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Episode No. 20 - Cars and Kisses

written by Julie Stevenson

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Published: 1997 | Size: 33 KB (6247 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.2/5   4.2/5 (40 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

[opening theme]



Patty walks around doing her "million things that have to be done" dance, Graham cooking pancakes, Danielle roaming around, Angela sits at the breakfast table, looking at her apple more than actually eating it.

ANGELA VO:After you go a really long time without speaking to any of the people who mean the most to you, you almost forget how to speak at all. Then someone asks you a question and you wonder, why are they asking me this? Either the question doesn't matter, or it does, and it just, kills you.

PATTY:Angela, is Jordan going to give you a ride to school today?

ANGELA VO:Why do things like this matter to my mother? It's my life. There's no good reason for me to tell her anything.

ANGELA:No, Mom. He's not.

ANGELA VO:Ever. Again. Are you happy now?

PATTY:Oh, well, I was just wondering.

ANGELA:I haven't seen him all summer.

DANIELLE:Guess what?

PATTY:I know. But I was actually getting attached to him.

ANGELA VO:My mother doesn't even realize that what she said was so ironic that I could just cry. My mother finally met Jordan Catalano and then the world came crashing down. And I have to wonder whether or not that's a coincidence.

GRAHAM:Patty, I think I'm going to have to work late tonight.


GRAHAM:Hallie and I still haven't come up with a name for the restaurant.

PATTY:You've had the entire summer to think about it.

ANGELA VO:Adults would like for you to think that they do so much important stuff, that their so much different than you. But the truth is, nothing ever happens to anyone over the summer, wheter you're still in school or not.

DANIELLE:Come on, guess!


PATTY:So....I didn't think it would take this long to come up with a name.


PATTY:Danielle! There's no need to yell!

GRAHAM:That rhymed.


GRAHAM:So....It did.

DANIELLE VO:Everybody just ignores me. I might as well have not be here at all. People say that life is just one really long movie. Except no one has a script. The point is, they might as well have just cut my character entirely.

DANIELLE:Is anyone going to guess? Or even say 'what?'

PATTY:Girls! You're going to be late for school.

DANIELLE VO:The only time anyone ever talks to me is when I do something really wrong or when they talk to Angela and me like we're the same person. My life sucks.

ANGELA VO:My mother doesn't want me to be late for school, but I'd rather just never go to school again. I spent the entire summer not talking to Brian, or Rayanne, or Jordan. I would've hung out with Sharon, but she was always with Rayanne. I wanted to talk to Rickie, but I've been replaced by Delia Fisher, who probably hated me after what had happened with Brian at the dance. There were so many things I wanted to say to Brian and Rayanne, and Jordan. But I couldn't.


From "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities"

Angela waves goodbye to Brian and gets into Jordan's car. They drive away.

ANGELA:"Rickie told me that you didn't really write that letter."

JORDAN:"He did?"

ANGELA:"Yeah. And I have to say I never thought that you would lie to me like that. But you did. And what you said about a prison and an unconscious wish, Brian, he like, told you to say that, didn't he?"

JORDAN:"....Yeah...But you have to let me explain."

ANGELA:"What's to explain? You...Ray- (loses her will to speak)...And then you lied!"

JORDAN:"I wish so much that I had...written that letter. That I could make you, like, happy. But every time I tried to say something to you, the words just wouldn't come out right. Brian knew how I felt, and he knew exactly how to say it and everything. I've never been good with words."

ANGELA VO:I think that was the first time I had ever heard him say so much all at once.

JORDAN:I remember the time that you and I were in my car, in front of Brian's house. And there were, like, so many things that I wanted to say. But I couldn't. All I could do was kiss you. It was the only thing to do.

ANGELA:I wanted to forgive you. I really did. And I did forgive you. Because of something that Brian wrote.

JORDAN:Angela, he might have wrote it, but I meant it. I meant every word.

ANGELA:You both did.

JORDAN:Do you want me to, like, take you home?

ANGELA:(Pause) Yeah.


