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Chapter 20: the april fools

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The story so far

Chapter 20: the april fools

written by ?

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Lunch-time: corridor

The bell rings and kids pour out of the classes. At the lockers Brian is away his books. Angela rushes out of one of the nearby class-rooms looking around. She notices Brian and stops in her tracks. She walks slowly towards him. Brian looks really tense and hasn't noticed her. She places her hand lightly on his back, Brian jumps slightly.

Brian: God Chase!

Angela: Brian. Brian can we talk?

Brian is not paying attention to her, he's still fumbling about in his locker. suddenly he pulls out some books.

Brian: here. I still have your books.

Angela takes the books, not really caring. She leans on the locker next to him. Brian is still immersed in his locker.

Angela: Brian, please. I've thought about things... really thought about things.

Bri.VO: God its over already? why did I have to be so stupid? who cares about pants? who cares about holding hands?

Angela(cont.): just about how I like, behave. and how I feel.

Bri.VO: how she feels? great. I can sum this up right now in two words. Jordan Catalano.

Angela(cont.): I guess there was always this small part of me that never stopped believing that somehow, Jordan Catalano and I would never *really* be *over*. (Brian closes his eyes) and I think... to some extent I acted as if it wasn't over. and that was wrong. because it is over.(Brian opens his eyes)and I sincerely apologise for my behaviour.

Brian jerks his head out of his locker looking stunned. Angela doesn't know what sort of a reaction this is and looks stunned back. Brian slowly smiles, she smiles in return. He grabs her in a relieved hug. Angela hugs him back. She pulls out slightly and kisses him.

Angela: you know.(leans over to kiss him) maybe I'm like,(Brian kisses her lightly) masochistic, and subconsciously (she kisses him) I've tried to kill any hope of happiness.

Brian: well... you should definitely get over it.

Angela smiles amused, then hugs him again.

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