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Episode No. 20 - A so-called reunion

written by Julie Stevenson

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Published: 1997 | Size: 32 KB (6136 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Author’s Note: This story is NOT based on my episode #20 AT ALL.
It is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. If you have not already
read my episode #20, please DON’T until you’ve already read this one.)

This story takes place Christmas 1998. Angela and Sharon have
come home from their freshmen year at college for Holiday Break.
Here’s a time line to help you out:

YearMSCL YearsAges
(except for Jordan):
Jordan's Age:

August 28, 1998

Early morning on the streets of Three Rivers, outside the Krakow house

[A flashback. Brian’s car is covered with luggage, his mother sits in the front seat, but we cannot see her face beneath her straw hat because of the shadows. Cut to Angela, who watches from her bedroom window. Brian, 18 now, and almost-cute, looks up at her. He smiles, sadly, then waves. She waves back, but doesn’t smile. Then she disappears behind the curtain.]

December 22, 1998

Morning inside Angela’s room.

[Angela sits in her window, still pajama-clad as though she has just awaken.]

ANGELA: The dream is always the same. I’m reliving that moment, more than a year ago, the day Brian left for Yale. It was the last time I ever saw him. I expected him to come home for Thankgiving, like Sharon and I did. But he went to stay with his sister instead. Sharon and I were the only ones left. (pause for a sigh, Angela gazes at the window.) Not long after Rayanne and I became friends again, her mother went sort of crazy, and Rayanne moved in with her aunt in Colorado. Even my mom agreed to let her stay with us, but Social Services couldn’t be convinced. And Rayanne left during our junior year.

[A montague of scenes begin over Angela’s voice: Rayanne, Rickie, and Angela arriving at Rayanne’s house to find her mother setting fire to the curtains. Angela putting out the flames as Rickie and Rayanne tried to restrain Amber. Angela calling 911...The screen shows the empty chair next to Angela, we assume it used to be Rayanne’s. When Angela’s words change direction so does the montague...]

ANGELA: No one really knows what happened to Rickie after Mr. Katimski died. He suffered a cerebral hemorhage, and died in his sleep. I went to the funeral with Delia and Rickie. I asked Jordan to come, but he...(she doesn’t want to finish...) Anyway, Brian came...

[The montague shows the funeral...I have no choice but to type you a map...


         (CLOSED CASKET)
           AC BK DF  RV 
 Parents, teachers, adults (no PC or GC.)

Delia and Rickie are crying. Angela starts to cry, and Brian places an arm around her in a friendly gesture. Brian does not cry, but he does look shaken. The scene continues through Angela’s next sentences...]

ANGELA: The next morning, Rickie was gone. We never heard from him again...Then Delia’s father was transferred again, and she moved away.

[Jordan and Angela kissing in Jordan’s car.]

ANGELA: Jordan and I had been so much in love, so happy together...And then my parents started their divorce...and all of a sudden, he was gone. He was nowhere to be found. I was going through the most painful time of my life, and he was, just, like...busy.

[Montague shows Angela and Jordan in an empty classroom at school, fighting (mutely).]

ANGELA: So we broke up just before school let out. And I spent the entire summer in my room, only talking to Danielle and Sharon. I was angry at my parents, I just couldn’t believe they could split up. The two relationships I thought would last forever ended in the same two weeks: My parents’, and mine and Jordan’s.You might say the world came crashing down. I knew that Brian was there for me, but I had refused him. I told myself I needed to be alone, even though that was the last thing I needed.

[Angela storming up the stairs to her room, slamming her door, sitting down against it, and crying. When she reaches the part about Brian, she looks up at her open window, then buries her head in her hands once again.]

ANGELA: My dad moved out, my grandfather died and my mother took over the business completely. School started, and Jordan was expelled four weeks later. But somehow, I managed to get my act together enough to graduate, and even get accepted to Penn State. Brian left for college, then Sharon, and then me. College, as I kept having to tell my mother, was going fine...sort of. (as though talking to Patty) Yes, mom, my grades are fine, I’m making new friends, I’m eating well-balanced meals. But I keep thinking about the fact that my best friends are scattering to the winds but that shouldn’t be any surprise because my own parents couldn’t even stay together. (Her voice returns to normal) I keep thinking about the fact that it’s been almost two and a half years since I first chose Jordan over Brian. I keep reliving that moment, too. It was a Tuesday...