Angela gets on the bus and finds a seat. She stares out the window and cries silently.


TEACHER:Welcome to another year at Liberty. This year, you're juniors. You've survived so far. Good for you.

ANGELA:Why do teachers try to be funny? They should give up already. Teachers always want us to like them, but they're never anything like us. I just couldn't stop being depressed. And to top it all off, Jordan Catalano was in my homeroom.

[camera moves to face the back of the room.]

JORDAN VO:I couldn't stop looking at her. This sad, red-haired girl who I used to go out with...kind of. It made me feel so, like, stupid, that I was the one who had made her this sad. I could've, like, killed myself, or something.

TEACHER:Now if you'll all come with me, I'll assign you your new lockers.


TEACHER:"Barsh...Name....Name....Catalano, 189. Chase, 190."

(In unison:)

JORDAN VO:So much for avoiding her.

ANGELA VO:So much for avoiding him.


Sharon and Rayanne are by the mirrors.

RAYANNE:So, Cherski. Run into Rickie lately?

SHARON:Yeah. He's in my homeroom class this year.

RAYANNE:Brian Krakow's in mine. What's her name, Dandelion, too.

SHARON:Delia Fisher?

RAYANNE:Yeah, probably. The girl that Krakow dumped.

SHARON:That's her.

RAYANNE:Tell me again, what was wrong with her?

SHARON:(sighs) She wasn't Angela.

RAYANNE:(winces at the mention of her former friend)


RAYANNE:That's okay. It's her problem, not mine.

SHARON:Raynie, she'll get over it eventually. Just give her time.

RAYANNE:I have given her time. I've given her a summer.

SHARON:Couldn't you just apologize to her?

RAYANNE:Why should I? Why should I be sorry?

SHARON:You already are sorry. And you know it. So just tell her.

RAYANNE:Bite me, Cherski.


(Rayanne and Sharon laugh hysterically.)

[enter Rickie]

RAYANNE:Hey girlfriend!


SHARON:I thought you weren't hanging out in here anymore.

RICKIE:I'm not hanging out in here. I'm just in here until I have somewhere more important to be.

SHARON:Technically then, you are...

RICKIE:Bite me, Cherski.

SHARON:(Starts laughing hysterically again.)


RICKIE:(Raises one eyebrow, as if to say, "I don't know these people."

This only makes Rayanne and Sharon laugh harder.)


Jordan look at locker 189, which happens to be the one just over 190.

JORDAN:So I guess I'm on top of you now.

ANGELA:Excuse me?

JORDAN VO:I wish there was a button I could push to make me think about what I say before I say it.

JORDAN:Nothing. I mean, I didn't mean that, like, the way it sounded.

ANGELA:(Shakes her head and starts loading stuff into her locker: books, then pens and pencils, then she starts taping pictures to the inside.)

JORDAN:(Pointing to a picture of Danielle.) Is that you? When you were little?

ANGELA:No. It's my sister.

JORDAN:You have a sister?

ANGELA:Yeah. Danielle.

JORDAN:It must be really cool to have a sister.

ANGELA:Not really. I don't think she notices that I'm alive. She has this whole life that I know nothing about.


ANGELA:You don't have any right to start talking to me about....anything.

JORDAN:You're right. I don't. I'm sorry.


JORDAN:What do you have to be sorry for?

ANGELA:I expected too much from you.

JORDAN:No, didn't. You, like, expected the truth. You had a right to the truth, and I just, like, stole that from you or something.

ANGELA VO:A million things rushed through my head at that moment. Wanting to forgive him. Wanting to kiss him. Wanting to...well...I knew at that moment that no matter what I had said or believed before, I wasn't over him. I had never really been over him. That was just a lie I forced myself to believe. He was still my world. And that was fine with me.

JORDAN VO:What a great time to not be able to speak.

ANGELA:(Smiles a little bit.) You are forgiven, you know.

JORDAN:(Softly) Thank you.

ANGELA:All I could think was, "kiss me." Shut up, and kiss me.

