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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 24: the ride home

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The story so far

Chapter 24: the ride home

written by mysocalledcatalano

added on: 02 Mar 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

VO: its funny, i want to like, say no but its like jordan is actually being considerate.

angela: um, naah its nice out

joey: ya angela, its late let him drive you

*looking embarassed*

angela: joey..i said..

jordan: look i just offered, you don't have to

angela: ok ok!

jordan: ok

*in the car* angela: so thanks...u know, for the ride or whatever

jordan: ya its, are you and joey like involved or something?

angela: *akward laugh and tucks her hair* well, i wouldn't say involved, we have fun, he's really sweet *smiles* and looks out the window

jordan: ok

VO: sometimes i can't help looking out the window, its like the closest thing to escaping from what's really going on.

jordan: u know..he really does like you..if ur interested

angela: thanks for the update jordan, why are you like so concerned about me and joey? *getting a little irriated*

jordan im not ok! i was just making conversation. Look Angela, i know i never like acted that great to you but, i'm not that guy anymore.

anglea: jordan....*sigh* I...its...complicated ok? i don't really understand why you just let me go. Like u didn't even want to try..just cuz i wouldn't sleep with you.. i just...

jordan: i know ok, i know. Its just that, no matter what i do u know, i like can't stop thinking about you...

arriving onto angelas street and approaching her house, brian krakow riding his bicycle stops and stares as the car rides by him, looking over his shoulder he wonders why Angela could never feel for him what she felt for Jordan and Angela wondered why Brian was out on his bike at this time of night...

jordan: so can we talk, u know...tomorrow or something, meet me in the boiler room *grins*

VO: do you ever get those instant flashbacks, of things you loved so much but u know u would never be able to do again. Only, it could happen again..with Jordan.

angela: yelling is that all you want me for? God!...u say you haven't changed but you are still the same! I can't believe i half thought you grew up a little!

jordan: relax! its not for that, i want to give you something..just me meet me there ok? i promise...its not for that...

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