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  • i really love this site and I think it is the best MSCL site ever. i love Jordan and I think you should have loads more photos of him! Seeya
  • Hi, I'm actually really surprised to find that this web site was only updated a few days ago! There seem to be a few other abandoned MSCL web sites about. Well done!! Keep the work up!!!!

    I love the My so-called Life series. They only showed it twice here in the UK and it was never released on video here, unfortunately. I did however record the last 14 (I think), as I missed the first 5, and I lent them to loads of friends and we sometimes watched them together. We all agreed that they were great (and they still are!). There were quite a few laughs while watching some of the funnier ones!

    It is a wonderful series which was underated and hopefully will experience a revival in coming years. I suppose this has already been seen with the release of many new teenage anst series but few have the lovable character of My so-called Life!
  • Gawd do u guys know how it makes me feel to know that there are others out there like me who have cried and laughed and basically gone through every emotion with Angela... Im so happy... I seriously want to cry... MSCL what can I say, MSCL is the most powerful series ever created.. I find it unbelivable the way that the things Angela said and did and thought about are exactly what is going on in my life... Im so lost for words I dont know what to say accept I love MSCL its only started airing recently in Australia so I havent seen all of the episodes yet... but I love it and I love all of you who love it too. CLARE danes is the best actress ever.And Jared is ok... I dont watch it to perve on him theres too many other ineteresting things going on.

    GO,NOW! GO!
  • Hey guys,
    I'm really enjoying your website! I'm on my annual Mscl bindge(a.k.a. watching all the episodes, visiting websites, reading my collection of articles!)I can't begin to express how much I miss it! Oh well, anyway your website really helps, thanks!
  • This is the best fanfiction site!I LOVE it!But,if anyone wants to help me and make my site at least as good as to deserve to be linked here,send some MSCL related works to me(but they musn't be published anywhere else on the net before!)
    Love ya all and THANKS(heaps)
  • This is the best MSCL website, but it's not the best Claire Danes site. Try yahoo's list, there's some great ones. This is the best MSCL site, though.
  • Btw, I like the Pregnant Pauses episode.
  • Hmm ..they just started screening MSCL on local tv lately. I like Brian although I can feel people labelling him a nerd.
    Ok, nerds are cool ok! They score straight As because they work hard (they deservere it)and they have feelings like any other people.
    So I guess I don't like it when people label a person that is a nerd.Basically I can't stand people labelling a person just becoz of the way they are.
  • well although i think this page is a pile of pants, i love the show of mscl and think it's genius should be recognised.
  • I love the stories - there are some really great writers out there. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there that misses the gang. Keep up the good work!!
  • I think they should have kept "My So Called Life "
    going.Why did they take it off when it was such a great show? I started watching it this summer when we got like mega cable and then they started reruns of "Party of Five" so I don't know what the rest of it is like. But now I'm hooked on these shows 'Felicity" ,"Buffy", and "Dawson's Creek" which I hope they don't cancel for some stupid reason!!!!!!
  • This is a great site. It's an amazing feeling to revisit all of the episodes in your mind. I'm so glad that I taped the episodes while they were still on. Thanx for the memories.
  • Thank you. That's a very unremarkable way to show my gratitude for what you have done with your website but I wanted to tell you that anyway. It's been seven years since I graduated from high school and these days I'm wearing a suit and tie to work. For the most part, the insecurities and teenage angst are gone now. You know what, though? I kinda miss it! I'm so grateful that, for at least a short time, something as wonderful as "My So-Called Life" existed. Thanks for letting it live on.
  • This is an exellent site, I have really enjoyed reading all the stories other people have read. They are all really great.Well done!
  • Hello fellow mourners! :( Finally, they took my advice and released the videos! (jk) Nothing can ever replace the hole in my heart where this show goes. If you're desperate for a new obsession, watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Felicity" on the wb. (8 pm tues. eastern time) They're the closest I can find to filling the gap. Love yall!

