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goofy FanFiction

written by Julie Stevenson

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Published: 1997 | Size: 5 KB (909 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

But first let me explain. My friend Kat and I like to play this game. What you do is you start a story. You write about five sentences. Then you fold the paper over so that the other person can only see the last sentence you wrote. I made some rules for this game to adapt it to MSCL. There is a list of character names and places to use. (All are characters from the show and the list is very long and complicated so I'll spare you.) So this is what we came up with.

I think you'll be able to tell the difference between what she wrote and what I wrote.


It was a happy day at Liberty High School.
Angela had just headed off down the hallway to go to English class. The Wicked Mother, Patty, was dead.
"One down, two to go." Tino said.

He went back to the library the next day and they still didn't have the books he wanted.
They only had books on Nicky Driscoll and no books on Jordan Catalano.
So Tino left Pittsburgh and headed towards Graham's restaurant.

Tino had travelled only a little way when he encountered Rayanne.
He was happy to see her and he gave her some Chinese food.
Then asked him if it was okay that she split his name into two equal pieces and he said it was fine.
A little while later Tino went back to his car but someone had thrown eggs at it.

"Good grief," Tino said. "Rickie! Did you have anything to do with this?"
Rickie panicked.
He dialed the FBI.

Graham hung up before anyone answered.
He couldn't ask the FBI to get his daughter from a Grateful Dead concert.
Patty was driving him crazy.
So he went outside to get some air.
There was Angela, in Brian Krakow's driveway.
Wearing Brian Krakow's sweater.

"Tino!" Rayanne yelled.
"That's punishable in nine states by death!"
"I know." Tino said, "But I was cold."
"Well just don't let it happen again."

"I won't Mom." Angela said.
And she meant it.
She would never let her mother find Rickie carrying a beer again.
She would have to be much more careful.

"Rayanne, Jordan has been worried sick about you for hours. Why didn't you call home?"
"Tino said I didn't have to."
"If Tino jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump off too?" Graham yelled.
"With or without a parachute?" Rayanne asked.
Graham screamed.
"Well, I was just asking."

"Well how am I supposed to know how to get in?" Rayanne asked.
"This was your idea." Rickie reminded her.
"Don't worry.
Brian knows some clever way to get in, don'tcha Bri?"
Brian looked away.

Tino's bruise was just too disgusting to stand.
"Jesus, Tino! Who did that to you?"
"Rickie did it!" Tino yelled.
"Did not!" Rickie said defensively.
"Did too!" Tino yelled back.
"Children!" Sharon entered the room. "Stop fighting!"
"I don't want to!" Tino yelled.

"I think we should have practice in the Loft." Jordan said.
"Well I don't care what you think, Catalano." Tino said.
"Tino, you sure can be a jerk."
"THAT DOES IT! I'm quitting this stupid band!"
"Fine! We don't need you anyway!"

"I'm going insane!" Danielle said.

"My life is totally edited!" She screamed, and stomped out of the room.



Brian Krakow always did whatever anyone else told him to do.
He had always been good at school.
Brian Krakow was a geek.
And Brian hated his parents.

Brian decided to run away from home.
On his way out of town, he stopped to see his girlfriend Rayanne and
asked her to come with him.
"I'd love to," she said happily.

So Brian and Delia went to the park with the Chase's cat, Fuzzball.
Angela didn't come, because she didn't like Brian.
And she didn't even know Delia.
And she didn't even like her cat.
To their surprise, Tino and Jordan were there.

Then Tino and Jordan left.
Jordan went to talk to Red, but she was very angry at him.
(Editor's Note: Red is listed as a character.)
Red told him to go home and read or something.
She didn't know that she would never see him again.

So Angela got in the car with Jordan.
She looked back years later and realized that the last words Brian Krakow had ever said to her were, "See ya."
She was very sad that Brian had moved away.
But she and Jordan were going to live happily ever after.

Until she found out that he had once gone out with Sharon Cherski.
Rayanne just had to break up with Jordan after that.
And she started dating Shane.


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