April 28, 1995

Chase House Front Porch, sunset.

[This flashback does not have any narration underneath. Brian and Angela are on her front porch alone, the sun sets behind Brian.]

ANGELA at 15: "Brian, I have to choose him..."

BRIAN at 15: (shrugs, shakes his head and kind of mumbles.)

ANGELA at 15: (voice increasing in volume) "You don’t understand! You don’t know what it’s like...(she turns away from him) to love someone so much...that it hurts."

BRIAN at 15: (Steps towards her silently, places his hands on her shoulders.) "Yes I do." (Angela turns to him, and without a word, they embrace.) "And I’ll be here when you come back."

ANGELA at 15: (tearfully starts to shake her head) "No, Brian...Find someone else. Please. Promise me you’ll find someone who deserves someone like you."

BRIAN at 15: "I already have." (They hold each other, we see a close-up of Angela’s face resting against his chest. Her face at 15 fades into her face at 19, which is deep in thought.)

ANGELA VO: It’s not that I regret choosing Jordan. I regret not letting Brian back into my life...not telling him how I felt before he left. For a long time, I kept expecting him to show up at the front door and ask to borrow a phone book or something. I never thought I’d miss Brian. But I did...I do. I tried to get up the courage to ask his parents for his college address, but I couldn’t. He’s probably done what I told him: Found someone else. Someone who likes him for who he is, instead of always searching for something "better." There’s no one to blame but me.

[SFX: Soft knocking at Angela’s door.]

DANIELLE: "Angela? Can I come in?"

ANGELA: "I guess."

ANGELA VO: Since my parents split up, I’ve been trying to be nice to my sister. It’s hard. It’s harder than it sounds. I must have played two thousand games of Yuker...

DANIELLE: (Enters) "Dad’s supposed to be here by now."

ANGELA: "He probably got held up at the restaurant...I’m sure he’ll be her any minute..."

DANIELLE: "You want to play Yuker?" (She holds up the cards.)

ANGELA: (Rolls her eyes and smiles in mock annoyance.) "Oh, sure."

DANIELLE: "Cool." (They sit down on opposite sides of the bed to play the game.)

ANGELA: "So have you gotten to see dad a lot?" (She begins to deal the cards.)

DANIELLE: "Yeah, about...twice a month, I guess. It’s always kind of weird. You know, mom’s a lot...happier...since they split up...and I guess I feel like I should be angry at dad... for making her miserable, before...or something."

ANGELA: "Sometimes I feel angry at both of them. Because, I feel like I can’t depend on anything anymore. I mean, when they first split up, I kept thinking they’d get back together, it was just too hard to accept."

DANIELLE: "Angela, how come we never used to talk like this?"

ANGELA: (She contemplates this a little.) "Are we going to play the game, or what?"

Inside the Chase kitchen 9:30 a.m.

[Patty is making French Toast in a frying pan and having a hard time getting the bread to flip over. Graham watches from the door with amusement. Finally he laughs.]

PATTY: (More than slightly annoyed) "It’s nice you finally decided to show up."

GRAHAM: "I’m sorry, I--"

PATTY: "Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to your children. They’re the ones who have been waiting for half an hour."

GRAHAM: "They’re hardly children, Patty. They’re practically adults. And they understand when things go wrong at the restaurant."

PATTY: "And I don’t understand?"

GRAHAM: "I thought that was why we split up. Because you didn’t understand. Because you couldn’t understand why I might want to drop-kick our safe suburbian lifestyle in the hope of something that might bring us some actual happiness!"

PATTY: "‘Us?’ ‘Us?’ Don’t you mean ‘you’?"

[Graham turns exasperated just in time to see the kitchen door close.]

Inside the Chase Dining Room

Half a second later.

