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Behind my lies

written by Julie Stevenson

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Published: 31 Jul 1997 | Size: 1 KB (290 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

[told in two voices: Brian's and Jordan's, after In Dreams]

He came to me asking for help
And I did, though I knew it was wrong
I told myself I was letting him use me
But I was using him all along

All I ever wanted was for you just to forgive me
Now you've fallen in love with somone I could never be

I wrote the letter that you love so much
I pretend I'm happy for you, while a part of me dies
I wish I could tell you the truth
But I can't escape from behind my lies

I told myself that I didn't need you
-That I didn't need anyone-
And I tried to pretend
That it didn't really matter
If I slept with your best friend

He did an undefendable thing,
And only now I'm beginning to realize
That I'm creating my own prison to exist in
Hiding behind my lies

I'm sorry I pushed you to go too far
I'm sorry 'Red' was about my car
I wish 'unconcious wish'
Was a phrase I'd never heard

I was too scared to sign my own name-

I'm so sorry, and so ashamed-
He wrote the letter but-

I wrote that letter and-

Brian & Jordan
I meant every word

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