JORDAN:We really need to talk. There are, like, so many things that I can't even begin to tell you.

ANGELA:Yeah. Me too.

ANGELA VO:If this isn't an alternate universe, than what is? Me wanting to... uh.... and Jordan wanting to, like, talk. The world as I knew it had come to a halt. And that was fine too.

(Alanis Morissette's "Head Over Feet is playing in the background.)

"You've already won me over
In spite of me
So don't be alarmed if I fall
Head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you
For all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault."

"Your love is thick and
It swallowed me whole
You're so much braver
Than I gave you credit for
That's not lip service"

"I've never felt this happy before
I've never wanted something rational
I am aware now
I am aware now..."


Angela is in the front row. Teacher is boring everyone. Notes are being passed, people are whispering. Normal classroom scene.

ANGELA VO:Brian Krakow once told me that geometry was a paid vacation compared to Calculus. Even though I never, like, got a check or anything, in a way, I know what he meant. I knew that if I ever intended to spend any more time in the boiler room with Jordan, I wouldn't be skipping this class.


Abbysinia and Brian are the only characters we recognize. Brian has changed a little. His hair is no longer so ridiculous and his clothes aren't quite so geeky either. (He's still sitting in the very front row, however. And acting very attentive.)

BRIAN VO:No matter how much I wanted to be over Angela, I couldn't get over how she had just gone off with Jordan Catalano. Some characters always get the happy endings. It's not fair. The geeky guy in the station wagon never gets the girl. It's like a law. I remember when they taught us about evolution in Science class. How females were automatically attracted to a certain type of male, so that the best features would be passed down to the offspring and the species would survive. It was depressing even then. It's more depressing after all that's happened. I didn't write that letter so that Angela would love Jordan Catalano again. I did it because I didn't want to see her hurting. Well, she's not hurting now. I am. She called me heartless, but she's the one who's strong enough to look the other way while I get walked all over. Survival of the fittest. Some things never change.

Alanis Morisette's "You Learn" is playing.
"I recommend getting you heart trampled on to anyone
I recommend walking around naked in your living room
Swallow it down (oh what a jagged little pill)
It feels so good (swimmin' in your stomach)
Wat until the dust settles"

"You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn"

"You grieve, you learn
You choke, you learn,
You laugh you learn,
You choose you learn
You pray, you learn
You ask, you learn
You live, you learn."



Another typical classroom scene

SHARON VO:Everyone I knew was in crisis. Rayanne and Angela weren't speaking, Angela and Jordan weren't speaking, Brian and Angela weren't speaking. Everyone was unhappy. Including me. I broke up with Kyle in May, but God, I missed him. My mother once said that you never realize what you have until it's gone. I hate it when my mother is right.

[Enter Delia and Rickie, laughing.]

SHARON VO:Well, not everybody.

SHARON:Rickie! Rayanne's been looking for you all day.

RICKIE:It's only third period.


RICKIE:If you see her before I do, tell her I'll see her at lunch.

DELIA:So like I was saying....(trails off.)

SHARON VO:Okay, so Rickie was happy. So was Delia. Good. One less thing to worry about. I guess.


Sharon approaches Angela

SHARON: (With Rayanne-esque bluntness) So, why are you avoiding me?

ANGELA:I'm not avoiding you. I've wanted to talk to you all day. I have news.

It's good me...

SHARON:But not to me?

ANGELA:Yeah. Jordan and I, we're like, speaking. And, like, I think we're back together.


ANGELA:I knew you'd say that. I saw that coming.

SHARON:I'm sorry. It's just, he's hurt you so much before.

ANGELA:You know, there was a time when I wouldn't even speak to you. When you cried in the girl's room because I hurt you.

SHARON:Point taken. (Pause) But the truth is, Angela, if you're happy, then I'm happy for you. I am. Really.

ANGELA:(smiles a little) I'm glad. So, you broke up with Kyle?



SHARON:Oh, shut up!

[Sharon and Angela laugh.]

SHARON VO:One down, three to go.


Misc. girls talk while Rayanne sings "Sesame Street" themesong to herself.

