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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 11: Deep Inside

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Chapter 11: Deep Inside

written by Joie

added on: 18 Nov 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

ANGELA, happy, bops through the house. PATTY notices her good mood, but knows by now not to ask. Instead...

PATTY: Angela. Sharon called, she said she'd be picking you up fifteen minutes earlier.

ANGELA: (smiles) Okay.

ANGELA (VO): And suddenly, everything seemed okay again. Just... like that. Like... I just needed to replace the bulb for the light to work or something. And Brian was like *it*. I didn't need anything else: we lived so close, our families knew each other, we could help each other out, and everything... would be okay.

ANGELA goes into her bedroom, and grabs a bag.

ANGELA (VO): Like... a fairytale.


ANGELA, SHARON and DELIA wait on line.

DELIA: Um, I'm just gonna go to the bathroom. Could you--

SHARON: No problem.

DELIA: Thanks!

DELIA exits.

ANGELA: You never said Delia was coming...

SHARON: Why, do you have a problem with Delia?

ANGELA: I don't have a problem with Delia, I just... I don't know her so well, that's all.

SHARON: Once you get to know her, you'll really like her. She's a really... nice person.

ANGELA: I'm sure she is, I just-- I mean, I can't really *talk* to you about Brian Krakow in front of her, can I?

SHARON: I guess not. Sorry.

ANGELA: It doesn't matter.

DELIA returns.

DELIA: Oh, still on the queue?


DELIA: So, what is this movie about?

SHARON: Oh, um, it's about this woman, who falls for her best friend. Only.. he's gay. So. Y'know, it doesn't really go anywhere, but... yeah.

ANGELA and DELIA look at one another.

DELIA: Y'know, Sharon...

ANGELA: (laugh) If you're trying to drop some kinda hint or something...

DELIA: Yeah, you're being really subtle.

SHARON: What? I wanted to see the movie, geez! I didn't realise there had to be some *subtext* to everything.


ANGELA, DELIA and SHARON exit the theatre.

DELIA: But, I mean, it's obvious, if he's gay, he's not gonna be attracted to her, I mean, really!

SHARON: Yeah, but I guess... she couldn't help her feelings. I mean, that could be any situation, only, they happened to just use that he's gay. He could have just... not been attracted to her.

ANGELA: Well, I guess, they always go to like the most extreme case.

SHARON: Yeah. But... the thing is. She didn't really love him either. It's more like... she was in love, with the situation. Like, they seemed so perfect together, and they got on so well together, same interests, y'know, and it seemed like she loved him. Only, she didn't really.

SHARON and DELIA's voices fade off. CLOSE on ANGELA as she ponders this statement.


ANGELA enters. A car drives off outside. The house is darkened, apart from a few lights.

ANGELA: And it hit me, in this way, that maybe I didn't love Brian Krakow either. That... I just thought I did. Because... it seemed easier. And he seemed so much... easier to deal with. Than Jordan, sometimes. Because, I knew everything about him. And I knew that he loved me.

ANGELA pours herself a glass of water, and drinks slowly.

ANGELA: But deep inside, I knew that I didn't love him. Not really. And now, things were even worse than before.

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