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Chapter 19: Ready

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The story so far

Chapter 19: Ready

written by anonymous

added on: 23 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela(whirls around to the stairs): MOm! oh, I was uh--

Patty: What are you doing up so early?

Angela:I uh, i just woke upstairs.

Angela(vo) that was so close.

Patty: Well, since your up, go on and get ready for school. Is Jordan picking you up for school?

Angela: Yeah


Angela: It was so close, I mean right after he left my mom came downstairs, i mean he literally, just walked out the door.

Rickie: Wow, so like he spent the whole night with you?

Rayanne: Did you ummm him?

Angela: Rayanne, no. it wasn't like that, he just needed me because he like had a problem so he came over, he fell asleep like 5 minutes after he got there.

They walk out of the bathroom and see Jordan down the hall

Rickie: So, what did he like get in a fight or something?(seeing his face)

Angela: Something like that

Rayanne: So he came to you to nurse his wounds, how cute.(saracastically)

Sharon approaches the group.

Sharon: So, what happened to Jordan?

Rickie: A fight

Rayanne: Then he spent the night with Angelika.

Sharon: What!?(shocked) He spent the night? Did you guys...?

Angela(annoyed now) no, he just slept there.

Angela walks away from them towards Jordan

Jordan hugs her, then kisses her,


Angela: hey

Jordan: So, um, like I umm, I'm going to stay at Shanes for awhile.

Angela:(vo) I don't really like Shane, but it's better than nothing.

Angela: Thats good

He takes her hand and they start walking down the hall.

Jordan: So, like you wanna get out of here?

Angela: Hmmm, I have bio next period, and my grades have been kinda sucking lately, so I should probably go.

Jordan: oh, ok, umm come here.(he pulls her inside an empty class room.

He kisses her and pulls her closer to him, they stay like this for several minutes.Finally Jordan pulls back

Jordan: Thanks

Angela: For?

Jordan: being there, for just being you.

Angela: Oh, well, your welcome

They embrace

Angela(vo): Is this what Sharon was talking about before? This feeling, like I'd do anything to be with him? Like I never want to let go of him? Oh my god. I think I'm ready.

Jordan(looks at Angela's serious look):What?

Angela: Jordan, I--I think I'm ready.

Jordan: Ready? what, you mean?

Angela: Jordan, let's go to my house, please?

He grabs her hand and runs out of the class and out of the building with her, as Rickie, Rayanne, and Sharon look on.

Sharon: Well, Guess what they're going to do?

Rickie: It's so romantic..

Rayanne: It's not romantic, it's just sex.

Rickie: For you sex is just sex, for her? It's special

Sharon: It is romantic, I hope she's really ready

Rayanne: She's been ready for sex with him, since before she met him. She just didn't know it.(looks kind of sad)

Sharon: What is it?

Rayanne: I just remembered something, That night when me and him....He called me Angela.

Rickie and Sharon bith look at her surprised, and wondering

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