DANIELLE: "I think they’re getting along better."

ANGELA: "Well, they couldn’t be getting along much worse..."

GRAHAM: (Enters) "Hi Dani. Angela..." (Neither of them moves. It’s very awkward.) "Well, I guess we’d better get going." [A typical MSCL scene takes place. Graham watches his children, who look away from him, with pain straight out of Father Figures.]

Inside Graham’s apartment

Late afternoon.

[First a word about Graham’s apartment. Except for the huge collection of kitchenware, it is exactly like your a typical bachelor’s apartment. Right now we can see the combination kitchen/living room. The floor of the living room half is covered with ugly brown carpeting. The walls are a light green color. Graham sits in the only chair, Angela sits on the desk, Danielle occupies a green bean bag chair. For the first time ever, Angela and Graham are giving Danielle their complete attention.]

DANIELLE: "So, Ms. Garrison looks at Ryan, like she’s going to kill him with her bare hands, and says, ‘Do you have any value here? Are you a really good soccer player or something? Because I don’t see what’s keeping you from being expelled.’ And he looks her straight in the eyes and says, ‘What can I say? I’m charming.’ I swear, it was so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop. Then all of a sudden, a bunch of guys in the back row, start laughing hysterically. And pretty soon, everyone’s laughing. Except Mrs. Garrison, who yelled for about ten straight minutes before we shut up again. Then she sent Ryan to the principal’s office." (by this time, Graham and Angela have started laughing. When the laughter dies, Graham’s face becomes sort of sad and serious.)

GRAHAM: "You know I’ve missed you, right?" (They nod.) "I’m really sorry...about this whole thing...I know it’s hard on you both...We just weren’t--"

ANGELA: "Dad...we know." (She and Danielle hug their father.)

GRAHAM: "God, you’re both so...grown up..." (Sniffles) "Angela...God, college. How did that happen?"

ANGELA: (shrugs, as though perplexed.) "I wish I knew..."

Inside Graham’s apartment

Late evening / Dusk.

[Angela and Danielle lie in sleeping bags on the living room floor. Graham stands in the doorway to the ajoining room. The only source of light is behind him, so his features are shadowed. The light streams down on Angela and Danielle.]

GRAHAM: "I love you both. And I still want to be a part of your lives..."

DANIELLE: "We love you too, dad."

GRAHAM: "I’m sorry about the floor, there’s just not room for--"

ANGELA: "’ It’s like camping...kind of."

GRAHAM: "Oh, I almost forgot to ask, what did you think of dinner?"

ANGELA: "It was great. The restaurant’s It’s a big step up from dorm food."

GRAHAM: "Thanks...You two get some sleep."

DANIELLE: "G’night, dad." (The door closes, the room becomes pitch black.)

Dec. 23, 1998

Outside the Chase house

Approximately noon o’clock

[Angela and Danielle stand outside Graham’s car. Graham speaks from the inside driver’s seat.]

GRAHAM: "So, I’ll see you again the day after Christmas, okay?"

ANGELA: "Okay."

GRAHAM: "Be good..."

DANIELLE: (smiles) "Don’t worry...I will." [She and Angela walk up away, they wave from the porch,Graham drives away.]

Inside the Chase living room

Approximately noon o’clock

[Patty is emptying boxes of Christmas decorations on the living room floor.]

PATTY: "I went and got the tree last night."

ANGELA: "You didn’t have to do that Mom, we would have gone with..."

PATTY: "I know...I couldn’t sleep, that’s all...So I thought we could decorate this afternoon. Your grandmother is coming over for dinner tonight...She leaves for Florida tomorrow morning..."

ANGELA: "She’s staying with Aunt Gina? For how long?"

PATTY: "Maybe for good this time." (turns away from Angela and Danielle, who do a silent cheer behind her back. You know, the "Yes!" cheer.) "Come on, girls. Dig in."

DANIELLE: "Can I do the angel when we’re finished?"

PATTY: (Smiles) "Sure, honey..." (picks up an ornament.) "I remember when you made this, Angela. You brought it home from Pre-School one day."

