information and to know that there are more fans like me who hated to see this show end. Great site!
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  • i love the show. Jared Letto is so hot in it.i love all of them. i used to stay up till 5:00 in the morning every day just to watch it.that was the only time it came on i wish they would make more episodes.
  • My so called life in German "Willkommen im Leben" was my fave TV Soap ten years ago. :-)
  • I loved this program so much! I remember when it first aired, When it was repeated I tryed to tape them all but missed a few so have a tape with a few missing but its great to dig out every now and then. Why are the dvds so expensive on amazon?! Anyway I would like to think Angela ended up with Jordan but I just dont think it worked out.
  • the show rocks!!!!!!!!!
  • none
  • I found that my Brother's girlfriend had the DVD OF MSCL. I was really excited by this, I was the perfect age for the series and it just made total sense to me. Even 11 years on and without seeing the dvd i kept remembering the show and that William Shakespere poem about someone's imperfections being perfect to some one else. Anyway I always wondered what happened in the end, did I miss it? And now I find there never was an end, it just stopped. This really frustrates me. Does any one know whether the writer expressed how, if it had an ending how it would go. I really need to know. I loved this progromme but I just feel Im left hanging wondering who Angela would have ended up with? A bit sad,I KNOW! If anyone can this question I will keep an eye out for it on the website. Good to know other people still love this witty and true to life programme so many years on.
  • A very nice tribute on youtube (no, not mine)


    (replace underscores with periods)
  • hey hey whatz up jared my name is kelsee one of your biggest fans!!! just sayen whatz up and your soooo Hott w/a capital H well i wish you would get on a show on fuse that would be sw33t i saw the P.A. when josh interview'd you that was so kool even though you about knock'd josh out thatt was so funny ((the most important part of an interview is listening)) i say that all the time now yepp! yepp! well guess i'll talk to ya l8r

  • It is the best work, which I ever ve seen Everything is so harmonious, that even such aggressive critic as I would not be desirable to change anything!

  • I LOVE My So Called Life!!! I really love Rayanne becauseshe is so crazy and awesome and is exactly like me!!
  • Hey! My so called Life was,and still is one of the best T.V series Ive ever seen. I used to run home to catch it on T.V. Its the best ever
  • its been more than ten years and until now i'm still longing for more of MSCL. Dawson's creek and Felicity were no match to it. Next to MSCL, I got hooked with YOUNG AMERICANS but then agin the series was cut short short. Why is it that these producers keep cutting out good shows? I hope we get dvd copies of MSCL copies in my country too.
  • i really like the web page.
    how much is my so called life on dvd?

  • Here is good website!!! I will introduce it to my friends... Please, introduce my site to your friends :)
  • I miss this show ...I remember it would only come on around 1:00 in the morning and I would be soo tired the next day...but I love it and I want to buy every episode
  • Hi to all. Great and Cool site out here.
  • Great site for a great show. keep it up guys.