  • Hello fellow mourners! :( Finally, they took my advice and released the videos! (jk) Nothing can ever replace the hole in my hear where this show goes. If you're desperate for a new obsession, watch "buffy the vampire slayer" and "Felicity" on the wb. They're the closest I can find to filling the gap. Love yall!

  • I'm a freshman at SFA (GO JACKS!!) and MSCL is the most
    realistic show about teenagers. It has been a very
    important part of my life as well as my sister's life
    and it hurt me that it was taken off the air. The idea
    was way before it's time I guess, but at least it's
    still on MTV and now I can go buy the videos. I just
    wanted to express my appreciation for the show and the
    impact it has had and is still having on teenagers in
    my generati
  • I'm from Finland and "My so-called life" is one of my favorite tv-show. This serie has come out from finnish tv two times!!! Hope see it again. I think that Jared and Claire very good actors. And I hope that I can watch their films and tv-programs here in Finland too!!! Hello to everybody who likes Jared and Claire are the best!
  • I love this site.
    I belong to the so-called mailing list & I also started a MSCL Yahoo fan club!
    Email me 4 more info or go here:
    thanx & C U L8R!
    -T. Catalano
    t_catalano is my Yahoo nick.
  • I don't usually watch T.V. but when I started watching mscl about 2 weeks before it went off showcase, I was hooked. I'd do anything for it to get back on the air. This website rocks, cause I can find out basicly what I want to know. It's been hard the past while not being able to Jared Leto on T.V. !
    Thanks for the site !
  • I really enjoy reading all of the scripts and poems on this site. I started watching MSCL when MTV first started playing it. I don't know why I didn't watch it before then, but I got really into it. I liked the characters and the way their relationships evolved througout the show. My favorite episode is when Angela and Sharon forgave each other. Keep up the awesome job with the site! Have a great life everyone!
  • I think My So-Called Life was the best TV show EVER and whoever it was that decided to take it off air needs their head examined!!! I loved all the characters, but mostly Angela as she spoke the truth about so many teen issues and I could relate to her the most....Can you guys in the US get it on video? That's so cool - we can't get it here and they won't even repeat it....Oh well, I guess I'll just have to come back here again and again so I don't miss it too much!!!
  • This webpage is so cool! I absolutely love MSCL
    I think it is the best tv series ever made in the
    history of television. The first time round when
    they aired the series in England I liked it, but
    only cos I thought Jared Leto was sexy! The second
    time though I grew to realise how good MSCL
    actually was. The fan fiction on here is class
    especially the life of brian
  • Ok it is, like, totally weird but for some reason i am starting to get totally obsessed with MscL and the funny thing is i have actually only seen it once...
    So now you like have to convince Belgian stations to start airing your show cos it is like a randomly compleet bummer that you aren't on here...
    I am like totally "Oh so" dummed i can't see it !!!
    Stay cool guys !!!
    Roxy - Sara***
  • What is it about "My so called life"?

    Maybe everyone can associate with one of the characters.

    Unfortunately I think I'm a Brian.

    Oh well, life goes on.
  • Hi everyone! Well I've already signed up this guestbook a long, long time ago but today I've got something special to say to French fans...

    Je suis sûre que vous êtes nombreux à avoir déjà visité ce site... Même si les éventuelles 'stories' en Français ne vaudront jamais celles en Anglais (rien qu'en comparant la version française doublée on comprend ce que je veux dire), je pense qu'il serait une bonne chose d'en écrire (ce que je suis déjà en train de faire, traduction en Anglais y compris) et en plus ça ferait plaisir à Sascha... (si, si je vous assure!!!) Voilà c'est ce que j'avais à dire. Et au fait, qe'est-ce que vous pensez de la diffusion de la série par France2? (par rapport à Canal Jimmy) Bref, plus qu'une chose à ajouter: send me an E-mail...
  • I started watching MSCL when it first aired a few years ago. Now I try and watch it every chance I get on a local station.
    I am a huge fan of Claire Danes and will probably always be. I am looking forward to seeing the videos in stores.