ANGELA: "I remember that...You said it was beautiful, and then you asked me what it was."

DANIELLE: "I don’t remember that..."

PATTY: (Obviously amused.) "I don’t think you were born yet, honey."


ANGELA: "You were just a big lump in mom’s stomach."

PATTY: "That’s one way of putting it..." (they laugh, and the music swells. Angela says something else, but her voice is mute. More laughter as Danielle begins to wind a string of tinsel around Angela.)

Inside Pizza Hut, approximately 7:00

[Close-up of a pizza box, shaken back and forth as it’s carried from one end of a kitchen-like room to the other, and sets it down on the counter. The camera zooms out, and we see the red-headed Pizza Hut employee carrying it.]

PIZZA GIRL: "Hey, Catalano! Delivery!"

[Jordan at 19 emerges from behind an ajoining room. His hair is short again, like it was in The Pilot, he has stubble now, and his face is thinner like his "Switchback" counterpart. He’s dressed in the regulation Pizza Hut T-Shirt, and blue jeans. He’s wearing a stupid Pizza Hut hat, the kind of thing only he could look cute while wearing.]

JORDAN: (picks up the pizza box, reads the name on the paper to himself.) "Cherski... I think I know that name..."

Inside Angela’s living room

Approximately 7:05

[Danielle is sitting with her back against the couch in the middle, Angela and Patty sit on the couch, one on each side of her. Danielle holds the remote, and flips through three different channels of "It’s a Wonderful Life" before settling on a Charlie Brown Christmas special.]

ANGELA: "Hey, mom, is it okay if I invite Sharon over?"

PATTY: "Sure, honey, if it’s okay with Camille." (Angela springs off the couch and up the stairs.)

DANIELLE: "You know, I think this movie is older than me."

PATTY: "Danielle, it’s been around since I was your age."

DANIELLE: "Mom, don’t be silly. You were never my age." (Patty stares.)

ANGELA: (She springs down the stairs and walks between her mother and the TV screen.) "Mom, Sharon wants to know if it’s okay if I go over there instead."

PATTY: "Sure, that’s fine..."

ANGELA: "Great...can I take your car?"

PATTY: "That’s okay...I’ll drive you."

ANGELA: "‘Kay." (Angela bounds up the stairs again.)

Inside Sharon’s living room

Approximately 7:20

[Angela is sitting on the floor in front of the Cherski’s couch, Sharon is sitting a few feet away, looking through the Cherski’s family film collection.]

SHARON: "So, what would you rather see? "Independence Day" or "Switchback"?"

ANGELA: (shrugs) "Do you have anything to eat?"

SHARON: "Yeah, I ordered a pizza. It should be here any minute."

ANGELA: "Great."

SHARON: "So...what would you rather see?"

ANGELA: "I don’t know...Independence Day, I guess. I’m in the mood to watch some stuff explode."

SHARON: (with an air of suspicion) "Really? Anything wrong?"

ANGELA: "I don’t’s just...I can’t stop thinking about them...Rickie, Rayanne, Brian, Jord--"

[SFX: Doorbell rings]

ANGELA: "I’ll get it." (She grabs a some bills off a small table next to the couch. She walks through the door and into the dining room, up to the front door, and opens it. And she’s standing face to face with Jordan Catalano.)

JORDAN: "That’ll be $13.50."

ANGELA: "Jordan?"

JORDAN: "Catalano."

ANGELA: "You deliver pizzas?"

JORDAN: "I try. That’ll be $13.50."

ANGELA: (hands him a $20.) "Keep the change."

JORDAN: "Thanks. are you?"

ANGELA: "I’m fine...I’m in college now, so..."

JORDAN: "Yeah, I heard that."

ANGELA: "So, you deliver pizzas?"

JORDAN: "Yeah. I also work in a repair shop...and I’m in a band."

ANGELA: "That’s great...Residue?"

JORDAN: "Naw, that fell apart when Tino got busted..."

ANGELA: "Tino was arrested?"