  • 10 years after the show im still loving every episode
  • This website is a great tribute to the greatest show ever placed on television.
  • this is kool. i luv MSCL. im gonna buy it soon! yay
  • An amazing website for an amazing show!
  • I adore My So Called Life.
    And Jared Leto is freaking gorgeous.
  • Hello to everybody! Hope everyone likes this nice site!
  • I loved this show and am buying it =)
  • i really really love my so called life i love the older style ofit and i wish things were like tht now!!!! xx
  • Loved it!
  • i am so obsessed with mscl again many thanks for this site.
  • I loved this programme when it came out and still love it now... it's my fave ever tv show.
  • hola qiero decir q soy fan de jared leto y q me encanta el lindo
  • i watched the show when i was 12 and i was my favorite series ever and i used to think love feels like..u know when you see somnethin on tv and..well i always wanted a jordan catalano.i live in hungary and now i got to tickets to the 30 nseconds to mars concert in new york the leadsinger of the band is jared leto and im so excited i never been to the states and i just kept thinking about MSCL and took a look at this website and its just cool..the exact same feeling..:)
  • hry my so-called life is amazing!! and brian is so cute!
  • I am totally depressed that the show like, never ended. I am a twenty-six year old who is still obsessed with the a non-freaky way. If you can imagine it. I am totally an adult. Except when it comes to this show. I sound wierd. Oh, well. Cest la vie.
  • ooooohhno, my so called life isnt on any more, even though it was all re-runs i miss that show so much, i saw a new movie with jared leto in it and i was like, oh man i wish my so called life was on again, now its replaced by popular, which isnt a bad show, but now they are playing re-runs of that too, i just want my so-called life back on t.v.:(
  • ye know the one where the girl is an angel and playin guitar,.,, luv it, like kinda need 2 hear again
  • i lke need 2 find out about a song, or whatever
  • he's lite skined and has hazel eyes
  • wow, i only started to watch this show about a year ago but i loved it so much! now i cant watch it anymore since it was taken off the channel i was watching it on, i can still see clips on here and stuff though, its so great to have this site. thank you so much!
  • watching mscl brings back good memories for me i really miss watching it.
  • I LOVE MY SO CALLED LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • omg i luv this show but all i really want to c is jorden catelano (jared leto). hes soooooooo hot!! y isn't it on nemore?well like tha re-runs i luvd dem!!! i really really miss tha show!!! get it back on air...plz plz plz:P
  • just got the dvd box set on ebay and I am absolutely loving the show all over again!!
  • I enjoy the show very much. It make me laugh. Keep up the good work. Thank you for all the laughs..
  • i love this show i stay up all night untill 5:00 in the moring just to watch it and all i want is to see all of them like a marthon please please on the N
  • Hey...Its great to see that so many people love MSCL as much as I do after all these years. I use to watch it everyday on the Family channel. For all other people living in Canada who are as disappointed as I am that MSCL was taking off of the Family channel, I urge you to PLEASE go to and send a compliant so that it can be brought back. Thank you :):):):)
  • Hey everyone. It's so cool that people actually write in here so long after the show quit running on tv. Just wanted to say Happy New Year to ya'll, and keep the spirit om MSCL burning!
  • I'm a rather old guy at 49 who discovered MSCL about a year or so ago on re-runs (currently 12/05). I cannot define exactly what it is about the show that has captured my soul but something has. It has become an obsession with me.
  • I finally found a show that I liked enough to watch consistently then they take it away. Quite the injustice if you ask me.
  • hahaha yea i actully use the expression in my humble opinion i got it my so called life everyone laughs at me but oh well
  • yes my heat is broken too they stopped playing it on family channel
  • Jordan Catelano is hot shit
    i took the dvd to portugal and got a bunch of my friends into it there
  • MSCL best show i've ever seen. I've probley watched every episode atleast 10 times each. They stopped playing it on Fam channel. my heart is officially broken.
  • i love and desperately miss this show..i'm 17 and it totally helps me to deal with all the stuff in my life there anyone my age in the UK who loves MSCL too?
  • Why did this show get canceled anyways? And I really would love a comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this show its so meaningful and true. Its a real look into the teenage world, by teens. My feelings are always so overwhelmed when I watch My So-Called Life and I can really relate to the situations. I wish this show was still generating more awesome episodes
  • Happy Thanksgiving...Slow to the draw I only resently found out that there are only 19 shows... 19 omg how depressing... thank God for the Fan Fiction it keeps the mind going!... Oh and much love to the "N" for keeping the LIFE going ;)
  • Wow well first off I love my so called life! Me and my bestfriend would stay up till 1 am just to watch it everyday!! Its an amazing show.
  • I'm desperately seeking the MSCL dvd box set. Any new plans for a re-release.
  • my name is holly callaghan and i am 16
  • I would like u to take me off the account with mail.trueswitch thanks,Connie
  • i love clair danes she is life she is so pritty butiful just like romeo said wen he saw you true buti was there it was the best film ever! please do another one with romeo its the best but i like the way u lookied in that movie every one i know loves you and that movie i show it with everyone and im proud to do that for (romeo and juliet} im Taylor and i live qld in aus and i come from usa boston and im jojo the 14 year old cusin she is a good singer but u r the souls of life and i do and no shakesper i love it well thank u for the film roeo and juliet love taylor
  • hi i love u all
  • OMG. I love this show.. I almost cried in the episode where Brian like admits that he wrote the letter for Jordana nd then Jordana nd Angela just like leave him there and drive off.. I was screaming at my T.V. poor Brian.. (l) YOU.
  • I have for the last few days watched the 19 episodes once again. I'ts been a year since last time I saw the show,and ten years scince the first.
    But still,after all this time, I can't come up with one word good enough to describe it.
    It's just too close to perfection.
    My love to all the fans out there:)
  • my so called life rocks my socks:D:D:D:D
  • I LOVE this show.
    And I want to marry Brian Krakow.
    i definitely find him sexier than Jordan. (Am-I normal?....)

    and i wish i could buy the DVDs here in Europe... :(

    Thank you for this website. it's amazing.
  • It Will be on tonight at 11:00 p.m on the family channel WATCH IT =)
  • (\__/)
    (='.'=) I really love the show because I
    (")_(")can like actually relate to how angela is feeling but i also envy her because she gets to kisss Jared Leto and make out with himm She isss sooo lluckkY!
  • I love Jared Leto Soooooo FRIGGEN MUCH

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“School is a battlefield for your heart.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"