  • Hi! I really like this site. Its informative and has a large variety of entertaining MSCL fics. One problem though: no updates sinse August!! Come on ppl, update! *s* Anyway, on the subject of the show, I'm still a little depressed that they finally took it off MTV. I'm really the only person I know who likes MSCL who is not a fan of Angela or Jordan's characters. I thought Angela was just way too selfish and wouldn't know a real family problem if it well.. I won't finish that sentence. I liked Rayanne and Rickie and my I really liked Brian.. don't ask me why. I just think Angela should have been nicer to him, he cared. Enough of my babbling, regardless, keep up the good work! Get some more fics in!!
  • My So-Called Life was the best T.V. serious I've ever watched. It's the first time they (adults) don't turn us (teenagers) into a bunch of crazy sex-maniacs, or just... stupid. And what have they done after one season ? Well, I don't have to tell you. You must know. You know what they say: "the best things come in little packages" - I don't buy it! I love MSCL and I admire this website, It's great. Really. And yes, MSCL came even to Israel (Just in case you've wondered). Bless you all, bye.
  • I love My So Called Life, it is my favorite show. I have all the episodes recorded and I watch them all the time. I wish it was still on or I could at least see the "20th" episode.
  • tosi hyvä sarja!!!!!!!!!
    hyvät näytteliät, etenkin jared leto

  • I love mscl so much,
    and talk about it so much,
    and think about it so much.
    It's like it lives inside me,
    like it has taken possesion of my soul or something.
    And then one day- I realised I'd never get over it
    it was like mscl had suddenly been attached to my heart
    and I was free!!
    (manic dance about bedroom flinging clothes everywhere)