JORDAN: "Yeah. Armed robbery. Your pizza’s going to get cold..."

ANGELA: "Well...(at a loss for words.) Merry Christmas."

JORDAN: "Merry Christmas." (Angela closes the door.)

ANGELA: "Sharon! You’re not going to believe this!" (She re-enters the living room.) Jordan Catalano’s a pizza guy!"


ANGELA: "Yes! And you know the greatest part?"

SHARON: "What?"

ANGELA: "I didn’t feel anything. No anger, no remorse, no longing, nothing. I’m actually over him."

SHARON: "We’ve all heard that before."

ANGELA: "Yeah...but this time it’’s true."

SHARON: "Well, then. Good for you. Now hand over that pizza!"

Inside a Three Rivers Hospital Room

Approximately 8:30 p.m.

[Amber Valone lies unconscious on a hospital bed. The camera pans to Rayanne, who is watching her from a chair.]

RAYANNE: "Mom...I came all the way from Aunt Crystal’s house to visit you...I wish you’d wake up. It’s really scary to see you like look dead. I miss you, Mom..."

NURSE: "Excuse me, miss? Visiting hours are over."

RAYANNE: (gets up, walks out, and starts down the hallway. Mutters under her breath,) "I hate hospitals."

Sharon’s dining room

Approximately 9:00 p.m.

[Angela and Sharon are on the couch, watching Independence Day, a bowl of popcorn sits between them. Shot of Devon Gummersal’s scene on the television screen. We do not actually see Devon, only the shots just before.]

ANGELA: "Hey!"

SHARON: "What?"

ANGELA: "Who’s that guy?"

SHARON: "Who?"

ANGELA: "That pilot..." (Pointing)

SHARON: "What about him?"

ANGELA: "He looks a lot like Brian."

SHARON: (rewinding and pausing) "What are you crazy? That guy doesn’t look anything like Brian."

ANGELA: (turns her head in concentration) "Yeah, I guess you’re right."

[SFX: doorbell rings again.]

SHARON: "Let me guess. It’s Rickie, dropping by to sell us Mary Kay cosmetics."

ANGELA: (pictures this and giggles) "Naw...Maybelline!" (They kind of giggle.)

[Sharon opens the door, and there stands Rayanne, dressed in jeans and a Rayanne-type shirt.)




ANGELA: "Aren’t you in Colorado?"

RAYANNE: "Yes, and that’s where I am now. You’re not really seeing me, I’m a figment of your imagination."

SHARON: "That’s what I thought."

RAYANNE: "It’s Christmas Break, ya dumb-bunnies. I came to, uh, visit my mom, and, uh, I’m supposed to stay at Rickie’s cousin’s house, ‘cause he’s in San Diego, for the holidays, ya know...but I just didn’t feel like being alone."

SHARON: (showing un-Sharon-like maturity) "Rayanne, it’s okay, you can sleep here. Really."

ANGELA: "Yeah."

RAYANNE: (hugs both of them.) "I’ve missed you guys so much! Angela, I never apologized, and you need to know...that, I’m sorry."

ANGELA: "I’m sorry, too."

RAYANNE: "What could you possibly have to be sorry for?"

ANGELA: "For not being there for you...when your mom..." (releases her. Sharon leads the way into the living room, and they sit down on the floor. The movie is still paused.)

RAYANNE: "I’m sorry I wasn’t there when your parents split. I never saw that coming."

ANGELA: "How did you know?"

RAYANNE: "Corey Helfrick wrote to me about it. Rickie had given him my address."

ANGELA: "I’m sorry I never wrote, it was just..."

RAYANNE: "It would have been weird. I know..."

ANGELA: "Exactly. So, what else did he tell you?"

RAYANNE: "He told me what happened to Katimski...and about Rickie leaving for New York..."

ANGELA: "Rickie went to New York? How come I didn’t know about that?"

RAYANNE: "Well, Corey told me that Rickie said he sent you a postcard, and when you didn’t write back, he just assumed..."

ANGELA: "Doesn’t he know how incredibly unreliable the mail is here? We get more mail addressed to the Three Rivers Nursing Home then to us!"