RAYANNE:Sunny day, sweepin' the clouds away....

GIRL 1:So, do you like, ever go to class?

RAYANNE:(Makes her misheif face.] You should show a little respect. I've forgotten more guys than you've even kissed.

GIRL 2:And what does that say about your standards?

RAYANNE:[in mock confusion] Standards? What's a standard?

GIRL 1:For your information, it says that you're like, a slut.

GIRL 2:Yeah. Total trash.

RAYANNE:You just go on believing that. When you decide to wake up, we'll do lunch.

GIRL 1:What-ever!

[Girls exit.]

RAYANNE VO:[watches her face in the mirror] Being called a slut never mattered this much before Angela started hating me because I am one.

[We see her eyes fill up with tears.]

RAYANNE:Knock it off, Graff! You're skin is one hell of a lot thicker than that! Isn't it? Isn't it? [knees weaken and she sits down on

the floor, crying.]


BRIAN VO:I swore last week. And again every day this week. And again last night. And again this morning. I swore that I wouldn't obsess about Angela Chase the way I did last year. But all I've succeeded in doing is coming up with new ways to obsess about her.

[Rayanne approaches from behind. Brian is too wrapped up in his own thoughts to notice.]

RAYANNE:[happily hitting his shoulder affectionately.] Hey-lo, Krakow.

BRIAN:[sees her mascara has run all over her eye.] Are you okay?

RAYANNE:Why wouldn't I be?

BRIAN:You have this, like, huge black smear under your eyes. [His hand goes toward her face]

RAYANNE:My eyeliner [kind of smacks his hand away.]

BRIAN:You know, someone once told me that the Egyptians wore eyeliner to protect themselves from evil gods.

RAYANNE:It was Rickie, wasn't it?

BRIAN:Well, yeah.

RAYANNE:So, like, how was your summer?


RAYANNE:Yeah. They always are.

BRIAN:So, you want a ride home?

RAYANNE:You? Have a car? A car? You? [the thought is unimaginable.]


RAYANNE:It's a station wagon or something, isn't it?

BRIAN:How did you know?

RAYANNE:Lucky guess. [they head for the door.]


SHARON:So, are you ever going to forgive Rayanne Graff?

ANGELA VO:I already did forgive Rayanne Graff. It was weeks ago. But by the time I did, it had been so long, that how could she forgive me?

ANGELA:So, are you ever going to stop meddling? [smiles]

SHARON:No. (pause) Seriously though, she's really sorry.

ANGELA:I know. And I'll talk to her. I promise. But there's someone else I need to umm, talk with right now.


ANGELA:Well, yeah. But even before that.



SHARON:See you later. [Angela heads off.]


Jordan stands, waiting for Angela.

ANGELA:Hey. (Smiles brightly.)

JORDAN:Hey. You want a ride?

ANGELA VO:I could've said that I needed to take the bus. But I lived right next door to Brian. There was no reason I couldn't talk to him when I got home. There I was, putting Jordan before Brian again. Some things never change.

ANGELA:Well, yeah, sure.


[they walk to his car, and Jordan opens the passenger door for her.]

ANGELA:So, uh, you think that I could get in some driving practice someday soon?

JORDAN:[nearly laughs] That'd be cool. But, like, I don't want you to, uh, do anything you're not ready for.

ANGELA VO:I wondered if he knew I wasn't talking about cars.

JORDAN VO:I wondered if she knew I knew she wasn't talking about cars.


In Brian's station wagon.

BRIAN:"Well, here we are."

RAYANNE:"Brian, we have to talk."

BRIAN:[shocked expression] What about?

RAYANNE:"Well, that night. Together. In the basement."

BRIAN:Whatever you do, don't you dare quote that Haiku.

RAYANNE:[choosing her words carefully.] Y'know, I didn't even write that.

BRIAN:[amused] Really?

RAYANNE:Yeah. And I bet you'll never guess who did.


RAYANNE:[starts laughing hysterically.] I can't believe you just said that!

