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Chapter 21: strange attraction

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Chapter 21: strange attraction

written by ?

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan walks by. Brian and Angela are still in an embrace. Jordan tries to glance casually at the both of them. Brian looks down, Angela looks away as well.

Brian: should we not, you know, around school?

Angela: no... we can't hide just because he ... I mean, he should get used to it.

Brian looks uncertain. The girl's bathroom door opens, Sharon and Rayanne are talking and stop in their tracks when they see Angela and Brian. Slowly they walk to the couple, who slowly get out of the embrace, and stand awkwardly.

Sharon: did I miss something?

Rayanne: oh my God. you and *Krakow*?

Angela looks over at Brian. Brian is looking away. Angela gives Rayanne the evil eye.

Angela: as a matter of fact... yes.
(puts her arm around Brian's waist, he does the same.)

Rayanne: *okay*. so ... weird.

Sharon:when did this happen?

Angela: well...

Sharon: why didn't you call me?

Angela: well...

Sharon: oh my God. this changes my whole perception of like... everything. who *are* you people?

Brian: Cherski, we're still the same people.

Angela: right. we're still the same people.

Brian: we're just, like...

Angela: we're just together now.

Sharon(mock whisper to Rayanne): they're saying the same things... already!

Rayanne(to sharon): they've mutated into one person. scary...

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