RAYANNE: "Well, I have his address..."

ANGELA: "Great!"

RAYANNE: "Do you have anything I can write on?"

ANGELA: "Yeah..." (fumbles in her pocket for a piece of paper.) "Wow, New York...I can’t believe that." (finds something and hands it to Rayanne.)

RAYANNE: "That’s not the best part. He’s starring in Rent. On Broadway. As Angel."

ANGELA: "He is not!"

RAYANNE: "Yeah, he is. He was going to come visit, but he’s spending the holidays with his boryfiend’s family in Connecticut."

SHARON: "His boyfriend?"

RAYANNE: "Yeah. Guy named Lucas, also an actor. Never met the guy, but Rickie sounds all happy, and in love, and stuff."

ANGELA: "Nice to know someone lived happily ever after."

SHARON: "Hey, I’m happy. I’m seeing someone. Nice guy, pre-med. Remember?"

RAYANNE: "What about you, Angelika? Still hung up on Catalano?"

ANGELA: "No, actually. We just saw him about an hour ago. He came by to deliver a pizza."

RAYANNE: "Pizza Hut or Dominos?"

ANGELA: "Pizza Hut."

RAYANNE: "Figures. So...who do you like?"

ANGELA: "I’m not going to say."

RAYANNE: "Aw, come on. I’m not going to tell anyone."

ANGELA: "The last time you said that, Brian knew before sunset. Who do you like, Rayanne?"

RAYANNE: "Nice guy named Matthew. Sort of a WASP. He’s in my night class, and--"

SHARON: "You’re going to night school?"

RAYANNE: "Yeah, Cherski. Shut up."

SHARON: "Sorry."

RAYANNE: "Anyways, he’s the only guy I ever liked more than a week." (turns to Angela) "Okay, now it’s you’re turn."

ANGELA: "This reminds me of Truth or Dare, when we were, like, twelve."

SHARON: "Doesn’t it?"

RAYANNE: "Just answer the question!"

ANGELA: "Well, I’ve met a lot of guys at school, but, none of them can compare to..."

RAYANNE: "Spit it out!"

ANGELA: (scrunches up her face, as though bracing herself for horrible torture.) "Brian."

RAYANNE: "Ha! Ha ha ha! I knew it!" (does a little vicotry dance, twirls Sharon around in a circle.) "I knew it! You two belong together!"

ANGELA: "Really? You thought that?"

RAYANNE: "Duh squared!" (Smiles at Angela, raises her eyebrows, and Angela does the same.)

Dec. 24, 1998

Inside Sharon’s dining room

Approximately 8:50 a.m.

[Angela, Sharon, and Rayanne are sitting around the breakfast table, eating creal.]

[SFX: Doorbell rings.]

SHARON: (exchanges a glance with each of them.) "Process of elimination..." (They all walk over to the door, Sharon opens it. There stands Brian Krakow, who no longer has that geeky mop of blonde hair, and has actually become, well...)

RAYANNE: "Wow, Krakow. You’ve become a babe."

BRIAN: "I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that."

SHARON: "Smart move."

RAYANNE: (shakes her finger disapprovingly.) "Watch it, Cherski. You’re supposed to be on my side!"

BRIAN: (to Angela) "Hey."

ANGELA: "Hey."

BRIAN: "Your mother said you were here...and I know we’re not, like, friends, or whatever, but...I had to see you."


ANGELA VO: Thank God he didn’t ask to borrow an atlas...

ANGELA: "Want to go for a walk, or something?"

BRIAN: "Sure..."

The Streets of Three Rivers

Approximately 9:00 a.m.

[Brian and Angela walk down the sidewalks side by side.]

ANGELA: "So, how’s life at Yale? Lots of big blonde guys who eat ivy and row boats?"

BRIAN: (distracted) "Something like that."

ANGELA: "I’ve been thinking a lot...about..." (changes direction) "I’ve missed you."

BRIAN: "I’ve missed you too...I couldn’t face you...I was too afraid you’d have met someone else."