BRAIN:What? It's not funny. [starts laughing.] Yes, it is.

RAYANNE:[after calming down.] Seriously, though. Guess again.

BRIAN:Not Angela, right?

RAYANNE VO:Now why did he have to bring her up?

BRIAN VO:[seeing Rayanne is upset] Now why did I have to bring her up?

RAYANNE:[softly] No, not her.

BRIAN:Who then?

RAYANNE:[brightening] Sharon Cherski.



BRIAN:You're kidding!

RAYANNE:I am not.

BRIAN:Sharon Cherski....Hmmm...

RAYANNE:[laughs] You, Brian, are not as geeky as I once thought.

BRIAN:That just makes me feel wonderful.

RAYANNE:Well, it should! Anyway, we need to talk seriously.

BRIAN:What about?

RAYANNE:Don't start that again.

BRIAN:Start what?

RAYANNE:[laughs] You geek. I mean Halloween. I mean me sleepin' on your shoulder and us talking and everything...And then I told Rickie that nothing happened.

BRIAN:Yeah. That was just a little painful.

RAYANNE:I'm sorry I like, messed up your little head.

BRIAN:That's okay.

RAYANNE:That scared-of-the-dark-because-of-my-dad thing wasn't very nice either.

BRIAN:It's okay. Really.

RAYANNE:I am sorry.

BRIAN:It's okay. I thought about it, and the thing is, if you had told Rickie, or A- Sharon, they probably wouldn't have believed you anyway.

RAYANNE:[smiles sadly. speaking very softly now.] Yeah. You're right. Me...spending the night...with you...ha!

RAYANNE VO:I knew even as I said it that I didn't mean a word I said.

BRIAN VO:I wanted to laugh, cry, and take a cold shower all at the same time. Go figure.

BRIAN:[leans towards her slightly] Say something.

RAYANNE:Uh...This won't take long. [smiles]


JORDAN:I never wanted to hurt you. I never wanted you to be sad. I never wanted...

ANGELA:I know.

ANGELA VO:And I did. Really.

JORDAN:I just want you to know. I will never, like, work harder at anything than I will at, like, trying not to ever let you be that sad again because of me. That didn't make sense, did it?

ANGELA:Yes, it did. It made perfect sense to me.

ANGELA VO:And it really did. Jordan didn't have a way with words, like Brian Krakow's letter did, but he meant them just as much and I knew that I would never want anyone more than I wanted him.

JORDAN:God, you are beautiful.

ANGELA:[smiles, kind of, and looks away from him, embarassed.]

(In unison:)

JORDAN VO:I had never been happier in my entire life.

ANGELA VO:I had never been happier in my entire life.

ANGELA:[leans in closer, as though to whisper to him]

JORDAN:[smiles, embarassed, and turns towards her face]

[they just sit there, three inches apart.]

ANGELA:I never got over you.

JORDAN:I never knew I needed you until I didn't have you anymore.

ANGELA:I could kiss you for that.

JORDAN:Well, y'know I'm not going to stop you.

[Finally, they kiss.]

DANIELLE:[looking at them through the window.]

ANGELA:[pulling away] I'm really sorry, but I think I just saw my sister watching us.

JORDAN:Could I, like, meet her?

ANGELA:My sister?

JORDAN:Like, yeah. I met your mom, and I met your dad, but I didn't even know that....Danielle?....existed. I feel like I've, like, left her out.


ANGELA:Sure...Come on.

[They get out of the car and head for the door.]


Brian and Rayanne are like, kissing. Or in the words of Kyle, "going at it."

[I know you all have a problem with this, but think about this. One, opposites attract. They could teach each other about the alternate universes they dwell in. Two, no one says that this has to like, last forever. Three, Rayanne could use someone like Brian. Someone dependable, who would, like, well, who'd respect her in the morning.]

BRIAN:[pulling away from her hands on his back] Wait.


BRIAN:I refuse to do this to you.


BRIAN:Do you think I don't know what's going to happen if we...

RAYANNE:What are ya talkin' about?