    love this website x x x x
  • Thanks to ALL the authors out there for their incredible work. I'll eventually thank you individually. I found your work a few months ago when I had just lost a job and was feeling really down. The stories you wrote really cheered me up. I'll be submitting a few of my own in a few weeks, when they finally pass my last edit and when I translate them into HTML (Right now they are in a fancy script format I wrote for Word. -- It does things like boldface and center character names, italicize stage directions, etc. without any work on your part. E-MAIL me if you're interested in seeing the format.)
  • Congrats on the official domain name SAB - you deserve it. Best of luck for the future from all at Destroy! And well done to Shannon and Eric for all those awards!
  • MSCL is the most AWESOMEST (I know, I know, it's not a word) show ever made EVER! I didn't start watching it until the summer of 1997 or 1996. I was entranced by the reality of the show. I was so impressed with the emotions, the actions.0
    -----Angela Chase seems like a great best friend, & Rayanne Graff seems so fun to be around!
    ****************Jordan Catalono is THE HOTTEST GUY EVER**************I'd marry him in a second-even if he is dyslexic!!:)
    I was so dissapointed to find that the best show ever was cancelled!!!
    +++++There was a time in MY so-called life where I LITERALLY couldn't go 24 hours w/o an hour of angela & the gang!!!!!
    Luv Ya, Luv the Website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I loved My so-called life from the first day on. I couldn't believe that there was something so realistic on TV after all those 90210 episodes. I can't say I'm exactly like Angela or Rayanne or that I have friends like them. All the mscl characters are so individual, and I think this is what made and makes it so popular. Although I love mscl, it was good that mscl stopped at that point in the last episode. But I can understand those who wish that mscl would return on the screens. It is so much fun to read all the stories and I really liked mscl Scream. This is the best website I know and I would like to contact other mscl fans all around the world.
  • Oh, I used to be, like, addicted to MSCL... I just love this site, because it contains so many pictures, scripts, sounds and other stuff.
    I am completely in love with all the characters of MSCL. Angela and Rayanne could be my best friends. Jordan Catalano is just the best-looking boy ever. He's so cute...
    And, you know, actually I'm, like, exactly the same as Brian, only female. I have blond, curly hair (only it's longer than Brian's hair), I'm a stud, I'm not too popular at school...
    MSCL is far more realistic than all those other stupid series. My final conclusion is, that MSCL is just, like, the best series ever made. I almost can't live without it.
  • The mcsl website is really cool. I believe that the continuations are real. I really believe it in my head. It's a way for me to think the show was never canceled!!
  • I love this site. And i just want to say "Keep up the good work for fans like me"
  • i have actually written in this guestbook b4, however i wanted to add that my mom and dad have EXACTLY the same wallpaper in theiir bedroom as patty and Graham. Coincedence? I don't think so. Also i love this page.That's about it!
  • i wish you people be able to write me.because i don`t have mutch information about where i can find the rest of the episodes of the series.because here in mi country,we just had the first eigh i never seen the others even the pilot because i mist it i have seen only 5 episodes of the series and the channel of mi country that had the series won`t shou it again because they dont have the tapes any more,´´i called them´´so i`m despered,write me fellows please.ah i forgot to say that you are jenius and it is the best thing i ever seen in mi life
  • still cant get over the fact that its cancelled.and to make it worse, even though showcase is playing all the episodes over again i missed and first half and cant tape them cause the vcr is sux.but this page rox
  • This page is just undescribable! This page just rocks. This is definately a great contribute to My So Called Life. I loved watching that show on MTV. Me and my sister would watch like everyone! I forget them now, though. I haven't seen them is such a long time. Anyway, this page is great. I am going to finish looking around now, so bye! Keep up the good work!
  • This si one of the best MSCL sites i've ever been on, especially the crossoverstories. I loved Scream, Love Buffy and Xfiles. Abc was so stupid to cancel the show. I bet thier kicking thierselves now!!
  • Sascha as always this site is absolutely incredible. I just wish those idiots at ABC could really know what they did when they canceled MSCL. But in a way if you think about it if they hadn't I would never have been compelled to write my script nor would some of the other authors. But all in all our work proves how much this show means to us. and just becuae MTV and other networks aren't showing the show anymore we fans are. in our stories and in our hand recorded videos. MSCL will be a part of us forever. and i hope that never changes.
