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Chapter 12: Two loves

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Chapter 12: Two loves

written by Jeanna

added on: 29 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian: Would you like to go see a movie tomorrow night?

Angela: What?

Brian: I mean, after yesterday, I thought that something was changing between us. I thought we were getting closer.

Angela: We were getting closer Brian. We were getting closer, as friends. I have a boyfriend. If I was to go out to a movie with you, like, a date, or something, it would've been just as bad as what Jordan and Rayanne did to me. Well, not nearly that bad, but, I still wouldn't be right.

Brian: Yeah, I guess you're right. So? What did you do tonight? Hung out with Sharon?

Angela: Yeah. And Delia.

Brian's face lit up at the mention of Delia's name. Angela felt a little relieved. She had felt that she was letting him down, by telling him she didn't want to be more than friends with him. But she had now realized that Brian was interested in someone who doesn't have so many complications.

Angela: If you still like Delia, you should ask her out again.

Patty (OS): Angela! Come inside please! It's late!

Angela looked at Brian and he immediately started to laugh at how embarrassed she had gotten.

Angela: I'm glad my embarrassment amuses you Brian. I have to go in. Goodnight.

Brian: Bye.

As Angela had gotten into bed, she felt a little jealous of Brian liking Delia, but, at the same time, she also knew she loved Jordan. Angela hoped that Brian and Delia would get along. Maybe then it would help her push the surfacing feelings for Brian away.

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  • Brian's afraid, so he decides to ask Jordan for advice about getting Delia to go out with him.:
    Chapter 13: Run in with Rayanne by nicky (23 Apr 2003)
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