BRIAN:Tommorrow, you'll act as though nothing happened. You'll turn me into another one of those faceless guys. I'd rather be the one who said no than one of the guys who never called you again.

RAYANNE:I am like, really sorry. I don't, like, know, what came over me.

BRIAN:I think I'm just a phase.

RAYANNE:A phase?

BRIAN:Yeah. You were in a charming guy in a red car phase, and now you're in a dweeby, klutzy, academic dork phase.

RAYANNE:I don't think so. If that's true, then my last phase lasted for, like, four years.

BRIAN:Since you were twelve?

RAYANNE:So three then. Whatever. The point is, it was way too long of a phase.

BRIAN:Whatever. I'm not going to be a phase, and I want to keep my name.


BRIAN:I hope you understand...

RAYANNE:Yeah. I think I do. So this is what it feels like to have standards?


RAYANNE:Nothing. Just something I picked up somewhere...

BRIAN:Can I see you again tommorrow?

RAYANNE:Yeah. That would be...good. [Raynie is still in a state of shock. She's not used to this. She's realizing how Delia might have felt.]

BRIAN:Pick you up tomorrow morning?

RAYANNE:Yeah....Okay....[gets out of his car, still dumbstruck.]

RAYANNE VO:[as she walks to the door:] So, now begins my life as a none-slut. (Pauses) So far, it's not very interesting.


Only Graham is missing, Patty is next to Angela. Across from Angela is Jordan, who's sitting next to Danielle.

DANIELLE:So, did you know that my dad is starting a restaurant?

JORDAN:What's it called?

DANIELLE:They don't know yet.

JORDAN:Well, I might be able to think of a name.

ANGELA:[starts laughing.]

JORDAN:[pretending to be upset] What's that about?

ANGELA:Just don't name the place "Frozen Embryos II" or something, okay?

PATTY:Yeah. The Health Board would be in there in seconds.


DANIELLE:So, like, maybe your band could play at my dad's restaurant sometime.

JORDAN:I don't know...

DANIELLE:Come on, Angela thought that one song, "Red" was pretty good.

ANGELA:[choking a little] How do you even know about that?

DANIELLE:I know things. Invisible people are very good at eavesdropping.


ANGELA:Spying on other people.

JORDAN:You had to spy on your sister to find out about a song? That's just sad.

DANIELLE:Tell me something I don't know.

JORDAN:So what else do you know about me?

DANIELLE:I know all about Tino. I know about Residue and how Brian Krakow was your tutor. I know that when you talked to Hallie, my dad's restaurant partner, you didn't know what she meant when she asked you if you had a major....I know lots of things.

JORDAN:Good for you, kid.

ANGELA:About "Red"...

JORDAN:What did Rickie say?


JORDAN:Well, it's a long story....

ANGELA:I have time.


[enter Graham. Jordan sighs with relief. Graham is shocked to see Jordan.]

PATTY:Graham, what took so long?

GRAHAM:Hallie and I were going over the menu and ideas for a name.

[Mouths the words, "What's he doing here?"]

PATTY:[Mouths, "How should I know?"]

GRAHAM:Jordan, right? (knowing perfectly well who he is.)

JORDAN:Yeah. We met before.

GRAHAM:I know.

JORDAN:So you're starting a restaurant?


JORDAN:With that Hallie person?


GRAHAM:[not noticing] Yes.


[The plates are empty.]

JORDAN:Well, umm....thanks for...dinner...I better get going, I guess....

DANIELLE:Really? [disappointed.]

JORDAN:Yeah, Dani. But I think I'll be back soon.

ANGELA VO:I couldn't believe how my sister was looking at Jordan. I think, if you give them enough of a chance, anyone will fall in love with Jordan Catalano. It's just a matter of time.

ANGELA:I'm going to walk Jordan to his car.

[Angela and Jordan get up and walk to the door.]

JORDAN:[once they're outside.] I don't think your dad likes me.

ANGELA:I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone else does.

JORDAN:You're sister is really cute. I mean....