  • It is strange, but when I saw MY SO-CALLED LIFE after it was originally aired, I always felt the same way Angela Chase did. All the things she said could have come out of my mouth as well, and that is what makes this TV-show so fascinating. Angela is a normal Teenager, and every other Teenager knows exactly what she feels like. I just think MY SO-CALLED LIFE is a great TV-show! And this is my absolute favourite MSCL- website in the net!
  • I must have been 25 when the series originally aired in holland but i was totally enchanted. I loved the way Claire Danes played and how the whole series was something i completely could relate to. I was glad they re-ran it so i could tape it. I don't watch it so often but now and then I pick up the tapes and watch all of the episodes again and get into it. It still is a pity to see the series was just 19 episodes.. I downloaded some of the fanfiction and the MSCL-bible. I tell my friends to watch the tapes. And I LUUUURRRRRVE the website. very entertaining and informative. thanx thanx and keep up the good work. Bye.
  • I think my so-called life is the greatest show ever aired on television.The writers are just amazing.Some of the quotes from the show have touched me very deeply and I just thought you deserved to know this.Thanx
  • Your webpage is excellent. It is one of the best MSCL webpages I've seen. Keep up the good work. MSCL is sadly missed.
  • Well,after reading all the guestbook's section,i think that THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO SAY,but that this show is WONDERFUL!!!And i just can't understand why it finished so suddenly,cause there was so much to happen. IT'S BEEN SUCH A GREAT LOST!!!Here in Brazil the show first aired in 1994,and i remember i have a friend that wouldn't go to any place before watching MSCL,and if she had to travel to somewhere she couldn't see the show, she used to left a tape on her VCR to record the episodes.Now it's airing in Brazil again since april'98,and i have to say that i'm doing all that my friend did.I hope that MSCL be kept on air for a very long time,cause it shows all of a teenager life,with emotion and softness.It's THE MOST AMAZING SHOW!!!
  • Mscl is a great show that I have been watchig for 2 years. And I think Jared Leto is totally Hot!!! Claire Danes is an awesome actress!!
  • I started to watch the programme by mistake and I loved it. It's a pain that I can't watch watch again on TV in the UK. Does anybody know if/whenthe videos, or anything else, are avaible here. This is the best programme I have ever seen. I've watched others buit none are as good as MSCL.
  • MSCL is, like, the best show. And those people who gave it low ratings? They're probably 50 year olds. Claire Danes and Jared Leto rock!!!!!!! (People, send me email!!! (But no forwards) I'm desperate! I haven't gotten anything but forwards since the dawn of sliced pizza!!!!)
  • I want everyone to know that I love MSCL.
  • The best thing about My So-Called Life is that it's so REAL. I guess most people my age could say "That's just what happened to me." and "I know someone like that." . Anyway, I missed two episodes (bummer), the second episode and the Halloween episode, and I'd be forever grateful if some nice person could send me e-mail and tell me what happened in those episodes. (It really, really, bothers me, not knowing.) You've got a great site here! Long live Angela!!!
  • this show is the best thing yet and still kicks the asses of new one hour shows such as dawsons creek etc.. plus claire danes, yeah baby!
  • this show is the best thing yet and still kicks the asses of new one hour shows such as dawsons creek etc..
  • How can I possibly express in words my utter obsession and love for this mere television show? The words to accuretly decribe my feelings are impossible to say. All I know is that, by far, this is the most intriguing drama that has ever been seen by my generation. For the past four years of my life I have had only one constant, my love for this show. I started watching it when I was young and thought I was really cool for understanding all the profound insights. Although it was not till last year that I began to realize how true everything that was addressed on the show was. It is sick to say but I have this odd connection with it, whenever I see the show I feel like I am there, expiriencing everything that they are. I have memorized practacaly every episode and yet each time I watch them I am able to draw a new parallel between my life and the show. And I am glad that it only aired for one season, it leaves something to the imagination. For without someones imagination we would have never been ble
    ssed with the epic of our generation, My so-called Life.
  • - well, i'm 27 but i'm still closer to being a teenager to being an adult... what can i say? the one good show... excellent writing... all the characters were 3-dimensional and even the parents weren't charicatures... i'll try to visit some other time cheers from calgary, alberta, canada
  • my so called life is my everything
  • Amazing page.. for teh greatest show of all time!
  • my so called life was a very good tv serie
  • Just testing the guestbook. I wish you all a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year !
  • I think this site has really turned out wonderful--I'm very impressed!!! Keep up the great work!! -Mscl Girl "Nobody should hate who they are" -Katimsky