ANGELA: "I was afraid you’d met someone else." (They both start to speak at once.)

BRIAN: "Go ahead."

ANGELA: "Well, you remember that day, when you told me that you’d still be there for me, no matter what?"

BRIAN: "Yeah. It was a Tuesday. And I still want to be there for you...Here for you...Here with you...I...I still love you."

ANGELA: "I love you, too." (Brian pulls her close for a long, long kiss. Breathlessly she asks,) "Is this something you’ve been practicing?"

BRIAN: "No...not practicing...just (embarassed)...dreaming about...for a really...long time."

(They kiss again. Eventually they pull apart and begin walking, but they are now holding hands.)

ANGELA: "I’m really glad you came home."

BRIAN: (still kind of stunned by the whole ordeal.) " I am I."

Inside Sharon’s house

Approximately 10:00 a.m.

[Rayanne and Sharon are sitting on the floor in the Cherski living room, talking.]

RAYANNE: "I just keep wishing that everything could just go back to the way they used to be...even though I know they, like, never can."

SHARON: "No...I mean, I guess they can’t." (she smiles.) "And maybe they shouldn’ the same. I mean, maybe they should be, you know, better."

RAYANNE: "Aw, Cherski..." (Sharon hits her with a pillow.)

A Montage of Scenes ~ Narration a la Angela

[The Present: As Patty washes the dishes, she turns the radio up and sings along (mutely.)]

I always thought my parents belonged together. But I was wrong....

[The Past (Spring 1996): Angela and Jordan curled up on a couch.]

I always thought Jordan and I were right for each other...and maybe we were, once.

[The Present: Jordan and his current band performing at an unknown location in Three Rivers.]

All I can do now is hope he has a good life.

[The Past (1994): Rickie and Angela’s car scene from Guns & Gossip.]

I still didn’t know when and if I’d ever see Rickie again.

[The Present: Rickie onstage in Rent.]

But maybe it’s enough just knowing that he’s found a place where he really belongs.

[The Past (Winter 1994: Shots of the night Rayanne O.D.’d.]

I had been best friends with Rayanne, once...I would come to her for advice, and I was more than disappointed when I realized that she didn’t have all the answers. She wasn’t perfect. And it took a lot to make me realize that it isn’t about being perfect.

[The Present: Rayanne and Sharon, singing carols around the Chase piano. With her right hand, Sharon yanks Rayanne’s right braid. Rayanne kicks her under the piano. They look at each other and make faces, then begin cracking up.]

It’s about being there for each other.

[The Past: Brian and Angela’s stairway scene from Pressure, when they were fighting.]

In high school, I saw Brian as just someone who was always just...there.

[The Present: Angela and Brian, on the stairs, kissing under some mistletoe.]

It took a lot to make me realize...that he was always there for me.

[The shot of Angela and Brian kissing fades out slowly, leaving a blank black screen, on which the following words appear in the MSCL white typeface:

My So-Called Life


Happy, like, Holidays!

Eventually this too would fade out, and the commercials would continue on ABC. And maybe some of us Life-Heads would be left with some peace of mind in the fact that there was at least one quality TV show, and that it will live forever in each of us. The End.]

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  • Saria commented on 30 Jul 2003:
    I really liked this story. A bit upsetting about everyone splitting up, and Amber being in a coma, and Jordan going nowhere - although thats realistic of his character.
    Write another one.
  • Loz commented on 20 Oct 2003:
    I really enjoyed this story. It's sort of the way I pictured things ending up with the Angela, Jordan, Brian relationship. I've always thought that Brian and Angela would get to together when they are a bit older and Angela has grown out of being obsessed with good looking guys. And I'm glad that Sharon and Angela stayed close - old friends are the best!
  • dana commented on 17 Jul 2004:
    I liked your story! I really wanted Angela and Brian to be together. With the show being cancelled so suddenly, I always felt like they would but there was no real closure. Your story helped give me some of that! I also felt that it was realistic, even the parents situation, and some of the sadder stuff like Jordan. But I couldn't have asked for a better ending. Great Job.

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