ANGELA:I know what you mean. Sometimes I forget that, like, she's there. But I'm glad she's my sister.

JORDAN:You should, like, tell her that. I don't think she knows.

ANGELA:Everyone deserves to know how you really feel about them, don't they?

JORDAN:Yeah. They do. And yes, I do. [gets in his car.]

ANGELA:Yes you do, what?

JORDAN:Yes. I do. I...Love you. You acted like you'd like to know.

ANGELA:Well, I love you too.

JORDAN:Did I just say that out loud?

ANGELA:Yes, and I'm really glad you did.

JORDAN:[two inches away from her lips.] You know what? So am I.

ANGELA:Just kiss me already. I have to go in.

JORDAN:[playfully] When did you get so bossy?

ANGELA:Just now. [kisses him.]

JORDAN:Want a ride tomorrow?

ANGELA:Actually, I think I need to take the bus...



JORDAN:I understand. Really.

ANGELA VO:I almost couldn't believe that he was the same person who I walked on eggshells for last year. The entire time that I was in love with Jordan last year, what I was really in love with was how I dreamed of him being. And now he was, like, exactly who I thought he was. I was right all along.

JORDAN:I'll see you tomorrow at school.


[they kiss and she walks away.]


Graham is washing dishes, Patty dries.

GRAHAM:So, why was that delinquent in my house? After what he did to Angela?

PATTY:Graham, he's not really a bad kid. She could do worse. I like Jordan.


PATTY:Because he makes my daughter happier than she's ever been before. Because since he came into her life, she's spoken to me, she's talked to me, when he's around, she lights up.

GRAHAM:Well, those are good reasons. Just don't keep talking about how charming and cute he is, or I'll have to find some girl to talk about night and day.

PATTY:That was just so ironic I could be sick.

GRAHAM:What? What did you say?

PATTY:Nothing. It's not worth repeating.


Angela sits/lays on her bed, leafing through her yearbook.

ANGELA VO:Rayanne Graff: Drama Club. Those four little words were all that the yearbook said. That was supposed to be, like, who she was. It didn't say that my mother saved her life. It didn't say that she was my best friend. It didn't say that I loved her even though she betrayed me. I wanted to talk to her. I had wanted to talk to her for so long. I just didn't know how. What would I say? Not to mention Brian. I had lived next door to him ever since I could remember. Our friendship survived so much. But it couldn't survive High School. Rayanne was a person I could talk to. And then my mother saved her. Suddenly, everything was different. I couldn't explain anything. Then, she like, hurt me worse than anyone had ever hurt me before. And all of a sudden, there was nothing to say.


Brian is laying on his bed, looking at his yearbook.

BRIAN VO:Angela Chase. I promised myself I was over her. I could count the times she had hurt me. The total was somewhere over fifty. No one should be forced to love someone who doesn't love them. But we are. I could forgive her for all the times she had hurt me. I really could. But I didn't want to love her anymore. But I did anyway.


Rayanne doesn't have a yearbook.

RAYANNE VO:I couldn't get over what had happened just outside my house. It wasn't, like, the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. But it was definetly the weirdest. There was something, like, about Brian that made me, like happy. It was, like, all of a sudden, kissing had emotions involved. How weird.


Sharon is looking at pictures of people. They're the rejects from last year's yearbook.

SHARON VO:[placing Angela and Jordan together.] Angela and Jordan were back together. Again. Delia and Rickie were, like, together...kind of. [places Delia's picture with Rickie's.] I wanted Kyle back. [puts her picture with Kyle's. That left, Rayanne, [picks up Rayanne's picture] and Brian. [places it with Brian's.] [smiles.] Rayanne and Brian? [starts laughing.]

CAMILLE OS:Honey? Can I come in?

SHARON:[still laughing.] Not right now!

CAMILLE OS:Is everything okay?

SHARON:Yeah. Everything's going to be fine!

CAMILLE OS:Good, honey. I'm glad.



some scenic location.

JORDAN VO:For the first time in my life, everything was all right. It was, like, weird.