  • "MSCL" was the most amazing show ever, and I am so glad that I can visit this site to get the taste of it every now and then.
  • no one said it better than Angela. "We had a time." Let's not forget it. =]
  • I also was Angela's age when the show aired, and I totally connected with it right away. Imagine my devistation when after only nineteen episodes, the show was cancelled. Looking at some of the video from this web site brought back a lot of great memories, like when they held hands in they "self-esteem" show. Anyways, write to me if you ever want to reminsce about MSCL.
  • the insight into our lives otherwise known as "my so-called life" is the only program that i ever truly felt a connection to. it's getting so bad that my friends call me angela, my little (slightly annoying) sister really is danielle and my mum suddenly became neurotic patty. i feel the loss of this program so deeply that it's hard to explain. if anyone out there feels the same or just wants to talk, email me... ms-cl forever...
  • As everybody here, I also love"My so called Life"!And, as everyone said so, it´s the best TV show ever made!If somebody sees my message, could you explain me what´s the fan fiction?Is it just written or they also turned it with different actors? I would be very pleased if somebody could clairifie me that. Thanks for reading!xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  • Wow my opinions of My So-Called Life are about to be forever immortalized.Like every teenager who fought to watch it while their parents whined I was disheartened when they took it off the air,and unlike many of you I did not have cable so I didn't even get to see the re-runs.I knew when they took it off that they would never start it back up 'cause they could never get it that perfect ever again !The adults screw our lives up again right?Anyways if you read this and can relate PLEASE e-mail me!this was written December 1998
  • My So-Called Life" was the BEST show in tv. i can't believe why they ended it. i called ABC constantly asking them to please not cancel it! unfortunately they did. i see the repeats on MTV and will buy the videos. i LOVED this show! it was very realistic and i think that's why they cancelled it. i have the soundtrack and when i listen to the theme, i feel like crying because i will never get to see a new episode. i wanna thank for the "fan fiction" it's the best!
  • What can I say, it's the best show that was ever made. I can relate to it so much it's not even funny. Angela reminds me of myself so much. I wish it was still on.... it sucks that they took it off!
  • why did they ever take my so called life off the air, its the best show ever!!! i think jared leto is really hot in the shows! my so called life relats to alot of our lives in high favorite one is the halloween one where they get locked in the school!
  • In my humble opinion" the best series ever" Sometimes I really miss it.I'm glad to have it on tape. The only problem is that I've never heard it with the original voices because in Germany all foreign actors suddenly seem to have german tongues or so. That's terrible and so I'd like to by the originals.Does anybody know if MSCL episodes are available on home video ??????? Also I'd like to talk to someone who feels the same deep emotions as I do while watching it.I am 19 years old and male.I think male fans are pretty rare.Send a mail!
  • MSCL was like the best television shows I've ever seen. I regret that there were no new episodes but so I watch the 19 episodes again and again and they are still touching. You could really say that the series changed my life. Maybe I became as intrspective as Angela.
  • i didn't start watching the show until they played the re-runs on MTV. The only reason I started watching it in the first place was because Claire Danes is my favorite actress. I grew to love the show, and now it's simply an obsession
  • It's a very kewl title-theme! What do you think about a dance-remix?
  • The funniest thing happened to me the other day so Im on this MSCL site and I start reading this message and I got so pissed off because this person had copied my exact message... after a while of frustration I realized I was reading my own message and had already left a message for the person telling them to be original....I BET PEOPLE CAN DIE OF EMBARASSMENT I BET ITS BEEN MEDICALLY PROVEN!!!
  • I am like a real die hard fan of my-so-called-life,it's like I'll stay up like all night to watch a marathon even if it starts at 12 o'clock just before I get in the bed. But it's really great how it finally got the credit it deserved along time ago like when it first stared out I'm just really glad they have like vidoes and still sometimes show it on mtv it's really cool.
  • i am one of those fans that stays up all night and all day to watch the MSCL marathon's on tv.
  • Just testin the Guestbook!
  • My so-called life is one of the best TV-shows ever made! And now I just miss it so much! Even though it has been such a long time since I last saw it, I still remember how much I loved it. By the way, I heard that it had been released on video. Is there anyone who knows if it will be released in Sweden? If anyone wants to answer, please email me at Thank you! Bye!
