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Chapter 13: Run in with Rayanne

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Chapter 13: Run in with Rayanne

written by nicky

added on: 23 Apr 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

BrianVO: Brian moves hestiantly into his house still pondering what Angela had said maybe he did like delia but how could he ike angela at the same time or maybe he didn't like angela but wanted real badly to like her in that way passed more then just friends. maybe jordon will know what to do we are friends now i mean he stood up for me.(dials out the number and waits for his voice to appear on the line
Jordon: hello
Brian: Jordon man my buddy i was thinking about somethings got time to talk a while
Jordon: um
Brian (cutting jordon off) well see i like Delia a whole lot but i don't know if what i feel is really true cause i think i like another girl just as much so what do you think
Jordon i got to go things to do you know um maybe you should ask someone else.
Brian: cool maybe we (here's the phone hang up and is suddenly taken aback)

(Angela and Ricky are in the hallway chatting when Rayanne walks up)
Rayanne: hi Angela (turning to ricky) um can i borrow a little mascara you know i need some) (Ricky sorts through his bag then finally hands her the little tube she begans to place it on when Ricky suddenly grabs her arm)
Ricky: why don't we make a deture to the bathroom cause there's no way you could do that without a mirror.
Angela: Ricky i really want to get to lunch
Ricky: Angela it'll only be a minute
Rayanne: yeah chill cause you could use a little your self and i've got the perfect lip stick to go with your red hair
Angela: no thanks i think i left something at my locker (turning her back against them and walking the oppisite way towards her locker)

(rayanne and Ricky walk into the bathroom)
Angela:um thanks ricky your the best
Ricky: yeah yeah don't use to much that's a new bottle
Angela: oh sorry look listen Tino invited me to this party maybe you could convince Angie to come along with you
Ricky: i don't know ( holdin his hand out as Rayanne passes the bottle back furiouslybobbibg her eyes)
Rayanne: it's tonight at 7:00 at Tino's going to be fun
Ricky: sure whatever i better get going (walking out)
Rayanne: wait (grabbing his arm) please can you do it i'd feel a lot better if you did just please do this for you
Ricky: i said i'd try
Rayanne: thanks ricky for still being there.

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