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Chapter 21: cheat!

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The story so far

Chapter 21: cheat!

written by graisi emburr

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela and brian walk into the restaurant after school, hand in hand.
angela: dad?hallie?where are you?
she looks around, but neither of them are anywhere in site
brian: maybe they're in the back
they start walking to the back rooms and then stop when they hear muffled giggling.both of their mouths pop open as they stare at each other, realizing what they must be hearing.angela walks towards the door to the back room, and brian just stands there
brian: no angela wait!i dont think you should-
but its too late.angela has peared out through the crack in the door and sees her father and hallie lowenthal on the floor kissing passionatly.she only see's there heads, and is thankfull for that at least...angela tears her eyes away from the door and brian see's tears in them.he rushes over and puts his arms around her, leading her out of the seems like angelas father and hallie hadnt even heard them, so they just left the restaurant.
angela: (as they stand outside the restaurant) i cant believe this!how could he do that to mom?!arrrrrrr...i always knew that hallie was trouble.i just knew she was trying to break up my parents relationship.
brian: i...(not sure what to say) im sorry angela.i wish it hadnt happened.
angela colapses in his arms sobbing.

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