  • *sigh* jared leto i am a devoted fan of his! My utmost fav. moment was when he sings "red" to angela it made my heart melt. I miss MSCL and i wished that it would be put back on ( a girl can dream right)
  • This is a FANTASTIC website!I love MSCL and have done for a few years.It was shown on Channel 4 over here and when it finished there was a massive campain to get it back on the T.V.-they showed the whole series again.We still want it back!MSCL is a perfect teenage programme-I should know because I'm 14!Please bring it back!!!
  • I love MSCL->> I LOVE Claire Danes and i love ever single person that made this possible , i wish and i pray like ever day ta God to put the programme back on the TV set -> I a heart form thats programme . i got more values form there than form even my parents ->> MSCL is my life its me. its like a story writen out just for me !!!!! >>>>>>
  • "My So-Called Life" is the best show ever on television! Everytime I watch it I cry and I just can't help myself! See you guys around- Liz :)
  • Thank you so much for the show. I love it. I discovered it when i was at the same age as Angela and I could really relate a lot to it. It helped me through bad times in my life and also made me happier. I wish the show never ended because I need help now and in the future, but Angela won't be there to help me anymore. I'll remember the good time always. Thanks so much for the help and for Angela and the rest of the cast and the real life script of a girl and what we go through in the teen years.
  • MSCL really is the best show ever made. I have to say that it really changed my life in some way. That may sound kind of stupid, but it's true though. Finally there was a real, life-like show that you could relate to, and characters that were really genuine, and I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one that thinks so. I hope you guys know that has started to sell MSCL episodes now, but unfortunately that's only in NTSC-format (for U.S. VCR's), but does anyone know where to get the episodes in PAL-format (for European VCR's)? I'd really appreciate an answer from anyone who has a clue, and if anyone has some for sale I'm interested too. Just mail me!!! Doesn't this site really rock, by the way!!??
  • Ive just read what everyone has said, Im so happy that Im not the only person to adore this show... theres so much I want to say but my heart is racing from hearing the theme song... just imagine it if they made a movie of MSCL ... GO,NOW!GO!
  • MSCL is the best show...I find it unbelievable how a show so close to reality could be taken off the air. Watching it I have gone through every emotion I ve cried and I ve laughed with Angela. Watching it on Monday nights is sacred for me... I love it. Claire Danes portrays the character of Angela really well and I also love all of the other characters. Im going to say it once more I LOVE MSCL!!!!seriously though isnt it strange how a tv show can make you think? oh and does anyone know how I can get the videos of MSCL in Australia?
  • MSCL, amazing......need I say more??
  • Hi! I've loved MSCL from the start and was devastated when it was cancelled. This page completely rocks. I have a question though: does anybody know if Jared Leto actually sings "Red" the first time around (in the loft)? I haven't been able to figure that out. If you know, e-mail me at "". Thanx!
  • I fell in love with MSCL after watching 'Self Esteem'. I laughed, I cryed and I perved on Jordan (Jared Leto)! Angela is a great character and Rayanne is even better. It has kids problems which helps kids. It's great! I Luv It!!
  • Anybody out there from the old UMN.Edu MSCL home page(e.g., Agnes-Hong Kong; Jane-OK)? It appears to have crashed after two years and I can't find anyone! Only positive is I found this site in the process of searching. Regards, Han
  • GREAT site! I am such a fan of the show, as everyone else here is. However, I came to this site for research as much out of curiosity. I am a freshman at the University of Minnesota and I am doing a paper for my freshman seminar class on MSCL in relation to the theme of coming of age in america. I would appreciate any MSCl stories as to how the show personally affected you. Please e-mail me at Thanks!
  • Great. Fantastic. Can you believe it? We are all totally obsessing over this tv show that screened like years ago and only got 19 episodes. Unbelievable. It's good to know that there are so many other "Lifers" out there. And this site is cool, btw.
  • I really love this page! Its the best one I've seen yet! And I have seen many of them. The only thing that bugs me is that the show was cancled!! I wanna see a new episode! I wish they would start it again!
  • It,s great so many people love the unequalled brilliance of MY SO-CALLED LIFE, it simply goes beyond any other shows of its kind. I also identified with the show very much, it did and still does mean alot to me. OUTSTANDING! If anyone makes a film relating to it please e-mail me! Claire Danes- you are truly divine and you are a very special person,is there any chance you could contact me!?!

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“Lately, I can't even look at my mother without wanting to stab her repeatedly.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"