Alanis Morissette's "One Hand in My Pocket" is playing.

"I'm broke but I'm happy
I'm poor but I'm kind
I'm short but I'm healthy, yeah.
I'm high but I'm grounded
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost, but I'm hopeful, baby
I feel drunk but I'm sober
I'm young and I'm underpaid
I'm tired but I'm working yeah
I care but I'm restless
I'm here but I'm really gone
I'm wrong and I'm sorry, baby."

[Montage of scenes:

(To I'm broke but I'm happy:)
Patty kisses Angela on the head before she goes out the door. Angela hugs her. Angela goes to the Bus Stop, but Brian's not there.

(I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed)
Angela looks toward's Brian's house and sees him getting into his station wagon. She runs toward him.

(I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby.)
Brian sees her and smiles.

(I feel drunk but I'm sober)
Brian drives her to Rayanne's. Rayanne gets in the front seat with Brian. Angela pops out of the back.

(I care but I'm restless)
Rayanne and Angela get teary-eyed. Rayanne and Angela hug. All three of them hug.

(I'm wrong and I'm sorry baby:)
Cut to Sharon and Kyle talking, not angry but reasonably.

("What it all boils down to, Is that no one's really got it all figured out just yet")
Cut to Rickie, Rayanne, Angela, and Delia laughing in the hallway.

("But I've got one hand in my pocket, and the other one's flicking a cigarette. What it all comes down to my friends, yeah,")
Cut to Rayanne, Brian, Delia, Sharon & Rickie walking and laughing.

("Is that everything's gonna be quite alright, 'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket, and the other one's giving a high five")
Cut to Rayanne passing Brian a note in homeroom. He smiles.

("But I've got one hand in my pocket, and the other one's flicking a cigarette. What it all comes down to my friends, yeah, Is that everything is just fine fine fine 'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket, And the other one's hailing a taxi cab....")


SHARON VO:[looking back at Brian and Rayanne.] "Four down, zero to go. Everyone was happy. Including me."


Angela and Jordan by their lockers, kissing.

ANGELA:I have to go to Calculus.

JORDAN:I'll see you in the parking lot.

ANGELA:[raises one eyebrow.] 'Kay.

JORDAN:[kisses her again.] See ya.

ANGELA:See ya. [walks away.]

ANGELA VO:Some things never change. And some things do.

[fade to black screen]


[closing theme song]

[ABC logo]

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  • anonymous author commented on 07 May 2003:
    A nice thought, but very unrealistic!!!!!!
  • Liane commented on 11 Jun 2003:
    I loved it! It really made me want MSCL to have another chance!!!
  • Maxi commented on 31 Jan 2005:
    I have to write the feedback, because of this thing that Angela was thinking...
    "ANGELA VO:I almost couldn't believe that he was the same person who I walked on eggshells for last year. The entire time that I was in love with Jordan last year, what I was really in love with was how I dreamed of him being. And now he was, like, exactly who I thought he was. I was right all along."...
    You know, the exact same thing happened to me. I was in love with the guy that I haven 't even know, and then when I 've actually met him, and I knew I was right about him. He was just the way I imagined him to be. Well, we didn 't end up together or anything ( YET!!! We 're friends. For now. ;-)), but I just couldn 't help myself - Jordan and Angela are like, perfect for each other, and when I read that thing about Jordan it reminded me on myself, and my way of thinking. I guess I 'm like Angela in way... I think you wrote a GREAT fanfic, even though some would say it 's unrealistic, I believe that fanfics are there for expressing part of our own ways of seeing some characters and relationships in the show. If there was another season of this PERFECT show, I hope things would turned out just the way you wrote. After all, this show was too good - it has to have a happy end... With Jordan and Angela together, ofcourse. ;-)You did a really, really GREAT job!!!
    Thank you for this great fanfic!!!!! Really much. ;-)

  • Annabelle commented on 25 Feb 2005:
    There's one sure-fire way to know ur reading a really really good story...when you're reading the story, you can actually see the activities and dialogue happening. This one's one of those.

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